Sunday, 27 July 2014

Slice of life : Korean Shows I Currently Watching

I just realized that I haven't write anything for 10 days! Too busy lazy-ing around (like usual) and haven't got the mood to write beauty related post so I think it'll be fun to write korean shows that I currently watching. I'm in a long holiday (around 3 months!) and most of the days I only stay at home, bored to death. Spent the time by surfing the internet and watch a lot of Korean shows~ Here's the list of what I watch, just in case you also feel bored and need something to watch :

1. Running man - guess everyone already know this show, huh? I watch it since the first ep (by now it's 205 ep already!) and although I enjoyed the old episodes, watching RM feels like a weekly routine already and I adore every member of it (except JSJ lol). Usually watch it on KShowNow every Monday.

2. RoomMate - when I read that there'll be a reality show with 11 people (singer, actors, comedian, athlete) living together under one roof, I feel excited! You can know their daily life, what their really do when they don't have any schedule etc. Moreover, the casts are also interesting such as 2NE1's Park Bom, EXO's Chan Yeol, Orange Caramel's Nana~ I only now those 3 out of 11 at first but as the show goes on, I can say I like all of the people ^^ Too bad the rating is low in Korea and the editing most of the time is SUCKS. They will make small things big to make the viewer curious ._. Don't know if this show will be cancelled because of the rating or not but I personally enjoy this show. It's out every Tuesday on KShowOnline.

3. We Got Married - Not really a fan of this show since I don't watched every couple of it but I watched Goguma, Khuntoria, and PocaGuri couple from the beginning til the end and also watch some of the global episode. It's a little boring 'cause I know it's scripted but the Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min couple catch my attention lately :p Jin Young look so cute and bright despite her age and I think both of them look so adorable together ;D The new Yura and JongHyun couple also look cute together but I think JongHyun should talk more lol~ You can watch it at KShowNow every Monday if you want.

4. King of High School - I rarely watch drama cause I'll end up all curious and can't wait until the new episodes but Acel told me that she saw a new Korean drama that looks funny and all so.. I ended up watching this show. The drama itself is about a high schooler (Lee Min Suk) who has to play 2 role as a student and as a director in big company cause his brother is somehow missing. No regret though, the cast (the boys, actually) are so handsome! Seo In Guk look so funny yet adorable on this drama and Lee Soo Hyuk look unbelievably handsome and kinda 'creepy' XD Not a big fan of the main actress though, I don't think she really get her role. But overall, it's an enjoyable drama that will make you laugh or at least smiling from ear to ear :p It's out every Tuesday and Wednesday on GoodDrama.

5. Let Me In Season 4 - I've write about this show in a different post that you can read here

Sometimes I also watch some makeup tutorial either from Pony or Get it Beauty if I feel so bored hehe XD
Have you watched any of these shows? What are you currently watching?
Thank you for reading and Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate it! 

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