Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Unboxing Sociolla's March Freebies

Hi everyone~
Couple of weeks ago I received a package from Sociolla and it's their March freebies yaay~

Btw, have you heard about Sociolla?
Basically they're an online shop that sells TONS of beauty products from makeup, skin care, fragrances, beauty tools, etc. They also only sell original and authentic product certified with BPOM and collaborate directly with authorized national distributors or brand owner in Indonesia :)

Another MAJOR plus point is..

Their CUTE PINK BOX that they use to ship our goodies (except one time I bought something from them and they only use a paperbag) because frankly pink is my fav color and the size is just right to store my mask sheets! :)) 

Anyway, let's peek what they sent me this month as my first freebies from them :

I got 2 products, both are from Vitacreme B12 - which honestly I've only heard once or twice before and haven't tried. One is their day cream sun protection with SPF 30++ and the other is their VitaBlanc lightening beauty cream.

1. Day cream sun protection SPF 30++
"This day cream sun protection is formulated with an ideal combination of vitamins (B5, C, E, and B12) as wekk as UVA-UVB SPF 30++ sunscreen. This Unique combination of active ingredients keeps the skin hydrated and protects it against harmful effects of the sun. It helps to prevent premature aging and wrinkles caused by sun exposure"

Instruction of use :
Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply as needed

This product claims to be anti aging, antioxidant, ultra moisturizing, and waterproof!
As summer is near (it's always summer in Indonesia though) I think this can be your skin-saver :p
Contains 50ml of product and sold for IDR 270k at Sociolla, I think it's still affordable as you only need to use a pea-size for your whole face :)

I've been using it several times and so far it didn't cause me any breakout - will do a more detailed review after I use it for.. a month, maybe? Will bring this to my next holiday for sure~

2. Lightening body cream
"A highly reconstructuve and nutritive cream to structure the skin. Formulated with precious substances selected for their lightening and clarifying virtues, it favors a progressive lightening of the skin, tones down pigmentation marks. It brings the skin nutritive elements to prevent the loss of cutaneous suppleness and elasticity, and ensure an optimal moisturizing of the top layers of epidermis. The skin will be noticeably more radiant, the complexion more uniform and clear."

Instructions of use:
Morning and/or evening, apply on cleansed and toned face and neck with light massage strokes until complete absorption.

This product contains also 50 ml of products and sold for IDR 270k. Haven't tried this one yet but surely will do!

Now, if you're interested to buy those products (or even 9728475 of other products that they sell) you can use my code "MIT50" to get IDR50k off!

That's it for today, gotta finish my assignments (it's almost final exam on my uni so the oh-so-kind-hearted lecturers give their students TONS of assignments.)

Thankyou for reading~
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