Friday, 19 September 2014

Review : Leaders Baby Soft Foot Peeling Mask

Hi guys~
I know I haven't post here for a long time *bersihin sarang laba-laba*
But today I'll review one of my August haul which is the Leaders Baby Soft Foot Peeling Mask!

It comes with a usual face mask packaging dominated with white and baby blue color :) Nothing special~

There's also a detail about the skin type, volume, ingredients, effects, and how to use that you can read it on photo above.

The back side is dominated by hangul and I'm totally blind so I can't tell you anything about it ._. but there are some pics to show you how to use it which I think understandable :p

Inside, you'll see a weird (?) shape of mask like photo above. To be honest I don't know how to use it at the first look but I found out that you need to cut it in half so you can use it :p

Left and Right sticker are put on the top side of the mask and it's used to seal the foot mask so the liquid doesn't leak out when you're wearing it.

How to Use

The essence itself is enough I think, I can feel that my entire foot is soaked with it but not to the point it will leak out if you move around hahaha. Too bad the sticker isn't so good so sometimes I need to re-attach it again~

It doesn't feel hurt or anything like that at all, unless you have some scars I guess.. You can relax by reading your favorite books or browsing some blogs while waiting 90 minutes to pass~ I suggest you not to move around cause it's hard to walk around using this ._.

As for me.. I was using this foot mask and face mask at the same time, watching TV at my room when suddenly my dad came home and ask me to park the car to the garage. So I literally throw the face mask away and walk with a strange gesture because of this mask (imagine a duck walking lol) and park the car.. Then I realized once I got off from the car that the mask has been teared ._. I guess I only wear it for around 1 hours >_<

(Around 3 days after)

My skin is literally peeled off little by little and you can see that the area that has been peeled is much much softer than the one hasn't! It doesn't hurt at all and I guess this foot mask's formula is more gentle than holika holika's one cause the skin only peeled in a smaller section (the holika holika one can peel quite a large area at once, around the size of my thumbs nail? lol)

Another close up looks :

And here's the final result after all the peeling process finish :

Welcome baby soft skin~ :p
I personally satisfied with the result and I think the concept is quite unique hehe. Been using these kind of mask twice with this and I guess I'll try more in the future ^^ I also recommend it for people with dry and flaky foot, or people who want baby silky foot, just make sure not to use it too often 'cause too much peeling is also not good :D

Have you tried these kind of mask before? What do you think? :D
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!


  1. Aju mau iniii, kakiku keringnya parah deh >_<

  2. Beli dimana ini cel?? Dalam sekali pake bisa nge ya harus lopek ya kulitnya??
    Hmm, lama juga tunggu sampai 90 menit. soalnya cc suka bolak balik entah dari kamar-ke kamar mandi; kamar-ruang tamu;kamar ke luar rumah. hahaha.
    So, kalo cc ada produk ini, cc pake waku sebelum tidur aja dimana cici mendep dalam kamar. Makasi ya cel info produknya..

  3. wah enak nih bisa nambahin treatment kaki sendiri di rumah, ga rempong jg make nya :D
    btw already follow u, mind to follow back ? :p

  4. wow, where did you bought it?

  5. do you have instagram? check

    disana mreka jual ori