Sunday, 31 August 2014

Review : Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu

So around 2 weeks ago I saw that BBlog_ID is having a new project and this time they're collaborating with Mustika Ratu with their newly launched product line, "Simply Stay". I get the products around 1,5 weeks ago but the college thing-y keep me busy so I just post it now.. like maybe the last one after all the bloggers published it already T_T

To be honest I've never tried any Mustika Ratu's products before as I don't really interested to buy it.. But I bet everyone in Indonesia now this brand already, right? Anyway, this Simply Stay line is using "Soft, Moist, and Long Last" as their tagline campaign and I guess it's they key point of makeup to keep our skin soft, moist, and also last for a long time :D

The sample kit I received contains stick foundation, two way cake, and liquid foundation which all have 4 shades ranging from fair, yellow-ish, and dark. There are also a moisturizer in 2 type, one for normal to oily skin and the other one is for normal to dry skin.

Now let's move on to the swatches, shall we? :D


Without flash
With Flash
The texture of the stick foundation is a little thick, and in my experience I guess you need to warm it up first with your finger so that you can use it easily. The color range is quite wide, so everyone can choose the right shade for their skin tone. You also can use it for contouring if you have all of them :D
The coverage is quite good, it does cover redness and dark spots but you still need to use concealer for a better result~

However, I wouldn't use it as my face routine since it feels a little 'heavy' and I prefer light base makeup so I think I'll just stick with my bb cream :p You can use it for special occasion though, or in times when you need more coverage.


Having 4 shades just like the stick foundation, I think this is the right choice for the lazy day or when you got no time to use makeup. You just need to grab your powder brush or your sponge and dab it all over your face and.. done~ I'm not sure any of this shade match perfectly with my skin tone cause the 2 and 3 are too yellow-ish for me and the 4 one is too dark (guess I can use it for contouring) but the 1 is also slightly too fair :/

The texture is so powdery and fortunately this one doesn't feel heavy at all like the previous stick foundation. The oil control is also quite good on me, but my face is more into dry skin so I can't really say much >,<

See how powdery it is? :D


Out of the 3 (stick, two way cake, and this liquid foundation) actually I'm most excited to try this since it's the closest one to my daily bb cream. Don't really know why though, I always prefer liquid type one (the one I'm currently using is the cushion type, but still that is liquid, right? :p) 

The consistency is quite watery and I personally think quite easy to blend. The coverage is low to medium, so if you want a high coverage you this product might not suit you~ At first I think the coverage will be so good since it's foundation after all, but this is just not my favorite. All the shade are either too yellow-ish or too dark for my skin tone so I think I won't use it anymore ;w;


Like I've said before, the moisturizer comes in 2 types, normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin. The texture is quite thick (or creamy, is that even a texture?) and need several seconds to fully absorb. I think it's a great idea to make 2 product for 2 different skin types so people can choose the product that suit them best :D

So I combine the stick foundation and top it with the two way cake and here's the result :

Zoom at it's finest @_@ my skin condition is quite bad lately.. 
Anyway, you can see that it does helps to cover my dark spots and acne scars but they're still visible so I can say that the coverage is only low to medium. You can use concealer after for better coverage~

Overall, I think this line is quite worth to have for those who are looking for affordable makeup products, for beginners, or if you're a MUA that needs a lot of shade 'cause this line provide 4 shades that I think will cover almost entire Indonesian's skin tone hehe.

Fiuh, don't know if you're still reading it until this point 'cause this post is sure long LOL.
This post is made to join BBlog_ID's event and is sponsored by Mustika Ratu

What do you think about these products? :D
Thanks for reading and I promise I'll post more in September.. said a student whose teachers really do give a lot of assignment *sigh*

Monday, 25 August 2014

First Impression : Ivi Premium Collagen

So around 2 or 3 weeks ago I got an email from Perfect Beauty Shop that they're giving away 500 set of Ivi Premium Collagen for the first 500 people who fill their survey. Since I've never try something like that before, I tried my luck and turns out about 1 week later the package come to my doorstep :p

Like I've said before, up until now I haven't use any skin supplement since I'm afraid that it has any side effects. I also not a person who read the ingredients of a product before using it since I'm too lazy lol. So I ask Mr. Google about this product and there are actually a lot of review about this collagen drink, mostly came from Philippine. I read that it's sold at Watson there so I'm pretty sure it's safe 'cause there's no way an unknown and dangerous product can be sold there, right? The bloggers also said some positive review about how it can make their skin look younger~

After several days of thinking if I should try it or not, I made up my mind and gather my courage (so hyperbole duh) and decided to give it a try!

The package itself come with a cartoon pink-ish box, each has 14 sachets. I personally love the design since it also has cherry blossom tree on the top of the box which made it look so simple yet feminine :D

The list of ingredients, just in case some of you want to do some research if it's safe or not :p

The sachets also have same design like the box, and made of some plastic material~ Each sachets contains 7g of product and 5000mg of collagen each! 

The product itself is made in Japan and distributed by Ivi Ryo corporation in Philippines (so that's why most of the review are from Philippines). Also written at the back of the box is the expiration date.

How it looks like just seconds after I put it to the water. You can see the yellow color (and yes, the powder's color is yellow). The moment I open the sachets, I can clearly smell the strange chemical smell x_x
I hate medicines (I can't even gulp a tablet without biting it first) and I have to say that I also hate this drink's scents. 

Then I stir it with spoon and the yellow color is even now. I tried to drink it but.. it tastes weird o_o Others said that it doesn't has any scent or taste but I personally still can feel it. Mom and dad tried it too and both of them also dislike it so much hahaha. You can mix it with juices or coffee too but I haven't tried it though. At the end mom told me not to finish it (we don't even drink 1/5 of it lol) and so.. yeah. 

I don't think I'll drink the rest of it since it really does taste and smells weird.. I personally think my current skin condition is quite okay BUT even if my skin is bad I still will choose not to drink this haha.

Anybody have try these kind of drink before?
What's the result and how does it taste? :O
Oh btw, if you want to try this you can just drop a comment here and I'll send it to you~ 

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :D

Friday, 15 August 2014

Unboxing : Memebox Global #12

Have you heard about Memebox?
It's a subscription box from Korea (similar to Ipsy, Vanity Trove, or Lola and BTI). The difference is they don't send the box monthly, you can choose which box you want to buy and each box has different theme :D

I used to buy local beauty box but don't really feel satisfied about the products they sent (and now some of them are out of business already) so when I heard that Memebox is shipping worldwide, I decided to try it out! Since I don't really need anything in particular, I just grabbed the closest delivery time which is the #12 Global Edition~ 

I remember that they sent it on June 24th and the package arrived on August 5th which means it took almost 1,5 month to arrive. Still acceptable though, considering there was a long holiday on July~

Inside the box, the first thing you'll see is a card with list of products written with the descriptions, size, and price like this :

And here's the product inside the #12 global edition :

Full full full~

Let me show you the products one by one to take a better look, okay? :D

1. Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream
This is the first item I notice because of it's size - 250ml which is huge! It's a removal cream which comes in a spray type with 2 spatula inside. Don't think it's so special or what since there's also similar product that available locally with much much cheaper price like Veet. I've tried it once but it smells really weird... Let's see if I can make a proper review in another try.
*Full size 250ml - $43

2. Plagenta White Mark Cream (15g and three samples)
This one is to reduce stretch mark and balance out any uneven skin tone on your body. Again, I don't feel excited about the product 'cause I don't have any stretch mark so I think I'll just give it to someone else ._.
*Full size : 100g - $38

3. L.vida Nail Polish
I love to paint my nails and I kinda collect nail polishes so when I know there's a nail polish inside I was quite happy :p Not to mention the packaging is also cute and at the first glance it reminds me of the Ciate nail polish lol. The flower is just a decoration though, it's tied to the cap and you can remove it~
*Full size 10ml - $7

4. Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 12g
This is my first Banila Co. product that I ever had so I was excited to try it out lol XD It claims to effectively removes any excess sebum, dead skin, and external pollutants clogged up in your pores. Seems good, no? Haven't try it yet though, I just bought the Innisfree Jeju pore clay mask one and I want to see the result first before trying out this one.
*Full size 100g - $21

5. Palan Crysence Organic Essence
I never heard about this brand before but the card said that it's famous and made from natural ingredients to deeply moisturizing damaged hair. It's the non wash-off type, so you can just apply it after you towel dry your hair. I'm still using my Etude Silk Scar Hair Serum so I give this one to Acel~ Let's see if she wants to write a post here to review this product LOL XD
*Full size 120ml - $72

6. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 50ml
Claims to not only prevent hair loss but also re-energize and strenghten damaged hair, this product caught my attention :p I do have a thick hair but lately I feel that I loss a lot of hair (not to the point I'll be bald soon, no XD) so I guess I'll use this pretty soon and see if it does what it claims. :D
Full product 200ml - $12

You might notice that some of the products inside are quite expensive and if I total all of the price, it would be.. around $134. I only pay around $16 including shipping since I use my Meme points and coupon code. So you pay $16 and get $134 worth of product with 2 full size, 3 deluxe samples and some sachets samples! I personally think it's totally worth it and I'm planning to buy more in the future, the themed boxes one maybe :3

What do you think about Memebox? Would you want to try it out?
Or what's your fav subscription box so far?
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend :D

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review : Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Canola Honey

Hi! Today I'll review one of the item that I got from the valentine swap with Sherly which is the Innisfree capsule recipe pack! I've heard about this mask a looong time ago and was pretty happy to get it so I can try it out :D

This capsule recipe pack comes in 12 variants and each one has a different function. Mine is Canola Honey, which supposed to moisturize my skin. Is it good?

Each variant has a different color so it's easy to differentiate but too bad the name of variant itself is not written~

The back of the "capsule" comes with brown color and almost all the description is written in Korea ._. It contains 10ml of product and can be used for 2-3 times all over your face or if you just apply it thinly like me, it can lasts for 4-5 times :p 

When I first open it, I didn't smell any scent at all. The contains also only fill half of the "capsule" (feels like nowadays chips that only fill less than a half of the bag - so basically we bought the air the get some free chips orz).

The texture of this mask is a little bit thick but still easy to spreads. The moment I put it on my face.. it feels weird o_o The usual mask I used always feels cold which is the main reason I use mask beside the moisturizing effect. This mask, however, feel warm right after I apply it on my face. I feels a lil but sticky and I don't find it comfortable and relaxing at all so I rinse it even before 5 minutes. 

So I seal it with plastic and put it in the refrigerator hoping it won't feel weirdly warm again and when I try it, it does feel cold for around 3 seconds and the warm come again o_o dunno if it supposed to be like that but I personally just don't like the feelings~ This time I wait for 15 minutes to see the result but I don't feel any good result at all.

I don't know if it just doesn't match my skin ( I didn't experience any break out though ) or what but tbh I won't repurchase this mask again. I prefer the sheet type since all I need to do is put it on my face while lying down then just put it off and throw it :p hehe

(+) Can be used a few times
(+) Affordable - around $2
(+) A lot of variants
(+) Doesn't has any scents

(-) Feels weird (warm) once it's applied
(-) Didn't give any good effect for me
(-) Feels a little bit sticky 

Have you tried this mask in this or other variants?
Thanks for reading and happy weekend~ ^^

Thursday, 7 August 2014

100th post giveaway WINNER

Sorry in advance for the late announcement >_< lately my internet connection is sooo slow to the point it needs around 10 seconds to open facebook or google. Not to mention I also can't open rafflecopter from my computer, idk why ._.

So I just check the entry and pick the winner through my tab and the winner is...

*drum rolls*


Congratulations! :) I've sent her an email and she had replied it~
Thankyou for everyone who have entered this giveaway and I'm sorry if you didn't win this time. I'm planning to do another giveaway to mark the 1 year blogging around next month so stay tune!

See ya later~

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review : Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express Mascara

Hi everyone! :)
Today I'm going to review my current mascara which is the Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express :D Read a lot review about this months ago and finally decided to give it a try. Will it turn out good?

Come with a blue color packaging with pink font, I personally think it's a nice combination that will catch your eyes the moment you see it at the counter :p 

They claimed to have a revolutionary ultra sonic-brush which I find so useful since it's shorter on the inside so I won't poke my eyes XD 

It has a black color with fiber in it to make our lashes longer and thicker at the same time.

Swatches :

You can see the big difference in the before-after picture right? ;D 
My eyes looks more "open" and my lashes become longer and thicker. I personally think it clumps a little but Acel said it doesn't :/ You can judge it by yourself from the picture though. I only use a coat cause I prefer more natural lashes, the one that look like you don't use any mascara at all hehe.

Looks like I'm wearing a natural falsies when I close my eyes, no? :3

Too bad it's not really smudge proof (maybe because it contains fiber). I rub it hard to make it like that though, but I guess I can say you'll end up like that if you rub your eyes.

It also is not waterproof :/

Overall, I don't think this mascara is that good. Sure, it makes your lashes longer and thicker in a nice way but other mascara also can do that. I still prefer the magnum or the hypercurl one than this. Not a big fan of fiber mascara also since sometimes it make your lashes clump and need time to dry or else it will transferred to your eyes.

(+) Create a long, thick lashes
(+) Eye catching packaging

(-) Not really smudge proof
(-) Not waterproof
(-) Not so natural finish (clumps)

Recently attracted to try those korean slimcara (or microcara or anything they called it lol) and the one from Innisfree seems good so maybe I'll give it a try~

Haven't post my photo for a long time here so here's one (as if somebody want to see.. orz) hahaha
As long as I remember this cute kiddo really look like Acel when she was little but both her and parents think they don't o_o

Have you tried this mascara? What's your HG mascara? ;D
Thanks for reading and have a nice day~