Saturday, 31 October 2015

Review : The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion

Hi! Today I want to make a reivew about this TFS oil control water cushion which I got from 
 Kawaii beauty japan :) There's tons of reviews already about this product but it won't hurt to spill my thought about it, right?

So, this cushion claims to be the latest makeup innovation that contains liquid foundation in a hard case, giving a perfect makeup look from morning to the end of the day. Not only that, it also claims to control our sebum, prevent uneven makeup, cover the imperfections without feeling heavy, and get rid of oily face and heavy makeup from hot weather~

Come in a blue-black box, this product contains 15g of product (smaller than the usual bb/foundation?) and has SPF 50+ so I think it will suit us here where the sun always show itself duh.

The cushion packaging itself is quite good in my opinion, dominated with white and silver, it somehow give the high class vibe (at least for me) :p

It also come with a decent size mirror and a puff, and here's how it looks like when it still sealed :

And here's the one after I opened it :

I got mine in V2013 shade, natural beige that most of the times are a bit too light for me. It shouldn't be too visible but unfortunately this shade doesn't really suit my skin tone. I'm more into yellow and this foundie is more into pinkish, I think?
(btw I've found a foundation that match my skin well, review soon! :D)

The coverage is quite good, not the best but it can definitely cover your imperfections. It give a subtle glowing finish (which I don't really like) so I always use a setting powder after I use this foundation. the oil control is not bad, as after 8 hours my T-zone is shining already but it still perfectly acceptable. I only use a thin layer in photo below without any powder ( I hope you can see the difference) :

Overall, I do think this is a good foundation for all skin type as it moisturized well and has quite good oil control as well. It's also easy to use and convenient to bring, you only need to do some tap-tap-tap to your face and it's done! If you're interested, you can buy it on The Face Shop's counter for around IDR 360.000 if I'm not mistaken.

Have you tried this cushion and does it works well on you?
Thankyou for reading and.. happy halloween!

PS : I just cut my hair short and still not used to it.. *sob*

Friday, 4 September 2015

Review : Beauty Labo Hair Coloring in Dark Brown

Around a month ago (yes I know it's so long already so I apologize for this late review T_T ) I got a package from Kawaii beauty japan to try out this hair coloring from Beauty labo! I tried the bubble version in milky beige before (review here) but this one is produced in Indonesia already and come in cream type so I'm excited to try it out! Let's jump to the review~

I pick this dark brown because I haven't dye my hair again for a long long time so my hair looks like this :

Sorry for my just-woke-up hair ._.
I don't think I can call it black roots anymore since it's already so long hahaha so I hope this product can cover the light color of my hair so it has the same color or at least similar to my black hair. Btw, my hair is long and thick and judging from the previous experiment with this brand, I don't think this product will be enough to generously cover my hair (and I'm kinda right :p)

It doesn't look that extreme in other photos (I wonder why it look so obvious in photo above?)

The difference is not that bad, right?

This product contains a cream colorant, cream developer, and a pair of gloves. The first time I open this box I thought that I missed the after treatment (since all of the DIY hair dye that I've tried before has it) but it turn out that this box doesn't provide any after treatment. :S You can use your conditioner or hair mask though so your hair won't be so dry.

To use it, simply put the cream colorant into the cream developer, put the cap tightly, shake it, and change the cap with the pink one.

I didn't took any photo when I applied it since I do it myself and it will be so messy but basically all you have to do is just put the cream to your hair slowly (I recommend section per section) and massage it just like how you wash your hair. Make sure everything is covered to get an even result. Wait for 30 minutes and wash your hair like usual. In my opinion, this type of cream colorant is kinda hard to use since it's quite runny, I dropped some of it to my clothes and floor ._.

Here's the result, I didn't edit anything unless brighten in a little and put my watermark, and both before and after photo are taken using the same camera, same lightning, and even same place if you can spot it XD

It does darken my light brown hair but my upper part is still black ._. I don't blame this product though since I think it's my hair fault for being so black. I think this shade has some reddish hint so yay! Bye annoying orangish hair :p

After all, I think it's a good product if you want to dye your hair yourself, but I still prefer bubble hair dye since it's easier to use. It doesn't smell too strong and it doesn't make my hair dry~ Also, it has an affordable price, around $5, and has a lot shade to choose too. I think I'm going to try the raspberry pink next XD
What do you think about this product?
Drop some comment below and I'll reply it as soon as possible :3
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend~

Monday, 3 August 2015

Review : Naive Facial Cleansing Foam - Aloe Vera

Hi :)
It's been a while since I post something here and to tell you the truth, my excuse is.. nothing.
Life has been pretty boring lately since I have 2,5 month of holiday from college and all I do is pretty much sleeping-eating-browsing something not important (mostly 9gag)-watching korean shows-eating-sleeping. Oh and I went to HK last week with my family (and came home 2kg heavier) but Idk why I don't update this blog as much as I used to ._.


Around 2 weeks ago, I got a package from Kawaii Beauty Japan and inside there's this Naive Facial Cleansing Foam~ Got the aloe vera one for normal skin, claimed to hydrate and make skin feel silky smooth. This cleansing foam is 100% plant based cleansing ingredients and it's free from paraben and colorant - yay!

You'll get this bubble net attached to the tube as well to make your cleansing routine more fun :p

The texture of this product itself is quite thick, and it has a slight scent of.. idk, aloe? It's not anywhere near overwhelming, I personally like the scent. I usually use about 2 pea-size and squeeze it to the bubble net, put on some water, rub it and..


After using this, my skin does feel smooth and clean, but I actually doesn't think it's much different than other cleansing foam out there. Idk about you but I personally think all cleansing foam are the same - to wash the dirt in our face and remove all the makeup (after using makeup remover) left. This one doesn't break my skin out though :D

Sold for around $4, you'll get 110g of product and a bubble net which can last a loooong way. I even doubt myself if I can finish it in 6 months (does facial foam expired in 6 months too?) You can find this at the nearest store such as Guardian, Watson, Carefour, etc.

Overall, I think it's a decent facial foam which does what it claims to clean, hydrate, and make our skin feel smooth with such an affordable price. It might suitable for people even with sensitive skin since it's all plant-based ingredients and paraben + colorant free.

What do you think about this product?
Tell me what you think in comment below or simply say hi to me :3
I'll try not to be lazy and post more - thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Review : LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection in #Spice

It’s been a looong time since I wrote something here, right? I realized I only managed to write 2 post so far in 2015 ._. Not really sure why though  ‘cause I do have a lot of free time since I finish my final exam about a week ago. Anyway, this afternoon my mom brought us 2 packages, one is mine and one is Acel’s and after opening our haul and trying it out, I decided to review those products :3

This one is actually Acel’s but she said I can lend it for review purpose (which is so rare) so I don’t wanna wasting this oppurtinity and immediately grab my camera and this product to the yard teehee.

She bought this ‘LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection’ in Spice for just IDR 115k (around $9) and you already get 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter inside! To be honest I have doubt in this product at first since the price is so cheap and I’ve never tried LA Girl product before so I thought this is one of those cheap-but-not-good makeup product.

The packaging is dominated with black color, and frankly has nothing special on it. The material is somehow feels cheap and it closes with magnet. On the inside there’s a small mirror but I find it quite useless since I can’t even look my whole face in it (or it’s just my face too big to fit?)

Moving on to the product itself, like I’ve said before, you get 2 blush on, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter as you can see in the picture. The first blush is more into reddish-pink and matte, while the second one is peachy-pink and has a subtle glitter on it. The bronzer itself is just a regular brown but I kinda like it since it’s not orangey and is a perfect shade to contour my face. The last one, highlighter, is a beautiful shimmery gold-peachy color that contains a lot of shimmer (of course since it’s a highlighter, duh.) Oh, I find the words embossed in each of the palette is cute hehe but after 2-3 used it already faded away.

SWATCHES on my hand :

You can see that all of the color is so pigmented! I didn’t use any primer and I only swatch it once except for the second blush. I think it’s because my skin is rather dark so that kind of pink doesn’t show up well?

I swear I’ve put a lot of contour and blusher but Idk why it doesn’t show up in the photo T__T But you can notice that my nose become higher, right right? I use the first blusher here since I prefer matte makeup~

Since it’s been a long time, I guess putting 2 selfies here wouldn’t hurt so here’s me using this palette: (pardon my bad dark circles, I hardly sleep since it’s holiday and I only use a thin layer of my new BB cream here hehe)


(+) Pigmented
(+) Convenient –  you can get blushers, bronzer, highlighter in one product

(-) Cheap packaging
(-) Not travel friendly

So, what do you think about this product? Will you try it out? Drop a comment below to let me know ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice day~

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Garnier Light Complete White Speed

 Last Friday I got this huge box hampers from Garnier which consist of their newest launching set - the light complete white speed!

This set claimed to brighten up your skin tone in just a week~
A full set consist of :

1. Garnier light complete white speed scrub 
The purpose is to clean your skin with it's 1000 microbeads, it can clean the dust, polution, and reduce yhe dullness in seconds and also remove dead skin cells. Suitable for daily use.

2. Garnier light complete white day cream 

This product contains serum that can work faster to absorb to our skin, making it 3 times brighter and protect it from UV. The new formula will give you :
- up to 3 tines fairer
- fades out acne and dark marks
- all day 12 hours shine free look
- evens out skin tone
- long lasting oil control effect

Directions for use : Spread evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid delicate eye area.

3. Garnier light complete white day cream with SFF

Contains SPF 19/PA++, this ultra light formula absorbs quickly into the skin layers so it works really fast! Enriched with pure lemon essence, the formula will give you :
- up to 3 tones fairer
- fades 3 darkening problems : dark spots, dullness, and acne marks
- 19 times more protection against sun's UVA and UVB rays to help prevent darkening and future spots.

Directions  for use : Spread evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid delicate eye area. 

4. Garnier light complete night restore

This new complete whitening night cream from Garnier contains :
- Pure lemon essence and natural peeling fruit extract to help provide an intensive exfolliation over night
- Long dan extract with vitamin C to help lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots
... so you can wake up with a flawless skin :)

Directions for use : Spread evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid delicate eye area.

Haven't tried any of those but will try the complete set for a week and tell you the result later! Stay tuned :)
Thankyou Garnier ID for this hampers

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Review : Klenspop Magic Circle Black

I just realized that the last post I wrote here was in October.. 2014. Which means I haven't post anything in 5 months. And to make it worse, I don't even have a valid reason why I've been on hiatus for that long ._. I guess college life with all those assignments, test, etc is the right one to blame, if not my laziness of course, duh. Anyway, I'm back! XD

So today I want to review another circle lens from Klenspop (this post supposed to be posted couple of months ago, sorry >_<) I haven't tried black colored circle lens before so I pick this Magic circle black one~

The delivery is as usual quite fast, it only took about 2 weeks to arrive all the way from Korea to Indonesia.

This lens is packed in bottle packaging (which I find so freakin hard to open ._.), came along with a free lens case and tweezers inside a box.

The first thing I noticed when I saw this lens is the pattern. I personally love that it has a thick black ring that can make our eyes look bigger. The inner side also has black color with some stroke (?) pattern so it doesn't look harsh 'cause it'll blend with the original eye color (especially if your eyes isn't black at the first place)

The cute illustrations
Name : Magic circle black
Brand : M.I Contact
Diameter : 14.00 mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 year (max)
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Country of origin : South Korea
Price : $13

Since the diameter is just 14 mm, I thought it wouldn't give such an obvious effect but you can see in the photo above that it does make my eyes much bigger than the other one. 

The lens itself is quite thin, so it's comfortable to wear but I find it a lil bit drying if you use it for a long time (like.. more than 7 hours?). Just make sure you bring your eyedrops and it should be fine :))

(+) Affordable - $13 for 1 year usage
(+) Comfortable to use
(+) Suitable for daily use

(-) Quite drying

If you want to purchase this lens, you can go to - they're a leading company of circle lens and cosmetics lens based in South Korea. You can use this coupon "XW8G8AHO"  when you checkout to get a 10% off :)

PS : I feel grateful that I still get around 200 pageviews a day and new likes on my facebook page even after I've been such a lazy blogge... I can't even call myself as one lol.
Sooo.. I'm going to make a giveaway soon for fun, celebrating my 100000+ pageviews that I've just realized 'cause today is the first time I've seen my blog again lol. Thankyouuu - stay tuned!