Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review : Maybelline Fit Me Foundation + Concealer

Hi everyone~
Today I'm going to review my current foundation and concealer which is the Maybelline Fit Me series! If I'm not mistaken, they've been around for quite some time but only a few months ago they come to Indonesia. So when my bb cushion is run out my sister told me about this and I decided to buy it!

There's a little story though.. The first thing I get from this series is their concealer in shade #20 Sand Beige and it's match my skin just fine. Then I also want to try the foundation - the matte and pore one because I don't really like dewy look, I want my face to be as matte as possible lol XD. I bought it in shade #220 Natural beige because I always use the natural beige one from korean's brand. I WAS WRONG. The Shade #220 is too dark on my skin that my face is darker than my neck (kebalikan dari cabe-cabean gitu lah :p) So I sell that one and buy the other one much more carefully and the one that match my skin is #120 Classic Ivory which is the lightest shade.. It's weird because I'm actually not that fair so I'm guess people with a fair skin won't find their shade? hmm..

Anyway, let's jump to the review!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Matte + Poreless
Shade #120 Classic Ivory
For normal to oily skin
Netto: 30ml
Price: IDR 145.000

This foundation comes in a glass packaging with no pump whatsoever so I personally think it's kinda hard to control the amount of products. But I figured that it's much more easier if you just close the bottle neck with your index finger and flip the bottle~
I think the packaging itself is quite okay since it's quite sturdy and it won't leak, but it would be so much better if it comes with a pump! (+ more hygienic!)

IMO, this is more like BB cream instead of foundation because the texture is light. You won't feel like wearing a thick makeup and I personally like it. The coverage is also not that good, maybe light to medium coverage. To my combination skin (my T-zone is a little bit oily after hours but my nose and under eyes sometimes dry) the oil control is good - I can use it for a day and don't have to use blotting paper or do a touch up.

Now let's move to the concealer!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Shade #20 Sand Beige
Netto: 6,8ml
Price: IDR 105.000

The applicator is just ordinary, still comfortable to use and can give you the right amount of product.

This concealer has a thicker consistency that the foundation and the coverage is medium I guess.. My dark circles is still visible (but that's my fault for always sleep late I guess) but at least it can reduce and make it look less visible. I actually like this that I bought another one for backup just in case this one run out :p
The only thing I dislike is this concealer sometimes make my dry under eyes area more visible, like it sets into fine lines.. But nowadays I use some eyepatch so problem solved~

Coverage tests
First photo:
Bare face - thin layer of foundation - foundation applied

Second photo:
foundation applied - concealer - foundation+concealer applied

I'm sorry for my face I haven't even took a bath yet that time HAHAHA -_-

Can you guys see the difference?
My dark circle look better and some spot on my cheeks is covered.
My face is also look matte and I didn't even use my powder~

So what do you think about this Maybelline fit me series?
Have you tried them?
I think they also have the pressed powder but I'll just stick with my Skinfood loose powder (cheapskate alert) XD

Drop your thoughts below!


  1. Aku suka banget fit me Ini, menurut aku fondie drugstore terbaik ya si fit me ini.. hihi

    Concealernya Aku belum cobaaa.. next time deh.. pingin banget.. haha

    1. iyaa banyak yg bilang ini drugstore fondie yg plg bgs yaa? tapi emg bagus sih :)) cobain juga concealernyaa *racun*

  2. kenapa sih yaaa botolnya gitu banget :(
    bagusan kalau pump :D

    makasih reviewnya
    salam kenal

    1. iyaaa lebih enak kalo pake pump kan ya *tos*
      salam kenal jg :)