Sunday, 5 February 2017

Slice of Life : I'm back because I'm boreddd

It's 5th February now which means I haven't write anything here for.. 7 monhts? hahahaha Idk how I lost my interest for blogging for so long but I guess I'm gonna start over again now (even though idk if there's someone who will actually read my posts XD) 

 Since I haven't write here for sooo long I guess a little story about my current life won't hurt.. right? 

I'm currently on my last semester of college and I only took 9 sks this term. 6 for the thesis and the other 3 is a subjects that I want to take again because I got a D (in my defence, I got the jackpot teacher and a lot of students in her class also got a D or C). That results in me being so boreddd since I only go to my uni every wednesday. The rest of the week I just stay at home, watching youtube or playing some random games on my phone.. 

In the peak of that ultra boredom, I suddenly decided to blog again! I kinda miss blogging and I think it's a more productive way to spent my days..

So that's my life update. Nothing really changed anyway, beside that now I'm getting fatter and fatter everyday -___- seriously I look back at my old photos in this blog and I was quite thin (around 50, I guess) but now my weight going up to 55kg.. phew. I want to start diet but my love for food especially chicken is too much so.. maybe next week. or next month. or next year :p

BUT BUT I've went to some Nutritionist last year to accompany my sister. If you guys life in Bandung you've probably have heard of Dr. Kunkun. He's apparently quite famous since even my mom and a lot of her friends now him? We only went there 3 times and decided to just continue by our own (because we're the cheapskate sisters HAHA) and you know.. My sis lost 10kgs!!! Me? I lost 2 and gain 4. So impressing right -___- 
So if you want me to share the diet, leave some comment below! It's super healthy and I can guarantee you it won't make you starving like other diets!

Oh and it's 9 more days to Valentine and I've actually book a place for a dinner with my bf :p Why am I the one who book the dinner place? Because my bf is working and he's top 100 of the most unromantic boy (he's 26 this year but since he's somewhat childish I don't feel it's right to call him a man yet hahahaha XD). For example, he gave me a DIGITAL SCALE on our 2nd anniv.. When I opened it I was like what?????? His reason is reasonable though, he said that my old scale is hard to read that I have to squat down because my eyesights are bad ._. But on my birthday he gave me a necklace so I guess he's getting better~ So this vday I've book a place and then I'm going to pick him up at his office. :D 

I have a plan to make valentine day makeup tutorial too (since vday often represents with pink color which is my ultimate favourite color) so wait for it!

So that's it for the rambling, going to write posts about my current makeup product and some life updates so stay tune and please welcome me back in the comment section *shamelss* HAHAHA bye!


  1. icel is back setelah ga terkena virus first love wakakaaa

    1. wahahaha bukan gara2 love jg atuh ciciiii XD
      gara2 kuliah kok *uhuk*