Saturday, 28 June 2014

Korean Plastic Surgery Reality Show : Let Me In

Have you heard about this show before? I know it about a month ago from Acel and since that we watch it every week on TV~ It's currently on their 4th season and it's aired on 11 P.M every Wednesday at channel M.

So basically Let Me In is a reality show where people who struggle with their physical appearance can get a "makeover". At the opening they will show some candidates and they will choose who need the surgery the most, like some audition I can say. It's supported by a lot of doctors who has a lot of experience with plastic surgery and the cost of the surgery is totally free! They also provide a place (something like apartment?) for the participants to recover for about 2-3 months, with nice facility and also a trainer.

The hosts are : Lady Jane, MBLAQ's Mir, Hong Ji Min, and Hwang Shin Hye

And let's start with the 1st episode of season 4 :
So the story is this girl was bullied and almost get raped when she was little so since then she change her appearance to be a man >,< She even sounds like a man but since she has no other option of job, she work as a customer service and she use 'female' voice there. Her family especially her mom doesn't feel happy about her look since every time they go shopping people always mistaken her as a man~

But after surgery (which I think to make her jaw line more V shape, pointy nose, and double eyelid plus bigger eyes) she looks pretty! She even dance with Mir at the end :p Her mom and dad come and they can't even believe that this is their daughter. The before and after seems sooo different, no?

Missed the 2nd episode so I can't say much about this but I read on Let Me In's page that she was a man before O_O

Then on the 3rd episode, the chosen one is this 29-years-old girl who looks like an ahjumma (or middle age woman). Her skin is saggy with a lot of dark spots, her teeth are so bad (the doctor even said it's the worst case she ever encounter yet), moreover her style is also so old fashion >,< People always think she is old already so whenever she go to the clothing store, the shop assistant always recommend her old fashion stuff since they think she is 40-50 already when in fact she is still 29! Younger than Bommie and Dara, eh?
And because of that, she doesn't feel any confident at all. She live alone and work as a cleaning service. She also only eat rice with soup since she literally can't chew anything.

And look at her after the surgery.. So much younger and prettier! She also learn to open herself to people since she met the psychiatrist an she learn to communicate with other Let Me In participants at the apartment. She said she want to live as a young woman again after surgery and looking for a new job to get a better living :)

I haven't watch the most recent 4th episode yet but Acel had watched it so I'm going to stop here and update it later after I watch it by myself :p

Let's see the previous season before and after too, shall we?

I don't watch the previous season so I don't know the reason why they want to do a plastic surgery but all of then look so much prettier and more handsome right?

Now, what do you think about plastic surgery? As for myself, I admire people who have the courage to do it. I can imagine how painful it is, not to mention your face will swell a lot for weeks after the surgery. And the cost is like.. hundred thousand dollars >,< People who do surgery must have a problem either with their physical appearance or with they confidence or maybe simply want to look better. Now a lot of KPOP idol done it already and they all looks good, aren't they?

But on the other hand, there's a saying not to change our physical appearance as it's God's hand made already. Don't want to say much about this though, I also not a so-religious-people but I personally believe that saying. Then another reason not to do the surgery is.. there's a chance it's failed. And once it fail.. it'll be hard to fix it and you'll have to pay more, right? The last point when you choose to do surgery on my opinion is; how would you feel if you marry someone who's sooo good looking and you have a child with him/her but your child look completely different than both of you? Me myself would feel so awkward if that happen.

So in conclusion I can say I'm "open" to people who has surgery since it's totally their choice AND if it can make them happier and more confidence, why not? But no, I won't have any surgery mainly because I can't bear any pain and I think I don't have any problem with my current physical appearance ^^

What do you think about this show? Or what do you think about plastic surgery? If you have the chance.. Will you do it? Share your thoughts in comment below!
Thanks for reading and happy weekend~~


  1. woww.... sama chel, aku juga nggak mau oplas, sakitnya itu lhoo.. T^T

    1. iyaa ga kebayang sakitnya sampe berminggu2 T_T plus ngebayangin rahang tulang dipotong.. *pingsan*

  2. haduhhh fake ya :(
    tapi gpp sih selama itu membuat hidup mereka bahagia :')

    1. iyaa ak sih liatnya gitu git, asal mreka seneng sama lebi PD kenapa engga :D

  3. Keliatan beda banget sih >.< AKu ga bs bayangin gmn respon tmn2 dan keluarganya klo liat mukanya jd beda banget dan ngga ngenalin gt wkwk

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    1. iyaaa ada yg sampe papa mamanya ga ngenalin malah di si eps 1 itu >_< hahah
      udah ikutan cii, iseng2 :p thanks yaaa~

  4. Eh aku pernah ntn 1 ep di youtube cel! Dahsyat bgt perubahannya yah, ga bakal percaya kalo dibilang itu orang yg sama.
    Aku paling salut sama yg berani operasi jawline cel, Itu kan dikikis gitu tulangnya, ga kebayang pas penyembuhannya gimana >m< Pasti menderita gt :(
    Eh tapi aku tertarik sama plastic surgery cel :p Aku baca di korea bisa ilangin dark circle lewat cosmetic surgery xD Sama sebenernya aku punya complex sama rahang bawah aku soalnya maju gt :( Pengen dikikis biar jadi "normal" tapi ga berani wakakaka Plus takut jadi aneh kalo ganti2 bentuk yang udah dikasi dari sananya .__.
    *sorry commentnya panjang >w<*

  5. Gila ya berubahnya… ngebayangin sakitnya gmn…