Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Haul

Can't really believe it's September already! 2014 sure is walk so fast...
Anyway, today will be a short post of haul that I bought on August :D Most of them are on promotion and the others are one that have been my wishlist for a long long time (I just free myself from the shopping banned that I did since January - new year and birthday's resolution lol)

So this is what I bought last month :

Luxola was having a discount last month so I didn't miss the chance to shop my wishlist items :p I've been wanting to try Maybelline Baby Skin since a long long time ago since there are a lot of good review of it~ Then I also grab Sleek face contour kit 'cause I don't have one yet and Sleek is well-known for it's affordable yet good quality :D The Olay regenerist cleanser in the middle is GWP that I got but I'm not really sure if I can use it yet.. :/ Anybody know if it's safe to use for 19y.o or is it for more 'mature' woman?

Still from Luxola, I also grabbed 2 of Leader's face mask and this time I pick the pore control one 'cause recently I can see my pore get bigger.. o_o I'm using it as I'm typing this and it feels so good and hydrating~
On the middle is Leader's Baby Soft Foot, which is some kind of foot peeling that will make your foot softer like a baby XD I've tried one from Holika Holika before and it does such a nice job so let's see how this one will work.

I also went to Jakarta last month and when I'm derping around in the mall I saw that The Face Shop is having a discount up to 70% so I look around quite a bit and found that this cleansing oil is even cheaper than in online shops :p It's only IDR 114.500 or around $10 if I remembered correctly. I never use cleansing oil before but I read in some blogs that cleansing oil is one of Korean's face cleansing method so I think I'll just give it a try hehe. Also got a sample of TFS cc cream but I forget from where I get it.

Finally bought Etude House Any Cushion like.. months after it's launched XD Like I've said earlier, I was on shopping ban so I decided to used up all of my bb cream first before buying a new one. This is my first cushion-type bb cream and so far I'm quite satisfied with the result. :D
Then I bought the sample kit of Clio lipnicure! It's one of my top wishlist since I've tried it before and the staying power is SO GOOD but I didn't buy it back then since it's expensive.. Then I found this on FB for only $5 - you get 2 colors and a top coat so it's such a good deal XD

Sorry for the blur picture.. =_=
Last, I bought Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask to improve my current skin condition since it has a lot of good reviews and repurchase the cool sugar wax that I've reviewed here

... And that's all! I think I didn't shop too much and manage to buy only things that I either really want or need~ I know this is a lame question but what do you want me to review first? Just write it on comment below and I'll make it for you ASAIC (As soon as I can) LOL

Thanks for reading and see you later~


  1. Chel... Lipnicure unyil beli dimanaa? :)

    1. beli di group FB saaab :) cm segede jempol gitu sih dia tp lumayan deh buat coba2 :p hehe

    2. grup preloved yaaaaa, aaak, racun semua disono huhuhuuu >.<

    3. Iyaaaa mami tau aja XD ak ud jrg beli disitu sih cm ini lumayan emg ud di wishlist dr kmren2 hahaha :D

  2. Icel rice cleansing oil norm price 100k di tsm :p bulan lalu sich, mgkn skrg udh naek ya. Maybelline baby skin base bkn c?

    1. hah iyaaaa? ak beli jg bulan lalu o_o tp katanya lg diskon 50% loh itu.. ga salah kak alvi? klo bener mah aku punduuung *manyun* hahaha
      iya buat base makeup :)