Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Review : LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection in #Spice

It’s been a looong time since I wrote something here, right? I realized I only managed to write 2 post so far in 2015 ._. Not really sure why though  ‘cause I do have a lot of free time since I finish my final exam about a week ago. Anyway, this afternoon my mom brought us 2 packages, one is mine and one is Acel’s and after opening our haul and trying it out, I decided to review those products :3

This one is actually Acel’s but she said I can lend it for review purpose (which is so rare) so I don’t wanna wasting this oppurtinity and immediately grab my camera and this product to the yard teehee.

She bought this ‘LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection’ in Spice for just IDR 115k (around $9) and you already get 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter inside! To be honest I have doubt in this product at first since the price is so cheap and I’ve never tried LA Girl product before so I thought this is one of those cheap-but-not-good makeup product.

The packaging is dominated with black color, and frankly has nothing special on it. The material is somehow feels cheap and it closes with magnet. On the inside there’s a small mirror but I find it quite useless since I can’t even look my whole face in it (or it’s just my face too big to fit?)

Moving on to the product itself, like I’ve said before, you get 2 blush on, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter as you can see in the picture. The first blush is more into reddish-pink and matte, while the second one is peachy-pink and has a subtle glitter on it. The bronzer itself is just a regular brown but I kinda like it since it’s not orangey and is a perfect shade to contour my face. The last one, highlighter, is a beautiful shimmery gold-peachy color that contains a lot of shimmer (of course since it’s a highlighter, duh.) Oh, I find the words embossed in each of the palette is cute hehe but after 2-3 used it already faded away.

SWATCHES on my hand :

You can see that all of the color is so pigmented! I didn’t use any primer and I only swatch it once except for the second blush. I think it’s because my skin is rather dark so that kind of pink doesn’t show up well?

I swear I’ve put a lot of contour and blusher but Idk why it doesn’t show up in the photo T__T But you can notice that my nose become higher, right right? I use the first blusher here since I prefer matte makeup~

Since it’s been a long time, I guess putting 2 selfies here wouldn’t hurt so here’s me using this palette: (pardon my bad dark circles, I hardly sleep since it’s holiday and I only use a thin layer of my new BB cream here hehe)


(+) Pigmented
(+) Convenient –  you can get blushers, bronzer, highlighter in one product

(-) Cheap packaging
(-) Not travel friendly

So, what do you think about this product? Will you try it out? Drop a comment below to let me know ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice day~


  1. lucuu :3 beli dimana produknya? ^^

    1. Hai :) Kemaren ini dd aku ikut PO di moimoibeauty kalo ga salah heheh tp banyak jg yg jual ready kayanya :)

  2. pigmentasinya parah ya, nyaris ga nampak kalau buatku XD

    The Journey