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Review : Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu

So around 2 weeks ago I saw that BBlog_ID is having a new project and this time they're collaborating with Mustika Ratu with their newly launched product line, "Simply Stay". I get the products around 1,5 weeks ago but the college thing-y keep me busy so I just post it now.. like maybe the last one after all the bloggers published it already T_T

To be honest I've never tried any Mustika Ratu's products before as I don't really interested to buy it.. But I bet everyone in Indonesia now this brand already, right? Anyway, this Simply Stay line is using "Soft, Moist, and Long Last" as their tagline campaign and I guess it's they key point of makeup to keep our skin soft, moist, and also last for a long time :D

The sample kit I received contains stick foundation, two way cake, and liquid foundation which all have 4 shades ranging from fair, yellow-ish, and dark. There are also a moisturizer in 2 type, one for normal to oily skin and the other one is for normal to dry skin.

Now let's move on to the swatches, shall we? :D


Without flash
With Flash
The texture of the stick foundation is a little thick, and in my experience I guess you need to warm it up first with your finger so that you can use it easily. The color range is quite wide, so everyone can choose the right shade for their skin tone. You also can use it for contouring if you have all of them :D
The coverage is quite good, it does cover redness and dark spots but you still need to use concealer for a better result~

However, I wouldn't use it as my face routine since it feels a little 'heavy' and I prefer light base makeup so I think I'll just stick with my bb cream :p You can use it for special occasion though, or in times when you need more coverage.


Having 4 shades just like the stick foundation, I think this is the right choice for the lazy day or when you got no time to use makeup. You just need to grab your powder brush or your sponge and dab it all over your face and.. done~ I'm not sure any of this shade match perfectly with my skin tone cause the 2 and 3 are too yellow-ish for me and the 4 one is too dark (guess I can use it for contouring) but the 1 is also slightly too fair :/

The texture is so powdery and fortunately this one doesn't feel heavy at all like the previous stick foundation. The oil control is also quite good on me, but my face is more into dry skin so I can't really say much >,<

See how powdery it is? :D


Out of the 3 (stick, two way cake, and this liquid foundation) actually I'm most excited to try this since it's the closest one to my daily bb cream. Don't really know why though, I always prefer liquid type one (the one I'm currently using is the cushion type, but still that is liquid, right? :p) 

The consistency is quite watery and I personally think quite easy to blend. The coverage is low to medium, so if you want a high coverage you this product might not suit you~ At first I think the coverage will be so good since it's foundation after all, but this is just not my favorite. All the shade are either too yellow-ish or too dark for my skin tone so I think I won't use it anymore ;w;


Like I've said before, the moisturizer comes in 2 types, normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin. The texture is quite thick (or creamy, is that even a texture?) and need several seconds to fully absorb. I think it's a great idea to make 2 product for 2 different skin types so people can choose the product that suit them best :D

So I combine the stick foundation and top it with the two way cake and here's the result :

Zoom at it's finest @_@ my skin condition is quite bad lately.. 
Anyway, you can see that it does helps to cover my dark spots and acne scars but they're still visible so I can say that the coverage is only low to medium. You can use concealer after for better coverage~

Overall, I think this line is quite worth to have for those who are looking for affordable makeup products, for beginners, or if you're a MUA that needs a lot of shade 'cause this line provide 4 shades that I think will cover almost entire Indonesian's skin tone hehe.

Fiuh, don't know if you're still reading it until this point 'cause this post is sure long LOL.
This post is made to join BBlog_ID's event and is sponsored by Mustika Ratu

What do you think about these products? :D
Thanks for reading and I promise I'll post more in September.. said a student whose teachers really do give a lot of assignment *sigh*

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