Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review : Etude House Tear Drop Liner #1 White Tear

Have you noticed that lot of K-Pop girl use glittery effect on their eye makeup? Look at Bom's makeup below as the example :p (Using her as the example since lately I like her more and more after watching Room Mate hehe) I think the glitter give the impression of a brighter and fresher eye, not to mention it compliment heavy eye makeup well but you can also use the glitter alone :)

So today, I want to review some kind of glittery product which is Etude House Tear Drop Liner! I'm pretty sure you already heard about this a lot before~ Chose the #1 White Tear since it's probably the most natural one out of 4 available.

The packaging comes in a plastic-y material with a long thin pink brush. The print already faded since Acel bought this around last year :p The packaging has the same shape like the Oh My Eyeline and I personally love it since it's slim so it doesn't need much space on my makeup pouch - travel friendly! :D

The brush itself is so thin so it's easy to control how much product you want to apply. 

Swatch :
You can easily make a super thick or super thin line like I've said earlier thanks to the brush :D The glitter itself is so pretty dominated with sliver color with a hint of blue and yellow glitter <3

I usually line it up to the half of my bottom eye line then dab it by my finger so the glitter doesn't look too much~ I love how it brighten my eyes and help to hide my super dark circle a little XD

It can stay all day long on me and I can say this product won't run out for a long time XD It's been more than a year on Acel's drawer and since we both doesn't use it too often, I think there's still 80% left.. o_o So maybe we will finish it by.. 4 years again? LOL

(+) Give a brighter and fresher effect
(+) Stay all day long
(+) Affordable (around $5)
(+) A little goes a long long way~

(-) Some of the glitters will transferred and remain on your face when you removed it but I don't think it's bad :p

Have you tried this kind of product?
Thanks for reading (and TGIF - but it doesn't matter since it's all holiday for me lol) and have a nice weekend!


  1. Gampang dibersihkan nggak ni dear?daridulu pengen nyobain 😚

  2. icheeell unyuu bingit!! ^^
    sebenernya pakai teardrop tanpa eyeliner uda cukup bikin mata "terbuka" yaa hihi

    1. ahahah makasih wii :D
      iyaa bener, bkin mata lebih fresh gitu yaa hehe

  3. Ichell cute bgt.. (^3^)♥
    Banyak bgt yg pake tear drop ini.. kyknyaalebih enaak drpd pencil

    1. makasi ci ellen ;D
      hehe iyaa ak lebih suka model ini sih drpd yg pencil, lebih "nyata" :p

  4. Nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

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  5. Unyu maksimal sayy <333

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