Sunday, 5 April 2015

Review : Klenspop Magic Circle Black

I just realized that the last post I wrote here was in October.. 2014. Which means I haven't post anything in 5 months. And to make it worse, I don't even have a valid reason why I've been on hiatus for that long ._. I guess college life with all those assignments, test, etc is the right one to blame, if not my laziness of course, duh. Anyway, I'm back! XD

So today I want to review another circle lens from Klenspop (this post supposed to be posted couple of months ago, sorry >_<) I haven't tried black colored circle lens before so I pick this Magic circle black one~

The delivery is as usual quite fast, it only took about 2 weeks to arrive all the way from Korea to Indonesia.

This lens is packed in bottle packaging (which I find so freakin hard to open ._.), came along with a free lens case and tweezers inside a box.

The first thing I noticed when I saw this lens is the pattern. I personally love that it has a thick black ring that can make our eyes look bigger. The inner side also has black color with some stroke (?) pattern so it doesn't look harsh 'cause it'll blend with the original eye color (especially if your eyes isn't black at the first place)

The cute illustrations
Name : Magic circle black
Brand : M.I Contact
Diameter : 14.00 mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 year (max)
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Country of origin : South Korea
Price : $13

Since the diameter is just 14 mm, I thought it wouldn't give such an obvious effect but you can see in the photo above that it does make my eyes much bigger than the other one. 

The lens itself is quite thin, so it's comfortable to wear but I find it a lil bit drying if you use it for a long time (like.. more than 7 hours?). Just make sure you bring your eyedrops and it should be fine :))

(+) Affordable - $13 for 1 year usage
(+) Comfortable to use
(+) Suitable for daily use

(-) Quite drying

If you want to purchase this lens, you can go to - they're a leading company of circle lens and cosmetics lens based in South Korea. You can use this coupon "XW8G8AHO"  when you checkout to get a 10% off :)

PS : I feel grateful that I still get around 200 pageviews a day and new likes on my facebook page even after I've been such a lazy blogge... I can't even call myself as one lol.
Sooo.. I'm going to make a giveaway soon for fun, celebrating my 100000+ pageviews that I've just realized 'cause today is the first time I've seen my blog again lol. Thankyouuu - stay tuned!


  1. selalu suka sama soflens pattern ky gini >_<
    udah lama ya ga ngeblog, sneng banget km balik ngeblog xD

    1. samaaa *toss*
      asiiik ada yg ngangenin :$ thankyou widyaa~

  2. So gorgeous ♡
    They look perfect on your eyes! * - *

  3. you have a great page, maybe you have a loss on f4f? =)

  4. love the color! thanks for the info ^^

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