Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review : Liese Hair Dye in Casis Berry

Finally I dyed my hair again! *clapping* hahahah. The last time I dyed my hair was 2 months ago using Beauty Labo in Milky Beige that you can read here. I dyed it again because the color is getting brighter and brighter (don't know if you experience the same thing but for me the color won't really show off right after I dye it, but it will be brighter and noticeable after a week or so?) plus I realized the color is uneven >_<

So when I went to KL last month I bought one at Watson and I picked Liese in Casis Berry :) Bought it for only about IDR 100k / $10 while online shops here sell it around 150k? I was tempted to buy like 3 box or so since it's cheap but mom immediately disagree and give a deep stare lolol XD

 I actually have tried Liese before, in Ash Brown shade while my hair is still black. The color doesn't really show off but maybe it's because my hair was too dark. Now that I've dyed my hair for about 4 times, will it turns out good?

Picked this shade because I think it's a perfect brown with a red hints. I expect my hair will turns out like the second column one :D

Some Caution that I wasn't bother to read LOL
So this is what you'll get inside the box :
The developers (1 and 2), pump, after treatment, and a pair of gloves.

 And here's the before photo, taken under outdoor lightning.
You can clearly see the ugly black roots while it's only been 2 months! Why you growing so fast, hair?

How to use?
1. Pour the solutions from the little bottle one to the big one ( dunno what it's called actually o_o )

2. Secure the cap and mix it SLOWLY. Do not shake it but just turns the bottle upside down for about 20 times.

3. Replace the cap with the pump

4. Done! Now you can just press the pump and the bubble will come out~

Then you just have to apply the bubble evenly to your hair ( I usually put more attention to the roots since it's harder to absorb in that area ) and massage it. Wait for about 30 minutes then wash your hair and use the after treatment :D

Here's the result ( photo taken about 3 days after application ) :

Outdoor Natural Lightning

Direct sunlight

Room lightning
You can see in pictures above that the color is not too bright in natural outdoor or room lighting, but it looks orange-ish in direct sunlight @_@ I don't know why the after color looks darker in photo above but in real life it's a liiiiitle bit brighter than before. It also can't really cover my dark roots so I ended up with uneven color again. SIGH.

You can see my latest OOTD post to see more photos :)

(+) Affordable
(+) Easy to use
(+) Generous amount of product ( I have thick and long hair and it's more than enough )

(-) Can't really cover my dark roots
(-) Not so good ammonia scent
(-) So little amount of the after treatment ._.

After trying about 5 times in dyeing my hair with DIY products like this, I think I'll just go to salon next time. I'm tired already of the uneven result =3= Or maybe it's just me that can't apply it in a proper way? :V
Do you have any tips or hair color product recommendation? 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Aku juga cat rambut suka ga rata hiks :( padahal pake yg bubble juga. Km anak tki juga kan? Jangan cat di salon yg di pasar segar (lupa namanya apa) waktu itu ak disana dan warnanya jd ga rata juga. Ga ratanya tuh di bagian akar terlalu terang n sisanya malah warnanya ga keluar hiks :(
    Btw mind to follow back? :)

    1. iyaa gatau kenapa suka ga rata T_T iya nih di TKI juga, ko tau? nyahaha~
      nanti kayanya mau di OP ato SM aja catnya klo skalian ke jkt ^^ Thanks yaaa~

  2. Hi! If you need help from a hair professional, I can help you with your hair. You can check out my works at : You can reach me via-sms/whatsapp at 0812-8676-2252.

  3. udah kelas brp cc ? enak ya udah boleh cat , ak ngga boleh sama nyokap hikss T.T

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. aduh salah account -_-

      mau msk kelas 14 cath XD eh mksdnya kuliah sem 3 bntr lg :D
      iyaa kan kamu mah masi skolah kan ya? haha nanti aja ud kuliah baru di cat ^^

  4. warnanya ngga terlalu masuk ya >.< bikin rambut kering nggak?
    aku pakai punya etude warnanya masuk. Awalnya hasilnya engga rata juga.. tapi habis 2 mingguan warnanya merata sendiri sih :v hehe

    salam kenal yah kak mitchel ^^

    1. ngga sih soalnya ak pake condi sama hair mask + serum hehe XD
      nanti mau coba deh yg etude, thanks yaaa jess, salam kenal jugaa~ :D

  5. cc kalo warna selalu disalon non, ya karena takut ga rata gitu apalagi rambut cc panjang.. Heheh..
    Mungkin bisa kamu siasati disisir sisir gt biar lebih merata..

    1. iya ak jg ud sering ga rata aja ahahah XD nanti deh mending cat di salon, thankyou ci :D

  6. wah lagi demam hair dye ya, aku malah lagi berhenti warnain rambut cel, kasian ini uda kering banget, tunggu panjang baru ke salon deh warnainnya, haha
    pengen warna pink, hoho xD

    1. ga demam sih din, ud jelek aja black rootsnya wkwk
      ih nanti klo mau cat ajak2 yaaa :3 pgn ke OP ato SM yu din klo ada disc 50% lg ahaha~