Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review : Makarizo Hair Energy Anti-Aging Creambath

First July post! :3
So last Sunday I have nothing to do and I found this product that I bought a long time ago. I decided to pamper myself and took a long shower with this creambath, scrubbing, putting on body butter, do some waxing, etc~ But today I'll just give a short review about this product, Makarizo hair energy anti-aging creambath :)

What's written : "Not only your skin which can experience aging, but also your hair. Most of people thought that aging can only happen to elderly people. But in fact, hair aging can be happen to anyone including young ones. Aging can caused by external factors like pollution, use of hair dryer, and chemical products. The sign of aging on hair can be seen from the hair grows finer, dull, drenched, coarse, and become unruly"

Choose this varian cause my hair do has 'taste' a lot of chemical products :p I've dyed it around 4 times and when I was still in high school I've done smoothing twice.

Specialized made for people with colored hair~ It contains 60ml of product (which is so much that I think it can be used for 2 person with medium hair)

I put it in Puyo cup (which taste so good!) to make it easier to apply and the moment I open it, the smell suddenly come up and it's SO GOOD *u* It supposed to smell like kiwi but even if I've eat kiwi before I don't really know how kiwi smells like. But I and Acel have agreed that it has bubble gum smell that kinda remind me with the "Big Babol" that we used to bought when we're little hehe~

The texture is a little bit thicker than the usual conditioner but it doesn't leave any greasy feeling after usage.

How to use :
1. Clean your hair with shampoo
2. Apply a number of hair energy creambath to your hair shaft evenly, then massage for 5 minutes.
3. Enjoy the massage and refreshing relaxation of kiwi extract.
4. Rinse thorough until it clean.
5. For maximum result, use twice a week.

After I use this my hair feel sooo smooth and smells good! The scent stay even the day after~ I could say that it's been a nice experience and I think I'm going to repurchase it later hehe :3 Pampering yourself once a week isn't too much right? :p 

Have you tried this product before?
That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a nice day ^^


  1. Wah aku sering liat ini pas lagi ke supermarket tp ga pernah beli soalnya dy sachet *males nyimpen sisanya* ternyata bagus yaaaaah~ Mau coba jadinya >w<

  2. Ini agak oot sih, tapi review si Puyo donks~ Dari kemaren ngelewatin tapi males dikecewakan, hahaha.. ^_^;;

  3. Wkwk iya baunya kayak permen karet XD jd agak aneh gt krimbat nya XD aku pikir kmrn ni bau apa ya kayak déjà vu XD abis baca review mu jd ngeh kl permen karet hihi