Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review : Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express Mascara

Hi everyone! :)
Today I'm going to review my current mascara which is the Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express :D Read a lot review about this months ago and finally decided to give it a try. Will it turn out good?

Come with a blue color packaging with pink font, I personally think it's a nice combination that will catch your eyes the moment you see it at the counter :p 

They claimed to have a revolutionary ultra sonic-brush which I find so useful since it's shorter on the inside so I won't poke my eyes XD 

It has a black color with fiber in it to make our lashes longer and thicker at the same time.

Swatches :

You can see the big difference in the before-after picture right? ;D 
My eyes looks more "open" and my lashes become longer and thicker. I personally think it clumps a little but Acel said it doesn't :/ You can judge it by yourself from the picture though. I only use a coat cause I prefer more natural lashes, the one that look like you don't use any mascara at all hehe.

Looks like I'm wearing a natural falsies when I close my eyes, no? :3

Too bad it's not really smudge proof (maybe because it contains fiber). I rub it hard to make it like that though, but I guess I can say you'll end up like that if you rub your eyes.

It also is not waterproof :/

Overall, I don't think this mascara is that good. Sure, it makes your lashes longer and thicker in a nice way but other mascara also can do that. I still prefer the magnum or the hypercurl one than this. Not a big fan of fiber mascara also since sometimes it make your lashes clump and need time to dry or else it will transferred to your eyes.

(+) Create a long, thick lashes
(+) Eye catching packaging

(-) Not really smudge proof
(-) Not waterproof
(-) Not so natural finish (clumps)

Recently attracted to try those korean slimcara (or microcara or anything they called it lol) and the one from Innisfree seems good so maybe I'll give it a try~

Haven't post my photo for a long time here so here's one (as if somebody want to see.. orz) hahaha
As long as I remember this cute kiddo really look like Acel when she was little but both her and parents think they don't o_o

Have you tried this mascara? What's your HG mascara? ;D
Thanks for reading and have a nice day~


  1. You got pretty cute eyes!! Great review (^∇^)


  2. Unfortunately it's not waterproof & smudgeproof ._.
    But the result is pretty good cel ^^ it does lengthen your lashes

    1. iyaa sayang >_< masi mending mascara maybelline yg lain waterproof sama smudgeproof :D

  3. matanya cute >_<
    tapi sayangnya gak waterproof yah :(
    gak jadi deh belinya hehehe

    1. thankyouu~ :D
      klo penasaran cobain aja sihh siapa tau di kamu bagus2 aja hehe asal jg dikucek sama dipake berenang XD

  4. Ceeeeeel panjang bgt bulu matanyaaaa o_O
    Aku juga ga demen yg ada fiber, liatnya ga enak wkwk
    Sayang ini ga smudgeproof dan ga waterproof yah :( Aku ga nyobain ini deh .__.

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