Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review : Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Canola Honey

Hi! Today I'll review one of the item that I got from the valentine swap with Sherly which is the Innisfree capsule recipe pack! I've heard about this mask a looong time ago and was pretty happy to get it so I can try it out :D

This capsule recipe pack comes in 12 variants and each one has a different function. Mine is Canola Honey, which supposed to moisturize my skin. Is it good?

Each variant has a different color so it's easy to differentiate but too bad the name of variant itself is not written~

The back of the "capsule" comes with brown color and almost all the description is written in Korea ._. It contains 10ml of product and can be used for 2-3 times all over your face or if you just apply it thinly like me, it can lasts for 4-5 times :p 

When I first open it, I didn't smell any scent at all. The contains also only fill half of the "capsule" (feels like nowadays chips that only fill less than a half of the bag - so basically we bought the air the get some free chips orz).

The texture of this mask is a little bit thick but still easy to spreads. The moment I put it on my face.. it feels weird o_o The usual mask I used always feels cold which is the main reason I use mask beside the moisturizing effect. This mask, however, feel warm right after I apply it on my face. I feels a lil but sticky and I don't find it comfortable and relaxing at all so I rinse it even before 5 minutes. 

So I seal it with plastic and put it in the refrigerator hoping it won't feel weirdly warm again and when I try it, it does feel cold for around 3 seconds and the warm come again o_o dunno if it supposed to be like that but I personally just don't like the feelings~ This time I wait for 15 minutes to see the result but I don't feel any good result at all.

I don't know if it just doesn't match my skin ( I didn't experience any break out though ) or what but tbh I won't repurchase this mask again. I prefer the sheet type since all I need to do is put it on my face while lying down then just put it off and throw it :p hehe

(+) Can be used a few times
(+) Affordable - around $2
(+) A lot of variants
(+) Doesn't has any scents

(-) Feels weird (warm) once it's applied
(-) Didn't give any good effect for me
(-) Feels a little bit sticky 

Have you tried this mask in this or other variants?
Thanks for reading and happy weekend~ ^^


  1. Replies
    1. iyaa pdhal lucu sih konsep "capsule" nya :p hehe

  2. did you order this online?
    Innisfree is not available in my country T_T

    1. hi sai :D
      Got this from the blog swap but Innisfree isn't available in my country either but there's a lot of online shop based in Korea which offer free shipping worldwide like w2beauty, Jolse, cosmeticslove, etc :D

  3. just discovered your blog, from all the links and spinks in the site

    I like all your posts, so I'll be following you.
    Hope to see more of your updates

  4. Maybe it's the self heating type, cel?
    Aku pas pake yg seaweed juga anget2 gt, terus parno sendiri takut udah expired LOL Gataunya itu self heating. Tapi kayaknya yg canola honey engga deh .___.
    Di aku juga ga keliatan efeknya sih, mungkin ini salah satu miss product nya Innisfree ya xD

    1. gatau juga sih sher cuma kan biasa maskeran adem2 gitu apa lg disimpen di kulkas XD berasa agak aneh aja jadinya hehe~

  5. Lucu bgt bs hangat gt chel wkwk.. little bit unusual ._.
    Btw aku setuju bagian chips bag yg kopong itu XD lol

    1. unusual, indeed.. hahah
      iya kaan suka php gitu *highfive* lol