Friday, 13 June 2014

Hair Care Routine

Hi guys :)
So today just as the tittle said, I want to share about my current hair care routine. I don't use a lot of products, though. I used not to care about my hair and use only shampoo when I was little but now as I've colored my hair a few times, I think it's time to treat my hair properly.

Let's start, shall we? :D
Btw I wrote the name of the products, netto, and price on the picture but I don't really sure that the price are 100% accurate~ but I'm pretty sure it's around that :D Just in case you want to know how much each of the product cost. 

1. Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Shampoo
Choose this shampoo because I read some reviews and VS is a well-known brand which finally enter local market ;D I used to use Tresemme before but I don't know why it always make me have dandruff problem although it does make my hair feel smooth and silky. So I bought Dove before this one but it tends to make my hair dry >_< This shampoo also doesn't really give a smooth result but at least it makes my hair feels "fluffy"~ This is my second bottle already and I think I'll keep repurchase this until I found a better shampoo.

2. Tresemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner
As I've said, I don't really like Tresemme since I will experience dandruff problem but mom already bought this 450 ml conditioner so it's such a waste if I don't use this, right? So instead of throw it away, I only apply it on my half end hair and keep it away from my scalp. Not the best conditioner ever, I must say, but at least it's good enough to make my hair soft.

3. Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum
I've reviewed this hair serum here together with the hair mist (which is now run out already) Use this on my hair roots until the middle part of my hair and it gives quite a good result ^^ I usually use around 10 pumps but it contains 120ml and will last for a long time :D The scent is also soooo nice <3

4. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Hair Mask
Once or twice a week, I replace the conditioner and the hair serum with this hair mask. Just apply if after you rinse the shampoo and wait for about 5 minutes (by showering in hot water while thinking about your future LOL) and rinse it :D This hair mask doesn't give me dandruff problem like other tresemme product so I think I'll repurchase this again ;D *poke mom

5. Tony Moly Berry Trendy Style Hair Mist
I was thinking to buy another hair mist since the previous Etude House one is run out already when Sherly gave me this hair mist (with bunch of other goodies like 3 nail polish and a pen makeup remover! Just how kind she is >_< ) That's the reason why I didn't write the price on the picture - because I don't know hahaha.
The scent is quite nice for me personally, but I must say I don't like the spray >_< The instructions say to spray it on 15-20 cm distance but it will end up spraying too much product that some spots of my hair is too wet -_- The scent will stay for about 3 hours and I don't see another effect beside gives a nice scent.

6. Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion
So this is some hair protector that also works to hold curly hair longer. I rarely use this since I rarely curl my hair, but once I went to Jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding and I curl my hair using this and Suave hairspray and at the end of the day the curl is still there :D The scent is also nice, like flowery and fruity scent~ It doesn't make my hair look "stiff" at all. Sold at $10 for 180ml product, I personally recommend it if you like to curl your hair <3

So that's my current hair care routine (which I just realized so simple lol) What's your favorite hair product? How you keep your hair healthy? 
Thanks for reading ^_^


  1. wah jadi penasaran sama etude hair serum nya... hehe.... kalo aq mlah dkit produk prawatan rambutnya.. pling kdang2 cm maskeran pke bhan alami d rmh.. hehe... btw nice review chel... ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. duh salah account wkwk
      iyaaa ci cobain deh etudenya, wanginya enaaak :D Thankyou ^^

    3. Wah.. sama-sama "metta" di akhir nama kalian

    4. wkwk ya iyaaa ci kan namanya jg sodaraan masa nama blkg nya beda XD

  2. my best shampoo is definitely from Syoss (you can find it at local drug stores) :D I've tried some of their shampoos and they all were great! :D fyi my scalp is normal (although I had dandruff problem when I was a teen) and my hair is quite dry since I've colored it and blow dry it DAILY (now I regret it -_-)

    for conditioner hmm I haven't found one that's better from L'oreal and whereas Syoss shampoos are great but not with their conditioners :/
    oh almost forget to mention, me and my friends have tried Tresemme shampoos and guess what? it's kinda dried out our hair -__-

    for hair serum, I don't really like the one from L'oreal since it's a typical product that just sits on your hair and doesn't really do anything to it :/ Prefer the Dove hair serum more :)

    and I'm thinking to try haircare from Innisfree :D but oh well too much money was spent for skincare instead haircare LOL must save money for a while from now on :D

    thanks for the review :) and sorry for my loooong comment :x

    1. Hi AJ!
      Don't have to feel sorry for the long comment cause in fact I love reading it hahah XD longest comment ever on this blog and I appreciate it ;D

      I've tried syoss before and it doesn't work well on me (and my sister and my mom) so maybe we have different hair / scalp type? I also want to try the camelia line from innisfree since it looks good and promising! But the price is somehow a lil bit expensive and it's also hard to find >_<

      Thanks for reading and give such a feedback :D

  3. Mitchellinaa, beli lucido-l nya dimana?? mauuu..

    1. pgl icel ajaaa panjang bgt mitchellina ahahah :D
      ak beli pas di SG taun kmren gitu ya, di watson.. ayo dicobaaa~

  4. Ah aku krg care sm rambut -.- suka nyalon, jd terinspirasi hair care di rumah sendiri nihh d:

    1. ke salon jg bagus sih lin cm ga bagus buat kantong XD

  5. Looks like Tony Moly hair mist is really not a good one .__. I feel guilty now T_T Either the product itself is not good, or you got the bad spray :(
    Btw you really take care of your hair!
    Banyak banget cel produknya, aku paling setengahnya kamu wkwkwkw

    Shampo aku pake Pantene, tapi lagi mau coba Mane n Tail kalo udah abis nanti. So far no problem sama Pantene sih :D Treatment pake Kracie Ichikami, itu juga kalo lagi ga males atau kalo mau curl abis keramas aja LOL

    Cel ga pake hair tonic ya? Aku kirain si etude hair mist bs jadi hair tonic LOL Aku pake Rudy Hadisuwarno hair tonic yg buat rambut rontok, gatau udah pake brp botol wkwkwk Aku ada hair serum tp ga jelas merk apa .__. ga jelas juga buat apa, tapi pake aja hahaha

    1. nooo kenapa jd guilty ak malah makasihhh :3 wanginya enak sih, cm entah knp klo disemprot jd "basah" bgt di 1 spot wkwk
      abisnya kan ud sering di cat sher tkutnya nnti rusak T_T tp itu jg sbnrnya dikit sih, banyak yg pake lebi banyak lg hehe

      Ah iyaa nanti klo si tresemme ud abis aku mau coba si kracie aaah, penasaran jadinya + packagingnya lucu ya :D mane n tail entah knp ak ga yakin, first impression nya itu shampoo kuda XD

      ngga sher rmbut ak ga rontok sih untungnya, mama ada cm ak males pake nya jugaa XD hahaa

  6. Iceeeeellll or Metaaaa....buanyak banget perawatan rambut kamu dirumah.Pdahal rambut kamu ga pernah merasakan proses kimia kayak di rebonding/smoothing gitu yak.
    Oh ya.. Cici ada tresseme , tapi untuk mandiin guguk.hahaha

    1. icel aja ci :3 hehe
      dulu ak pernah sihh di smoothing pas smp sma 2x, tp skrg udah ilang kayanya~ hah iyaa? sedih gitu ak pakenya sama kaya guguk cc XD

  7. Ahhhhh mirip2 hair care nya aku juga pake tresemme and eh silk scarf hologram serum n mist
    Rambut jadi halus banget ya ,great pair
    Kayaknya aku harus coba yang lucido itu ,udah mulai2 terkenal banyak yg review
    Nice post cel ^^

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  9. Cel km rajin banget ngerawat rambut yaa, produk perawatan rambutmu banyak banget ih *o*

    1. cuma sampoo condi hair mask serum aja laa, banyak yg masi lebi banyak *u*