Saturday, 5 July 2014

Review : Daiso Hand Cream

Hi everyone~ Just a want to post a short review about the Daiso hand cream that I bought a year ago. So I was derping around at Daiso and of course, after seeing all those stuffs that are not available at Daiso here, I bought some items that I think it's cheap and will be useful and of of them is this hand cream!

Tempted to buy this because of the cute pink packaging with vintage theme *u* Not to mention it also contains 50g of product that will last for quite a while! It also only cost SGD 2 so I thought, why not?

Tbh I rarely use hand cream or even body lotion since I often feel lazy therefore my body skin is so dry >_< The first hand cream that I tried is Etude one that come in uberly cute bird-y packaging and the second one is the L'occitane which I get from box subscription. Will this cheap hand cream work as good as the previous two?

While I thought Daiso's products are made in Japan, this one apparently is made in Korea~

Come with twist-off cap, I think it's secure enough to make sure it won't leak so you can bring it with you anywhere :D The tube itself come with some kind of aluminium (?) that quite similar with L'occitane one.

The texture is quite thick but absorbs easily to the skin. It also has a nice floral scent that IMO also quite similar with L'occitane hand cream in Pivoine Floral. 

Please excuse my super dry skin *u* You can see the difference in before and after usage~ My skin become smoother and somehow also a little bit glow-y ;D It doesn't feel sticky at all and so far I've been using this hand cream a lot :D The moisturizing effect can last for 2-3 hours and you have to re-apply again after that but I personally doesn't mind cause it smells good~

Have you tried this hand cream before? What's your fav hand cream?
Thanks for reading ^^


  1. Packagingnya girly banget ya.. ^^
    Nice review non..

    1. Iyaa seneng sama packagingnya~
      Thankyou cii :D

  2. iceeelll, kulitnya kering banget >.< kasian kulitmu sayang, rajin2 pake hand cream yaaaa....*nasihatalaibutiri* kayak aku sendiri rajin pake ajah lol XD

    The Journey

    1. iya ciii suka males abisnya hahah XD tp aslinya ga segitunya sih, kayanya itu gara2 di zoom banget o_o

    2. Aku juga males pake hand cream. repot ah kalo habis cuci tangan harus aplikasikan hand cream. Walau tuh hand cream udah dalam tas serta dibawa kemanapun berada, tetep aja lupa aplikasi ke tangan.

  3. The hand cream looks good. I’m interested with the scent.
    ~Pauline @Eucerin Philippines

  4. Is handcream same like handbody? ._. still confuse till now nyehehehe