Saturday, 31 October 2015

Review : The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion

Hi! Today I want to make a reivew about this TFS oil control water cushion which I got from 
 Kawaii beauty japan :) There's tons of reviews already about this product but it won't hurt to spill my thought about it, right?

So, this cushion claims to be the latest makeup innovation that contains liquid foundation in a hard case, giving a perfect makeup look from morning to the end of the day. Not only that, it also claims to control our sebum, prevent uneven makeup, cover the imperfections without feeling heavy, and get rid of oily face and heavy makeup from hot weather~

Come in a blue-black box, this product contains 15g of product (smaller than the usual bb/foundation?) and has SPF 50+ so I think it will suit us here where the sun always show itself duh.

The cushion packaging itself is quite good in my opinion, dominated with white and silver, it somehow give the high class vibe (at least for me) :p

It also come with a decent size mirror and a puff, and here's how it looks like when it still sealed :

And here's the one after I opened it :

I got mine in V2013 shade, natural beige that most of the times are a bit too light for me. It shouldn't be too visible but unfortunately this shade doesn't really suit my skin tone. I'm more into yellow and this foundie is more into pinkish, I think?
(btw I've found a foundation that match my skin well, review soon! :D)

The coverage is quite good, not the best but it can definitely cover your imperfections. It give a subtle glowing finish (which I don't really like) so I always use a setting powder after I use this foundation. the oil control is not bad, as after 8 hours my T-zone is shining already but it still perfectly acceptable. I only use a thin layer in photo below without any powder ( I hope you can see the difference) :

Overall, I do think this is a good foundation for all skin type as it moisturized well and has quite good oil control as well. It's also easy to use and convenient to bring, you only need to do some tap-tap-tap to your face and it's done! If you're interested, you can buy it on The Face Shop's counter for around IDR 360.000 if I'm not mistaken.

Have you tried this cushion and does it works well on you?
Thankyou for reading and.. happy halloween!

PS : I just cut my hair short and still not used to it.. *sob*


  1. Thanks for this post was interesting =)

  2. Aaaaa makin baca review cushion ini aku makin pengen beli >w<
    Nanya dong cel, 360 itu dapet free refill 1 lg ga ya? wkwkwk
    Rambut barunya cakep cellll <3

    1. ayo beli sheeer~ :p
      wah gatau juga sihh, ini aku dikirimin soalnya.. itu rambutnya blom dipotong sher skrg jd pendek bgt hahaha tp thankyouu :D

  3. This product is one of my Makeup Wishlist! Great review btw!