Monday, 25 August 2014

First Impression : Ivi Premium Collagen

So around 2 or 3 weeks ago I got an email from Perfect Beauty Shop that they're giving away 500 set of Ivi Premium Collagen for the first 500 people who fill their survey. Since I've never try something like that before, I tried my luck and turns out about 1 week later the package come to my doorstep :p

Like I've said before, up until now I haven't use any skin supplement since I'm afraid that it has any side effects. I also not a person who read the ingredients of a product before using it since I'm too lazy lol. So I ask Mr. Google about this product and there are actually a lot of review about this collagen drink, mostly came from Philippine. I read that it's sold at Watson there so I'm pretty sure it's safe 'cause there's no way an unknown and dangerous product can be sold there, right? The bloggers also said some positive review about how it can make their skin look younger~

After several days of thinking if I should try it or not, I made up my mind and gather my courage (so hyperbole duh) and decided to give it a try!

The package itself come with a cartoon pink-ish box, each has 14 sachets. I personally love the design since it also has cherry blossom tree on the top of the box which made it look so simple yet feminine :D

The list of ingredients, just in case some of you want to do some research if it's safe or not :p

The sachets also have same design like the box, and made of some plastic material~ Each sachets contains 7g of product and 5000mg of collagen each! 

The product itself is made in Japan and distributed by Ivi Ryo corporation in Philippines (so that's why most of the review are from Philippines). Also written at the back of the box is the expiration date.

How it looks like just seconds after I put it to the water. You can see the yellow color (and yes, the powder's color is yellow). The moment I open the sachets, I can clearly smell the strange chemical smell x_x
I hate medicines (I can't even gulp a tablet without biting it first) and I have to say that I also hate this drink's scents. 

Then I stir it with spoon and the yellow color is even now. I tried to drink it but.. it tastes weird o_o Others said that it doesn't has any scent or taste but I personally still can feel it. Mom and dad tried it too and both of them also dislike it so much hahaha. You can mix it with juices or coffee too but I haven't tried it though. At the end mom told me not to finish it (we don't even drink 1/5 of it lol) and so.. yeah. 

I don't think I'll drink the rest of it since it really does taste and smells weird.. I personally think my current skin condition is quite okay BUT even if my skin is bad I still will choose not to drink this haha.

Anybody have try these kind of drink before?
What's the result and how does it taste? :O
Oh btw, if you want to try this you can just drop a comment here and I'll send it to you~ 

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :D


  1. Woah, unfortunately it tastes weird chel o__o
    I never tried this kind of collagen drink before lol

    1. samaaa ci ini jg ahirnya ga aku minum gara2 aneh dan takut sebenernya XD

  2. What a pity ><
    It tastes weird .__.

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyou so much :D

  3. I've tried it and yes, the taste is awful. I mixed it with chlorophyll powder, so
    I can drink it easier -_-

    1. hahaha jadinya diminum smua sampe abis san?
      ak kok ga tahan sm rasa + baunya, pd nyuruh jgn diminum lol