Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween!
Got nothing to do yesterday since my class was cancelled so I decided to make some halloween makeup look for fun :p
I personally don't like the overly creepy looks (and I was home alone yesterday so I'd scared myself if I make those) so I opted for this broken doll looks :D

I know it isn't perfect but at least I had fun! XD
Do I look creepy already? :p
What do you do to celebrate halloween this year?
Thanks for reading and I'll see ya later~

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review : ZAP Underarm Treatment

Around 2 or 3 weeks ago, I got a free voucher of ZAP's underarm treatment from ci Winda (who is so nice 'cause she even went directly to my house to give the voucher >_< thankyou!) 

I originally wanted to go on 9 Okt since that's the last day of my mid term exam and my college is so close to ZAP outlet at Ciwalk one, but turns out they've already moved to the one at Riau (and I literally bad at directions) so.. mission failed XD I brought Acel along on the next day to be my navigator and after driving around in cycle we finally arrived safe and sound.. lol.

As I walked inside, the staffs greet me warmly and asked me what I want to do there. I told them that I want to use the free treatment voucher and without further ado or putting a frown face (most BA nowadays do that, don't they?) they ask me to sit and wait first.

Spotted acel.. crying?

The waiting room itself is so cozy with a sofa, TV, and magazines provided. Then a staff came and handed me an ipad with a video of ZAP's introduction.

So basically ZAP is a permanent hair removal which started in 2009 and supported by modern technology, certified internationally, they offer a painless, safe, affordable of permanent  hair removal.

I didn't take any photos while doing the treatment 'cause it would feel awkward so here's how the treatment works :

Taken from Zap's website
At I first I thought it would be hurt (and do note I have a very low tolerance of pain.. cut my finger while I was cutting fruits and I'd scream and cry immediately even though there were no blood lol). I kept asking the staffs - yes there were 2 staffs doing a client - if it'll be hurt so much but they said it won't.. and it really doesn't! I can barely feel anything~ they said maybe it's because my hair is thin but.. I can guarantee if I said it doesn't hurt, it must be not hurt, at all ;D

One thing I notice from the whole process is how clean and hygienic they work. Both of the staffs are using a mask, they use a brand new razor for every client, and I guess they change the bed's cover for every client cause they allowed me to use my shoes on the bed.. o_o

The whole treatment process only take around 15 minutes (so fast, huh?) and after that I need to fill some form that I don't even remember now.. hahah.

The staffs also offer some of Zap's product like the underarm brightening treatment, brightening facial wash, and anti acne facial wash, all with affordable price :)

Price for arm and hands but you can see the rest of the price list here
Overall, it was a nice experience to try out ZAP and I could say their service is awesome :) Have you tried their service before? Do you prefer permanent hair removal like this or waxing? I personally choose waxing 'cause it's cheaper and I can do it by myself at home :D

Thanks for reading~

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review : Leaders Pore Clinic 2 Step Kit

It's already 12th of October and here I am writing my first post of the month ._.
Got a lot of assignments (like, really, a lot.) this semester and I'm having a mid term exam this week~

Gotta update this blog more frequently like I used to do so please do stay tune for upcoming posts :D
Anyway, today I want to share my thought about this Leaders Pore Clinic Care which I bought a long long time ago (6 months, I guess?)
It's basically a pore strips to remove your black and whiteheads, plus the pore tightening serum to keep your pores small after using the pore strips.

I do admit that I have a problem with whiteheads :/ Used to use Biore's porepack one but it didn't seem to work well on me so when I saw someone sell this kit, I bought it without thinking much hahaha. I didn't even bother to search a review posts first on google lol.

It claimed to : Absorb excessive sebum, remove blackhead, and something with the pore that I supposed somethings good? XD

And I believe this will suit sensitive-skin people too since it's pigment free, paraben free, and also artificial fragrance free. Well about the fragrance part.. I can guarantee that they're true 'cause the smell is something like some chinese medicine (which smells bad!). It will disappear after a few minutes of usage though~

In a kit, you'll get 10 pcs of pore strips like photo above, and a mini tube of pore tightening serum like photo below.

The serum itself only contains 10ml of product and I find it hard to get the right amount of it like.. Once I squeeze it, nothing came out. Squeeze it harder.. it came out as big as a corn hahaha. The description is all written in Hangul so I can't say much about it~

The texture is quite runny and watery, and it can easily absorb to the skin. I doesn't has any strange (or annoying to be exact) like the pore strips. The thing is, after using it after 9 times usage of the pore strips, I still don't see the effect of this serum. I doesn't make my pores smaller what so ever but I guess I need to use it continuously to see the result?

And here's how the pore strips looks like :

And here's the one I've used ( sorry for the gross pictures >_< )

Another zoom
IMO it removes my whiteheads quite well, it pulls stronger than the biore one for sure. You can see from the pics above that a LOT of my whiteheads are removed ;D

Overall, I think this kit is quite good and useful for people with white or blackheads problem. The pore strips is good but I don't think the pore tightening serum work.. or at least so far. It's quite hard to find here since Leaders don't open any counter yet as far as I know but I think some online shop might sell this ^^

(+) The pore strips remove whiteheads effectively
(+) 1 kit contains 10 pore strips and the 10ml serum which can last for a while

(-) Weird fragrance of the pore strips
(-) Haven't seen any effect from the serum
(-) Quite expensive ( I bought this for $10) compared to others like biore or acnes.

What do you think about this product? Or do you have any recommendation of a good pore strips? (just bought acnes one yesterday since a lot of people say it's quite good and it's dirt cheap hahah XD)
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!