Friday, 4 September 2015

Review : Beauty Labo Hair Coloring in Dark Brown

Around a month ago (yes I know it's so long already so I apologize for this late review T_T ) I got a package from Kawaii beauty japan to try out this hair coloring from Beauty labo! I tried the bubble version in milky beige before (review here) but this one is produced in Indonesia already and come in cream type so I'm excited to try it out! Let's jump to the review~

I pick this dark brown because I haven't dye my hair again for a long long time so my hair looks like this :

Sorry for my just-woke-up hair ._.
I don't think I can call it black roots anymore since it's already so long hahaha so I hope this product can cover the light color of my hair so it has the same color or at least similar to my black hair. Btw, my hair is long and thick and judging from the previous experiment with this brand, I don't think this product will be enough to generously cover my hair (and I'm kinda right :p)

It doesn't look that extreme in other photos (I wonder why it look so obvious in photo above?)

The difference is not that bad, right?

This product contains a cream colorant, cream developer, and a pair of gloves. The first time I open this box I thought that I missed the after treatment (since all of the DIY hair dye that I've tried before has it) but it turn out that this box doesn't provide any after treatment. :S You can use your conditioner or hair mask though so your hair won't be so dry.

To use it, simply put the cream colorant into the cream developer, put the cap tightly, shake it, and change the cap with the pink one.

I didn't took any photo when I applied it since I do it myself and it will be so messy but basically all you have to do is just put the cream to your hair slowly (I recommend section per section) and massage it just like how you wash your hair. Make sure everything is covered to get an even result. Wait for 30 minutes and wash your hair like usual. In my opinion, this type of cream colorant is kinda hard to use since it's quite runny, I dropped some of it to my clothes and floor ._.

Here's the result, I didn't edit anything unless brighten in a little and put my watermark, and both before and after photo are taken using the same camera, same lightning, and even same place if you can spot it XD

It does darken my light brown hair but my upper part is still black ._. I don't blame this product though since I think it's my hair fault for being so black. I think this shade has some reddish hint so yay! Bye annoying orangish hair :p

After all, I think it's a good product if you want to dye your hair yourself, but I still prefer bubble hair dye since it's easier to use. It doesn't smell too strong and it doesn't make my hair dry~ Also, it has an affordable price, around $5, and has a lot shade to choose too. I think I'm going to try the raspberry pink next XD
What do you think about this product?
Drop some comment below and I'll reply it as soon as possible :3
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend~


  1. The final result makes your hair kinda look ombre-ish, so don't worry about the black roots, looks just fine <3

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  2. Selalu iri liatin orang2 posting ngewarnain rambut mereka, sendiri, tanpa ke salon. Aku kok gak bisa ya XD Selalu takut. Bahkan ke salon buat ngewarnain rambut aja takut, takut hasilnya ternyata ga cocok ama wajah, susah emang wajah kampungan kayak aku gini hahahaha