Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review : Leaders Pore Clinic 2 Step Kit

It's already 12th of October and here I am writing my first post of the month ._.
Got a lot of assignments (like, really, a lot.) this semester and I'm having a mid term exam this week~

Gotta update this blog more frequently like I used to do so please do stay tune for upcoming posts :D
Anyway, today I want to share my thought about this Leaders Pore Clinic Care which I bought a long long time ago (6 months, I guess?)
It's basically a pore strips to remove your black and whiteheads, plus the pore tightening serum to keep your pores small after using the pore strips.

I do admit that I have a problem with whiteheads :/ Used to use Biore's porepack one but it didn't seem to work well on me so when I saw someone sell this kit, I bought it without thinking much hahaha. I didn't even bother to search a review posts first on google lol.

It claimed to : Absorb excessive sebum, remove blackhead, and something with the pore that I supposed somethings good? XD

And I believe this will suit sensitive-skin people too since it's pigment free, paraben free, and also artificial fragrance free. Well about the fragrance part.. I can guarantee that they're true 'cause the smell is something like some chinese medicine (which smells bad!). It will disappear after a few minutes of usage though~

In a kit, you'll get 10 pcs of pore strips like photo above, and a mini tube of pore tightening serum like photo below.

The serum itself only contains 10ml of product and I find it hard to get the right amount of it like.. Once I squeeze it, nothing came out. Squeeze it harder.. it came out as big as a corn hahaha. The description is all written in Hangul so I can't say much about it~

The texture is quite runny and watery, and it can easily absorb to the skin. I doesn't has any strange (or annoying to be exact) like the pore strips. The thing is, after using it after 9 times usage of the pore strips, I still don't see the effect of this serum. I doesn't make my pores smaller what so ever but I guess I need to use it continuously to see the result?

And here's how the pore strips looks like :

And here's the one I've used ( sorry for the gross pictures >_< )

Another zoom
IMO it removes my whiteheads quite well, it pulls stronger than the biore one for sure. You can see from the pics above that a LOT of my whiteheads are removed ;D

Overall, I think this kit is quite good and useful for people with white or blackheads problem. The pore strips is good but I don't think the pore tightening serum work.. or at least so far. It's quite hard to find here since Leaders don't open any counter yet as far as I know but I think some online shop might sell this ^^

(+) The pore strips remove whiteheads effectively
(+) 1 kit contains 10 pore strips and the 10ml serum which can last for a while

(-) Weird fragrance of the pore strips
(-) Haven't seen any effect from the serum
(-) Quite expensive ( I bought this for $10) compared to others like biore or acnes.

What do you think about this product? Or do you have any recommendation of a good pore strips? (just bought acnes one yesterday since a lot of people say it's quite good and it's dirt cheap hahah XD)
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


  1. havent tried this yet but so far i'v ever used the faceshop nose strip jeju that version. lol.
    anyway, have you joined this event yet?

  2. I like the packaging of this!!
    Looks effective too...The most effective one I've tried is from Biore ^___^

    恵美より ♥

  3. nice review!!