Thursday, 16 February 2017

Slice of life: Happy Valentine!

Hello everyoneee~
I rarely post my personal life here but I think I'll start to make this blog as my online diary :p it'd be fun to re-read it once I'm old 😆 I'll keep posting review and beauty related post so please don't unfollow me lol

Sooo, couple of days ago is valentine day and I had dinner with my bf 😶 I've book a table at Lumiere Bistro around 3 days before and make some treats for him (even though it's fail ._.)

Since he's working and I, as a super unemployed last year students, got nothing to do, I decided to pick him up at his office so we can just go straight to the cafe without wasting time on traffic jam (our house is so close that my sis always tease me to have "pacar lima langkah" lolol

Credit :

We arrive just on time for our reservation at 6 pm.
The staff kindly asked for our reservation and since it's still quite empty we could choose where we want to be seated.
We choose the second floor then the foods are coming shortly after 😋

Oh btw they're having a valentine package which cost 249k and you get 2 sets of appetizer, main course, and desserts not to forget the beverages :)
They also give a simple table decor for free so I think it's quite worth it.
If you're interested, this package is available until 28 feb so you still can try it 😆

Appetizer: baked potato soup and thai beef salad

Main course: Sirloin and chicken rolade

Desserts: Strawberry cake and pannacota

Some kiwi and strawberry soda for beverages

Overall, the food was quite good. I don't like the salad as it's too spicy for me but he cleaned the entire plate. The soup is creamy (reminds me of KFC's soup but thicker), the sirloin is juicy (we asked for well done but it was medium I think), chicken is ordinary (I don't really like the center part since it's strangely sweet), and both of the dessert taste just fine.

They also gave us a free polaroid picture :D

Got this cute presents from bae~
I know he bought me a gift since the day before I called him and he said that he was at FCL.
I suspiciously ask what he was doing and with who so he said he's buying gift for me lolol XD

It's cute that he bought me this mask as he's someone who knows nothing about beauty product ;3
He even told me later that there's 4 varians of this mask complete with the skin type hahaha
Thankyou baee :p
I immediately try this after I got home and it feels nice! It has some scrub and does a good job to exfoliate, my face become so soft I couldn't stop touching it *u*
Anyone want a review or have tried this mask?

Thankyou for reading and happy *late* valentine to youuuu <3

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