Thursday, 17 July 2014

Outfit Ideas : Pastel Skirt

I'm the type of girl who usually only use jeans and T-shirt for daily basis but currently I think skirt is much much cuter! You can mix and match it with your favorite T-shirt, tanktop, blouse, blazer, and simply anything yet it will still looks casual and cute :D 

Not to mention my obsession towards pastel color (especially pink) is absolutely too much hahahah~ On the picture above, you can see that pastel pink dress combined with beige blazer with belt can look a lil but formal yet cute ;3

Or you can combine your favorite sweater with blue jeans and ankle boots when it's cold outside~ 

You also can never go wrong with a simple blouse and pink skirt, with white cardigan as the outer :D If you are not that confident using a too short skirts, you can use a black stocking or the patterns one~

And look at the perfect combination with knitted beige blouse with mini floral skirt at photo above! Me want *u*

Or grab your matching mini dress and use it together with your bff! I love the lace flowery detail on dresses above and the mint-pink color is totally match!

Polka dot pattern is apparently is still in too :3

Or if you want something comfy you can grab your favorite old loose sweater and combine it with mini skirts to get effortlessly stylish :p

I personally love all the outfits above and just bought a new skirt yesterday :p There's actually a lot of shops who sell cutie skirts either online or offline shops and one of them is Zalora! Love how they carry a lot of brands with good quality and affordable price~

Do you like wearing skirts? Or what's you favorite outfits nowadays?
Thanks for reading ^^

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  1. LOL sama cel aku juga tiap hari pake kaos sama jeans aja kalo ngampus.
    Tapi jalan2 juga sering begitu doang sih :p
    Kalo lg pengen dress up emg pake rok udah paling kece yah cel hahaha
    Aku demen pake apapun sih jadi rok/celana ga masalah.
    Tp berhubung aku lebih suka style yg boyish, demen banget kalo pake kaos polos + bawahan celana denim + plaid shirt >w<
    Ga pede kalo girly2 gitu soalnya ga berbentuk .___.