Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 4

Finally I managed to write this post after a while hahaha. Can you believe it's June already? It feels 2014 where I celebrate my birthday is just yesterday and now it's mid year already! Mr. Time is walking so fast huh.

So this is the last day of my KL trip and if you haven't read the previous posts, you can read the day 1, day 2, and day 3 first :3 

Woke up early and that's the view of our rooms~ It still pretty empty and I only can see 3 people which turned out to be the taxi drivers hahah. Maybe because it's weekend? Not pretty sure tho.

Our messy room lol XD Feel sad already that  we have to leave and to be honest I don't want to go home yet to face my final exam hahah ._.

After packing our stuffs and took a shower, we put our belongings at lobby and check out then we took a cab to Central Market :D Mom said it's quite famous so me and Acel just tag her along hahah. Did you notice the "Central Market" is not complete in the photo? Blame mom. 

I personally think that this place is not so good, it feels "crowded" but in a bad way. The shops are all over with so many stuffs but nothing really caught my attention.

Until I found this! So many shops sells Batik on second floor and what I thought what "wait.. what? Isn't Batik is Indonesian's?" o_o 

Then since's there's nothing to do (and buy) at Central Market we decided to go again to Petronas Tower to take a proper photo since it was raining when we go there the day before.

And finally take a proper photo! hahaha :D

Then went back to our hotel and to to airport since our flight will go at around eight and it's 4 PM already.

Spotted Shihlin and as a big fan of them ( I always buy it whenever I go to FCL - the only mall who sell it in my town lol ) we have an early dinner there~ Funny that they didn't cut the XXL chicken and the size is bigger than Acel's head XD

Then we wait and as a good student *ahem* I took out my lovely 1000 pages of macro economics book and read it again. 

Found that charger (?) on Airasia's catalog and I found it's cute that it's made by Mitch and Marc hahaha XD I never realized me and Acel has produced this kind of thing before lol.

Overall, I really do enjoy this trips and I had so much fun spending times with the closest persons in my life :D Bye KL, it was nice to met you again~

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