Friday, 17 March 2017

Review : Banila Co Clean it Zero

Hi everyoneeeee~
Today I want to share to you my thoughts about this award winning cleanser from Korea, which is the Banila Co Clean it Zero!
I actually have seen it before on Get It Beauty (anybody watch the show too?) but I've never really interested to buy it until my friend recommend this. She said that it's good and it cleans makeup really well and you only need a pea size to clean your entire face.. is that true?
Let's find out!

Now if I'm not mistaken there are 4 types of this product:
1. Zero radiances
2. Zero purity for sensitive skin
3. Clean it zero
4. Clean it zero - resveratrol

I chose this one simply because it's pink HAHAHA
(yes I'm that bad at choosing and yes that's why I often make mistakes about my life.. wait. this is too deep I didn't mean to curhat here lolol)

Anywayyyy, the product comes in jar packaging with korean words written on the back (which of course I don't understand anything)
It contains 100ml and cost around $20

Here's how the inside looks like.
It has some separator and a spatula which I personally like since it helps to keep the hygiene of the product (I hate jar because I have to wash my hand everytime I want to use it T_T)

The consistency is not liquid at all, in fact it's like a balm.
To use it, you just need to scoop a pea size (or two, if you're wearing a full makeup) and just rub it in circular motion into your face.
The balm will slowly transforming into something like oil (reminds me when I'm using cleansing oil) and then you just rinse it and tadaaaaa~
clean face in 1 minute ;D

I like how it can remove all my makeup COMPLETELY, including my eyeliner (which is pretty strong - kpalette 24 hours tattoo), my mascara, lip liquid, basically everything!

The downsides that I found are:
1. For a lazy person like me, I found myself often feel lazy to clean my face with this product after a loooong day so I just use my bioderma micellar water then go to sleep (ok don't judge me I rarely do this! :C )
2. Sometimes when I'm wearing a full eye makeup, I need to rub several times (again it might be my strong eyeliner, blame my oily lids) and Idk why sometimes after I rinse it my vision got blurry o_o
I think the product enter my eyes???
So I don't think it's suitable for people who often do tighline :X

Since it's hard to explain on picture, I decided to make a video!
Here's my hand, full of swatches, to show you it cleansing ability:

I randomly swatch anything, bottom to top:
sleek eyeshadow - ultima blusher, kpalette eyeliner 24hours tattoo, sleek contour and highlight, and emina cream blush.

and here's the video of me removing all the swatches above with this banila co clean it zero:

You can see that I didn't rub that hard on the video except for the last part for the emina cream blush.
The eyeliner is a liiiiittle bit hard but after a few rub it's gone.
The only one that's left is the emina cream blush but it's only a little and I gotta admit that it has a good staying power hahahah.
Tried to use bioderma after that and the cotton pad stay clean!
(though it's kinda useless since bioderma can't even remove my eyeliner)

Overall, I glad I found this and I may repurchase this again in the future~
What do you think about this cleansing balm?
Drop some comments below and I'll reply it ASAP ;D

PS: Next week I'm going to 2 beauty clinic and I'll post it here so stay tune <3

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Event: Sparkling Soiree with CLEOxLaneige

Halo semuaaaa~
Jadi kemaren ini aku sempet ikutan acara Sparkling Soiree yang diadain CLEO sama Laneige di Saka Bistro Bar. Tumben kan ada event di bandung yeeey~

Karna acaranya jam 11 dan (katanya) open regist jam 10, aku peginya jam 9 dari rumah bareng ci Winda (alias mami tiri :p). Ternyata sampe sana masih sepii, baru 3 orang yang dateng. Jadi kita daftar ulang dulu trus karna ci winda laper jd nyebrang dulu makan di giggle box sekalian anterin si dd yang mau belajar (katanya lagi, padahal pacaran) hahaha. Jam 11an baru balik lg ke saka bistro trus duduk deeh, uda rame yang dateng :D

Sempet ngobrol2 dulu trus kenalan sama blogger-blogger bandung (yang uda ga kenal semua saking lamanya ga ngeblog lg @_@) trus nunggu dan acaranya sendiri baru dimulai jam stengah 12an. Btw dekorasinya lucu yaaaa, biru muda putih gitu *u*

Acaranya dimulai sama ngobrol-ngobrol ngomongin tentang beauty essentials, kaya 3 items that you would pick gitu. Ada makeup demo juga pake produk-produk dari Laneige. Oh iyaa, katanya disini kalo mau beli produknya all item diskon 20%, termasuk best seller nya yg Laneige BB cushion sama water sleeping pack (ini bagus buat ngelembabin, si acel pake dan ku suka nyolong muahaha) trus dikasitau jg kalo semua yg dateng bakal dapet goodie bag si Laneige BB cushion ini! Langsung deh pada kesenengan ;D

Ga lama dateng makanan yang udah kita pilih sebelumnya, boleh pilih sih antara fish n chips, aglio olio, atau chicken teriyaki. Baru pertama kali nyoba di Saka Bistro ini dan makanannya lumayan juga :D

Ada editor in chief nya CLEO juga (lupa lg ngomongin apa XD) and look at her gorgeous hair *u*

Abis beres makan siang, kita lanjut ke collage workshop! Jadi kita dikasih kertas dan majalah trus kaya harus bkin collage dengan tema sparkling beauty, yang menang nanti dapet bb cushion yg limited edition gituuu. Seru sih bebikinan gini, secara uda lama banget ngga, terahir jaman-jaman SMA kayanya *berasa tua* *eh emang uda tua*. Ahirnya dipilih 3 yang menang termasuk piccha~

Beres collage kita disuguhin es krim sama kue coklat yg enak :9 apalagi disitu panas banget meskipun udah pake AC gatau kenapa. Si ci Winda sampe keringetan dan minum terus kaya onta :p

Source: Piccha

Sempet foto-foto juga sama temen-temen blogger lainnyaa :)

Ga lupa kita dikasih goodie bag dari Laneige yg berisi BB cushionnya (sayangnya shade #21 >_< kayanya keputihan tapi gatau sih blom pernah coba dr laneige hahaha) trus dpt majalah CLEO juga dan hasil collage nya jg kita bawa pulang :)

Overall, it wasa fun event and I thank CLEO and Laneige for having us!
(thankyou juga ci winda sama CL yg udah ngajakin kesiniiii :p)

Talk to you guys later!