Friday, 15 August 2014

Unboxing : Memebox Global #12

Have you heard about Memebox?
It's a subscription box from Korea (similar to Ipsy, Vanity Trove, or Lola and BTI). The difference is they don't send the box monthly, you can choose which box you want to buy and each box has different theme :D

I used to buy local beauty box but don't really feel satisfied about the products they sent (and now some of them are out of business already) so when I heard that Memebox is shipping worldwide, I decided to try it out! Since I don't really need anything in particular, I just grabbed the closest delivery time which is the #12 Global Edition~ 

I remember that they sent it on June 24th and the package arrived on August 5th which means it took almost 1,5 month to arrive. Still acceptable though, considering there was a long holiday on July~

Inside the box, the first thing you'll see is a card with list of products written with the descriptions, size, and price like this :

And here's the product inside the #12 global edition :

Full full full~

Let me show you the products one by one to take a better look, okay? :D

1. Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream
This is the first item I notice because of it's size - 250ml which is huge! It's a removal cream which comes in a spray type with 2 spatula inside. Don't think it's so special or what since there's also similar product that available locally with much much cheaper price like Veet. I've tried it once but it smells really weird... Let's see if I can make a proper review in another try.
*Full size 250ml - $43

2. Plagenta White Mark Cream (15g and three samples)
This one is to reduce stretch mark and balance out any uneven skin tone on your body. Again, I don't feel excited about the product 'cause I don't have any stretch mark so I think I'll just give it to someone else ._.
*Full size : 100g - $38

3. L.vida Nail Polish
I love to paint my nails and I kinda collect nail polishes so when I know there's a nail polish inside I was quite happy :p Not to mention the packaging is also cute and at the first glance it reminds me of the Ciate nail polish lol. The flower is just a decoration though, it's tied to the cap and you can remove it~
*Full size 10ml - $7

4. Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 12g
This is my first Banila Co. product that I ever had so I was excited to try it out lol XD It claims to effectively removes any excess sebum, dead skin, and external pollutants clogged up in your pores. Seems good, no? Haven't try it yet though, I just bought the Innisfree Jeju pore clay mask one and I want to see the result first before trying out this one.
*Full size 100g - $21

5. Palan Crysence Organic Essence
I never heard about this brand before but the card said that it's famous and made from natural ingredients to deeply moisturizing damaged hair. It's the non wash-off type, so you can just apply it after you towel dry your hair. I'm still using my Etude Silk Scar Hair Serum so I give this one to Acel~ Let's see if she wants to write a post here to review this product LOL XD
*Full size 120ml - $72

6. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 50ml
Claims to not only prevent hair loss but also re-energize and strenghten damaged hair, this product caught my attention :p I do have a thick hair but lately I feel that I loss a lot of hair (not to the point I'll be bald soon, no XD) so I guess I'll use this pretty soon and see if it does what it claims. :D
Full product 200ml - $12

You might notice that some of the products inside are quite expensive and if I total all of the price, it would be.. around $134. I only pay around $16 including shipping since I use my Meme points and coupon code. So you pay $16 and get $134 worth of product with 2 full size, 3 deluxe samples and some sachets samples! I personally think it's totally worth it and I'm planning to buy more in the future, the themed boxes one maybe :3

What do you think about Memebox? Would you want to try it out?
Or what's your fav subscription box so far?
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend :D


  1. Wow chel worth it banget yaa *.*
    Is it free worldwide shipping?
    Mau dong stretchmark product nya chelll.. :3 kebetulan lg butuh *wink wink*

    1. shipping nya $6.99 ciii, rata2 sebox jadi $30 udah sama shipping :D
      udah di book sama mama tiri ciii XD hahaha

    2. Ooo jadi jatuhnya 300k lebih ya D;
      Ahh keduluan T.T *nangis di pojokan*

    3. suka ada coupon code sihhh ci ak beli ini cm jd $16 wktu itu hehe :D
      iya nihh ci sorry >,<

  2. stretchmark nya udah dibooking sama aku kan ya cel? *lol*

    1. boleeeh ahahah tar ambil aja ke rumah klo sempet ci :p
      tuker sama naked 3 yaaa *dilemparsendal*

  3. box nya aja udh lucu cel :D apalagi isinya hahaha mauuu

    1. iyaaa ayo beli rei! haha tp klo kena cukai ga tanggung :p

    2. hahha tuh kan males deh kalau kena cukai, km kena ga cel?

  4. Wah, akhirnya paketnya tiba juga ya cel.. Boxnya cantik banget cel..

  5. Aaaaa memebox km bikin mupeng bgt cel.
    Isinya jauh kalo dibandingin sama semua beauty box yg di indo yah. Aku naksir bbrp memebox tp sayang bayarnya *plak*
    Btw asik amat kamu ga ada stretch mark T_T aku ada tp untungnya ga di tempat yg keliatan haha

    1. ayo beliiii sher *racun* hahaha
      tungguin coupon code aja sih, wktu itu malah ada yg $15 off sher :p

  6. Woooow cheel.. Itu isi nya full size.. Kereeen.. 300rb sdh sama shipping?