Sunday, 27 July 2014

Slice of life : Korean Shows I Currently Watching

I just realized that I haven't write anything for 10 days! Too busy lazy-ing around (like usual) and haven't got the mood to write beauty related post so I think it'll be fun to write korean shows that I currently watching. I'm in a long holiday (around 3 months!) and most of the days I only stay at home, bored to death. Spent the time by surfing the internet and watch a lot of Korean shows~ Here's the list of what I watch, just in case you also feel bored and need something to watch :

1. Running man - guess everyone already know this show, huh? I watch it since the first ep (by now it's 205 ep already!) and although I enjoyed the old episodes, watching RM feels like a weekly routine already and I adore every member of it (except JSJ lol). Usually watch it on KShowNow every Monday.

2. RoomMate - when I read that there'll be a reality show with 11 people (singer, actors, comedian, athlete) living together under one roof, I feel excited! You can know their daily life, what their really do when they don't have any schedule etc. Moreover, the casts are also interesting such as 2NE1's Park Bom, EXO's Chan Yeol, Orange Caramel's Nana~ I only now those 3 out of 11 at first but as the show goes on, I can say I like all of the people ^^ Too bad the rating is low in Korea and the editing most of the time is SUCKS. They will make small things big to make the viewer curious ._. Don't know if this show will be cancelled because of the rating or not but I personally enjoy this show. It's out every Tuesday on KShowOnline.

3. We Got Married - Not really a fan of this show since I don't watched every couple of it but I watched Goguma, Khuntoria, and PocaGuri couple from the beginning til the end and also watch some of the global episode. It's a little boring 'cause I know it's scripted but the Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min couple catch my attention lately :p Jin Young look so cute and bright despite her age and I think both of them look so adorable together ;D The new Yura and JongHyun couple also look cute together but I think JongHyun should talk more lol~ You can watch it at KShowNow every Monday if you want.

4. King of High School - I rarely watch drama cause I'll end up all curious and can't wait until the new episodes but Acel told me that she saw a new Korean drama that looks funny and all so.. I ended up watching this show. The drama itself is about a high schooler (Lee Min Suk) who has to play 2 role as a student and as a director in big company cause his brother is somehow missing. No regret though, the cast (the boys, actually) are so handsome! Seo In Guk look so funny yet adorable on this drama and Lee Soo Hyuk look unbelievably handsome and kinda 'creepy' XD Not a big fan of the main actress though, I don't think she really get her role. But overall, it's an enjoyable drama that will make you laugh or at least smiling from ear to ear :p It's out every Tuesday and Wednesday on GoodDrama.

5. Let Me In Season 4 - I've write about this show in a different post that you can read here

Sometimes I also watch some makeup tutorial either from Pony or Get it Beauty if I feel so bored hehe XD
Have you watched any of these shows? What are you currently watching?
Thank you for reading and Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate it! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

DIY : Turn Your Loose Eye Shadow to Pressed One!

This post made by Acel's idea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. She found a set of eye shadow that we bought around last year but we don't really use it because it's a loose eye shadow and it will be so messy if we want to use it >_<

It's from "Natural Beauty" which me myself is not really familiar but the color itself is quite good and suitable for daily looks (3 earth-y colors, 1 pink, and 1 gold) and all contains shimmer~ The pink and gold one is still fine so we just turn these 3 to pressed eye shadow.

You just need to have a jar and an alcohol for this though XD Just place the loose eye shadow carefully into the jar and pour some alcohol..

Then wait until it dry (I leave it overnight) and here's the result :

Don't really sure why it cracked but the other 2 don't have it :p I think I should put more alcohol? o_O
At least now I can use it comfortably without worrying about it will get messy or it's fall out whatsoever~

So suitable for daily looks, no? :p
The pigmentation will stay the same just like before and now you have your own made eye shadow!
Have you tried to do something like this too before? You also can apply this to your broken palettes to save it :D

Thanks for reading~

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Outfit Ideas : Pastel Skirt

I'm the type of girl who usually only use jeans and T-shirt for daily basis but currently I think skirt is much much cuter! You can mix and match it with your favorite T-shirt, tanktop, blouse, blazer, and simply anything yet it will still looks casual and cute :D 

Not to mention my obsession towards pastel color (especially pink) is absolutely too much hahahah~ On the picture above, you can see that pastel pink dress combined with beige blazer with belt can look a lil but formal yet cute ;3

Or you can combine your favorite sweater with blue jeans and ankle boots when it's cold outside~ 

You also can never go wrong with a simple blouse and pink skirt, with white cardigan as the outer :D If you are not that confident using a too short skirts, you can use a black stocking or the patterns one~

And look at the perfect combination with knitted beige blouse with mini floral skirt at photo above! Me want *u*

Or grab your matching mini dress and use it together with your bff! I love the lace flowery detail on dresses above and the mint-pink color is totally match!

Polka dot pattern is apparently is still in too :3

Or if you want something comfy you can grab your favorite old loose sweater and combine it with mini skirts to get effortlessly stylish :p

I personally love all the outfits above and just bought a new skirt yesterday :p There's actually a lot of shops who sell cutie skirts either online or offline shops and one of them is Zalora! Love how they carry a lot of brands with good quality and affordable price~

Do you like wearing skirts? Or what's you favorite outfits nowadays?
Thanks for reading ^^

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review : Etude House Tear Drop Liner #1 White Tear

Have you noticed that lot of K-Pop girl use glittery effect on their eye makeup? Look at Bom's makeup below as the example :p (Using her as the example since lately I like her more and more after watching Room Mate hehe) I think the glitter give the impression of a brighter and fresher eye, not to mention it compliment heavy eye makeup well but you can also use the glitter alone :)

So today, I want to review some kind of glittery product which is Etude House Tear Drop Liner! I'm pretty sure you already heard about this a lot before~ Chose the #1 White Tear since it's probably the most natural one out of 4 available.

The packaging comes in a plastic-y material with a long thin pink brush. The print already faded since Acel bought this around last year :p The packaging has the same shape like the Oh My Eyeline and I personally love it since it's slim so it doesn't need much space on my makeup pouch - travel friendly! :D

The brush itself is so thin so it's easy to control how much product you want to apply. 

Swatch :
You can easily make a super thick or super thin line like I've said earlier thanks to the brush :D The glitter itself is so pretty dominated with sliver color with a hint of blue and yellow glitter <3

I usually line it up to the half of my bottom eye line then dab it by my finger so the glitter doesn't look too much~ I love how it brighten my eyes and help to hide my super dark circle a little XD

It can stay all day long on me and I can say this product won't run out for a long time XD It's been more than a year on Acel's drawer and since we both doesn't use it too often, I think there's still 80% left.. o_o So maybe we will finish it by.. 4 years again? LOL

(+) Give a brighter and fresher effect
(+) Stay all day long
(+) Affordable (around $5)
(+) A little goes a long long way~

(-) Some of the glitters will transferred and remain on your face when you removed it but I don't think it's bad :p

Have you tried this kind of product?
Thanks for reading (and TGIF - but it doesn't matter since it's all holiday for me lol) and have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

100th Post Mini Giveaway

Sooo I've reached the 100th post with this post after blogging for about 9 months :D I never thought I'll come to this since I tends to neglect something if I'm bored already hehe~ Thankyou for everyone who's willing to read, drop comments, etc on this blog ^^

To celebrate it, I decided to host a mini giveaway for you~ Sorry if the prize is not much, I just want to give a little something for my readers :D

Prizes : 
- Etude House like 20 trial kit
- Etude House I Need You, Yogurt Wash-Off Mask Pack
- Etude House Mag Play Nail Polish
- Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Toner
- The Saem Mask 
- Samples

To join, simply fill the rafflecopter below :

This giveaway is open til the end of this month and open for Indonesian residents only. There'll be only 1 (one) winner. I'll announce and email the winner once the giveaway ends and she/he has 2x24 hours to reply or else I'll choose a new winner ^^

Please do join and good luck everyone~

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Review : Daiso Hand Cream

Hi everyone~ Just a want to post a short review about the Daiso hand cream that I bought a year ago. So I was derping around at Daiso and of course, after seeing all those stuffs that are not available at Daiso here, I bought some items that I think it's cheap and will be useful and of of them is this hand cream!

Tempted to buy this because of the cute pink packaging with vintage theme *u* Not to mention it also contains 50g of product that will last for quite a while! It also only cost SGD 2 so I thought, why not?

Tbh I rarely use hand cream or even body lotion since I often feel lazy therefore my body skin is so dry >_< The first hand cream that I tried is Etude one that come in uberly cute bird-y packaging and the second one is the L'occitane which I get from box subscription. Will this cheap hand cream work as good as the previous two?

While I thought Daiso's products are made in Japan, this one apparently is made in Korea~

Come with twist-off cap, I think it's secure enough to make sure it won't leak so you can bring it with you anywhere :D The tube itself come with some kind of aluminium (?) that quite similar with L'occitane one.

The texture is quite thick but absorbs easily to the skin. It also has a nice floral scent that IMO also quite similar with L'occitane hand cream in Pivoine Floral. 

Please excuse my super dry skin *u* You can see the difference in before and after usage~ My skin become smoother and somehow also a little bit glow-y ;D It doesn't feel sticky at all and so far I've been using this hand cream a lot :D The moisturizing effect can last for 2-3 hours and you have to re-apply again after that but I personally doesn't mind cause it smells good~

Have you tried this hand cream before? What's your fav hand cream?
Thanks for reading ^^

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review : Makarizo Hair Energy Anti-Aging Creambath

First July post! :3
So last Sunday I have nothing to do and I found this product that I bought a long time ago. I decided to pamper myself and took a long shower with this creambath, scrubbing, putting on body butter, do some waxing, etc~ But today I'll just give a short review about this product, Makarizo hair energy anti-aging creambath :)

What's written : "Not only your skin which can experience aging, but also your hair. Most of people thought that aging can only happen to elderly people. But in fact, hair aging can be happen to anyone including young ones. Aging can caused by external factors like pollution, use of hair dryer, and chemical products. The sign of aging on hair can be seen from the hair grows finer, dull, drenched, coarse, and become unruly"

Choose this varian cause my hair do has 'taste' a lot of chemical products :p I've dyed it around 4 times and when I was still in high school I've done smoothing twice.

Specialized made for people with colored hair~ It contains 60ml of product (which is so much that I think it can be used for 2 person with medium hair)

I put it in Puyo cup (which taste so good!) to make it easier to apply and the moment I open it, the smell suddenly come up and it's SO GOOD *u* It supposed to smell like kiwi but even if I've eat kiwi before I don't really know how kiwi smells like. But I and Acel have agreed that it has bubble gum smell that kinda remind me with the "Big Babol" that we used to bought when we're little hehe~

The texture is a little bit thicker than the usual conditioner but it doesn't leave any greasy feeling after usage.

How to use :
1. Clean your hair with shampoo
2. Apply a number of hair energy creambath to your hair shaft evenly, then massage for 5 minutes.
3. Enjoy the massage and refreshing relaxation of kiwi extract.
4. Rinse thorough until it clean.
5. For maximum result, use twice a week.

After I use this my hair feel sooo smooth and smells good! The scent stay even the day after~ I could say that it's been a nice experience and I think I'm going to repurchase it later hehe :3 Pampering yourself once a week isn't too much right? :p 

Have you tried this product before?
That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a nice day ^^