Saturday, 28 June 2014

Korean Plastic Surgery Reality Show : Let Me In

Have you heard about this show before? I know it about a month ago from Acel and since that we watch it every week on TV~ It's currently on their 4th season and it's aired on 11 P.M every Wednesday at channel M.

So basically Let Me In is a reality show where people who struggle with their physical appearance can get a "makeover". At the opening they will show some candidates and they will choose who need the surgery the most, like some audition I can say. It's supported by a lot of doctors who has a lot of experience with plastic surgery and the cost of the surgery is totally free! They also provide a place (something like apartment?) for the participants to recover for about 2-3 months, with nice facility and also a trainer.

The hosts are : Lady Jane, MBLAQ's Mir, Hong Ji Min, and Hwang Shin Hye

And let's start with the 1st episode of season 4 :
So the story is this girl was bullied and almost get raped when she was little so since then she change her appearance to be a man >,< She even sounds like a man but since she has no other option of job, she work as a customer service and she use 'female' voice there. Her family especially her mom doesn't feel happy about her look since every time they go shopping people always mistaken her as a man~

But after surgery (which I think to make her jaw line more V shape, pointy nose, and double eyelid plus bigger eyes) she looks pretty! She even dance with Mir at the end :p Her mom and dad come and they can't even believe that this is their daughter. The before and after seems sooo different, no?

Missed the 2nd episode so I can't say much about this but I read on Let Me In's page that she was a man before O_O

Then on the 3rd episode, the chosen one is this 29-years-old girl who looks like an ahjumma (or middle age woman). Her skin is saggy with a lot of dark spots, her teeth are so bad (the doctor even said it's the worst case she ever encounter yet), moreover her style is also so old fashion >,< People always think she is old already so whenever she go to the clothing store, the shop assistant always recommend her old fashion stuff since they think she is 40-50 already when in fact she is still 29! Younger than Bommie and Dara, eh?
And because of that, she doesn't feel any confident at all. She live alone and work as a cleaning service. She also only eat rice with soup since she literally can't chew anything.

And look at her after the surgery.. So much younger and prettier! She also learn to open herself to people since she met the psychiatrist an she learn to communicate with other Let Me In participants at the apartment. She said she want to live as a young woman again after surgery and looking for a new job to get a better living :)

I haven't watch the most recent 4th episode yet but Acel had watched it so I'm going to stop here and update it later after I watch it by myself :p

Let's see the previous season before and after too, shall we?

I don't watch the previous season so I don't know the reason why they want to do a plastic surgery but all of then look so much prettier and more handsome right?

Now, what do you think about plastic surgery? As for myself, I admire people who have the courage to do it. I can imagine how painful it is, not to mention your face will swell a lot for weeks after the surgery. And the cost is like.. hundred thousand dollars >,< People who do surgery must have a problem either with their physical appearance or with they confidence or maybe simply want to look better. Now a lot of KPOP idol done it already and they all looks good, aren't they?

But on the other hand, there's a saying not to change our physical appearance as it's God's hand made already. Don't want to say much about this though, I also not a so-religious-people but I personally believe that saying. Then another reason not to do the surgery is.. there's a chance it's failed. And once it fail.. it'll be hard to fix it and you'll have to pay more, right? The last point when you choose to do surgery on my opinion is; how would you feel if you marry someone who's sooo good looking and you have a child with him/her but your child look completely different than both of you? Me myself would feel so awkward if that happen.

So in conclusion I can say I'm "open" to people who has surgery since it's totally their choice AND if it can make them happier and more confidence, why not? But no, I won't have any surgery mainly because I can't bear any pain and I think I don't have any problem with my current physical appearance ^^

What do you think about this show? Or what do you think about plastic surgery? If you have the chance.. Will you do it? Share your thoughts in comment below!
Thanks for reading and happy weekend~~

Friday, 27 June 2014

Review : Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm

Hi! So about 2 weeks ago I won a giveaway from ci Phanie and one of the prizes is this Acel's all time wishlist (but I have no idea why she hasn't buy it yet until now) which is this Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm! Obviously it will belong to her from now BUT before she used it all up I manage to try it for several times to make this short review :D

The packaging itself is quite attractive IMO, dominated with pink color on the body and green for the cap (which I think represent the "mint" ahaha) not to mention I love the Rosebud logo on the middle and the flowery decoration.

The ingredients.

To be honest I've never heard this brand before but Acel said it's pretty well-known already. I don't think we can find it here in Indonesia but if you want to buy this product, Luxola has it ^^

It has the twist-off cap type and to get the product out you just need to squeeze it~ The lip balm itself come with a gel-ish type with pink color. 

Once you applied this on your lips, you'll definitely feel the mint sensation that last for about 15 minutes. I tried to lick and taste it but it doesn't has any taste at all :p However your tongue will also feel the mint-y sensation lol XD

Swatch on my lips.

The moisturizing effect is quite good compared to my previous Maybelline Baby Lips. It does help to reduce lines on my dry lips and will last for about 4-5 hours :D It also doesn't feel greasy at all and give a nice "glowing" effect without being too much~

(+) Long moisturizing effect
(+) Mint sensation
(+) Doesn't has any taste at all
(+) A little goes a long way

(-) Quite expensive IMO, around $13
(-) Hard to find at local OS

Thanks for reading and see ya on the next post :D

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Review : Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser

I love to use eyeliner to make my eyes bigger. What I dislike the most about eyeliner is.. Sometimes I draw the left one and the right one differently >_< Then I need to use cotton bud and slowly erase it, not to mention I rarely have cotton bud so most of the times I need to clean the entire eye makeup (including the fake aegyo-sal, mascara, concealer, etc) and let's admit that's quite annoying.. right?

Until Sherly sent me this item as a gift about 4 months ago and I gotta say it's sooo helpful!

 So basically it's a makeup remover in a pen packaging. It comes in a plastic material with pink-purplish color that I honestly don't find it so attractive since the design is a lil bit too simple~

The tip is quite big, around 3mm in diameter. It reminds me of the board marker that I used to use at school hahahah :D It doesn't has any scent and also doesn't leave any greasy feeling :)

So as example let's just say we draw our eyeliner wrong..

I know the mistake is so exaggerated (baca : lebay) XD 
No need to remove the entire eye makeup! Just grab this pen makeup remover and carefully erase the wrong line~

Only need 1 swipe to erase it like picture above and you can just erase it using tissue or use the pen once again :D

... and TADAAA you're done!
Here's another test on my hand using eyeliner and liptint :

The negative said is, the tip tend to "absorb" the makeup so after you use it once and want to use it again, it will still have the leftover >_< I find it quite a hassle cause I need to clean the tip using tissue.

(+) Easy to use
(+) Doesn't leave any greasy feeling 
(+) Doesn't has any scent
(+) Good remover formula

(-) The tip absorb the previous cleaned makeup

Have you tried a pen makeup remover before? What do you think of it? ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend~

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hair Care Routine

Hi guys :)
So today just as the tittle said, I want to share about my current hair care routine. I don't use a lot of products, though. I used not to care about my hair and use only shampoo when I was little but now as I've colored my hair a few times, I think it's time to treat my hair properly.

Let's start, shall we? :D
Btw I wrote the name of the products, netto, and price on the picture but I don't really sure that the price are 100% accurate~ but I'm pretty sure it's around that :D Just in case you want to know how much each of the product cost. 

1. Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Shampoo
Choose this shampoo because I read some reviews and VS is a well-known brand which finally enter local market ;D I used to use Tresemme before but I don't know why it always make me have dandruff problem although it does make my hair feel smooth and silky. So I bought Dove before this one but it tends to make my hair dry >_< This shampoo also doesn't really give a smooth result but at least it makes my hair feels "fluffy"~ This is my second bottle already and I think I'll keep repurchase this until I found a better shampoo.

2. Tresemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner
As I've said, I don't really like Tresemme since I will experience dandruff problem but mom already bought this 450 ml conditioner so it's such a waste if I don't use this, right? So instead of throw it away, I only apply it on my half end hair and keep it away from my scalp. Not the best conditioner ever, I must say, but at least it's good enough to make my hair soft.

3. Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum
I've reviewed this hair serum here together with the hair mist (which is now run out already) Use this on my hair roots until the middle part of my hair and it gives quite a good result ^^ I usually use around 10 pumps but it contains 120ml and will last for a long time :D The scent is also soooo nice <3

4. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Hair Mask
Once or twice a week, I replace the conditioner and the hair serum with this hair mask. Just apply if after you rinse the shampoo and wait for about 5 minutes (by showering in hot water while thinking about your future LOL) and rinse it :D This hair mask doesn't give me dandruff problem like other tresemme product so I think I'll repurchase this again ;D *poke mom

5. Tony Moly Berry Trendy Style Hair Mist
I was thinking to buy another hair mist since the previous Etude House one is run out already when Sherly gave me this hair mist (with bunch of other goodies like 3 nail polish and a pen makeup remover! Just how kind she is >_< ) That's the reason why I didn't write the price on the picture - because I don't know hahaha.
The scent is quite nice for me personally, but I must say I don't like the spray >_< The instructions say to spray it on 15-20 cm distance but it will end up spraying too much product that some spots of my hair is too wet -_- The scent will stay for about 3 hours and I don't see another effect beside gives a nice scent.

6. Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion
So this is some hair protector that also works to hold curly hair longer. I rarely use this since I rarely curl my hair, but once I went to Jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding and I curl my hair using this and Suave hairspray and at the end of the day the curl is still there :D The scent is also nice, like flowery and fruity scent~ It doesn't make my hair look "stiff" at all. Sold at $10 for 180ml product, I personally recommend it if you like to curl your hair <3

So that's my current hair care routine (which I just realized so simple lol) What's your favorite hair product? How you keep your hair healthy? 
Thanks for reading ^_^

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review : Etude House Oh My Eyeline #3 Brown

So I was looking for a ready stock and cheap eyeliner last month cause my previous k-palette is running out and I have to wait til I went to Sasa again >,< Not to mention the price is quite expensive for me~ Then I remember about this eyeliner from etude house with so many good reviews! Even the score in Makeup Alley is 4.7 out of 5! o_o

I choose the #3 Brown color since I've never have it before (unless the mizzu one which is SO bad)

When it arrived, turns out that the size is so smaaaall~ comes in a slim packaging with black cap and brown body, I don't think it's as good as Etude's other designs. It's a little bit.. plain, right?

So this eyeliner is a liquid type, and the brush itself is quite thin that you can make a thin, thick, cat-eye, or simply anything easily ;D The long cap also make it easy to use~


Once I swatch it out, I personally disappointed because the color is literally almost black, I even can say it's black >_< I expect the brown will turn up like this : 

Both the black and the brown one are from k-palette and you can see the difference is obvious right? >_< I want THAT brown >_<

While when I compare this Etude brown and my K-Palette deepest black, it will be like this :

It just looks the same Orz hahah it's true that it's not as black as the K-Palette, but still, it's not brown! >,<


Yes! I rub it so hard about 5 times after it dry and it does stay. Btw I haven't said that since it's liquid liner type, you have to wait for about 5-10 seconds until it's really dry~ 


It stays when I put water on it, but as soon as I rub it while it's still wet, it turns into some flaky weirdo type (?) Dunno how to say it properly but in fact to remove it you also can by just using hot water and rub it slowly and it will turn into that flaky type~ As long as you don't rub your eyes while it's wet, it will be alright but as for me, personally I think it's a big no no.

Overall, I think this eyeliner is just so-so and doesn't really worth the hype. I would recommend it to people who're looking for a cheap eyeliner with a decent quality, but please take not that it's not really waterproof >_< The good thing is, even in my super oily eyelids it doesn't smudge and turn me into Panda ;D

(+) Cheap - around $4
(+) Pointy and sharp brush
(+) Waterproof
(+) Stays in oily lids
(+) Easy to remove

(-) Not really smudge proof
(-) The brown shade is NOT brown
(-) Turn into flaky type it's rubbed while it's still wet

Will I repurchase this? No. I guess I'll just stick with my K-Palette~ (Had already bought another one for backup nyahaha :3)

Have you tried this eyeliner? Do you like it?
Or what's your fav eyeliner? Let me know in comment below :)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review : Liese Hair Dye in Casis Berry

Finally I dyed my hair again! *clapping* hahahah. The last time I dyed my hair was 2 months ago using Beauty Labo in Milky Beige that you can read here. I dyed it again because the color is getting brighter and brighter (don't know if you experience the same thing but for me the color won't really show off right after I dye it, but it will be brighter and noticeable after a week or so?) plus I realized the color is uneven >_<

So when I went to KL last month I bought one at Watson and I picked Liese in Casis Berry :) Bought it for only about IDR 100k / $10 while online shops here sell it around 150k? I was tempted to buy like 3 box or so since it's cheap but mom immediately disagree and give a deep stare lolol XD

 I actually have tried Liese before, in Ash Brown shade while my hair is still black. The color doesn't really show off but maybe it's because my hair was too dark. Now that I've dyed my hair for about 4 times, will it turns out good?

Picked this shade because I think it's a perfect brown with a red hints. I expect my hair will turns out like the second column one :D

Some Caution that I wasn't bother to read LOL
So this is what you'll get inside the box :
The developers (1 and 2), pump, after treatment, and a pair of gloves.

 And here's the before photo, taken under outdoor lightning.
You can clearly see the ugly black roots while it's only been 2 months! Why you growing so fast, hair?

How to use?
1. Pour the solutions from the little bottle one to the big one ( dunno what it's called actually o_o )

2. Secure the cap and mix it SLOWLY. Do not shake it but just turns the bottle upside down for about 20 times.

3. Replace the cap with the pump

4. Done! Now you can just press the pump and the bubble will come out~

Then you just have to apply the bubble evenly to your hair ( I usually put more attention to the roots since it's harder to absorb in that area ) and massage it. Wait for about 30 minutes then wash your hair and use the after treatment :D

Here's the result ( photo taken about 3 days after application ) :

Outdoor Natural Lightning

Direct sunlight

Room lightning
You can see in pictures above that the color is not too bright in natural outdoor or room lighting, but it looks orange-ish in direct sunlight @_@ I don't know why the after color looks darker in photo above but in real life it's a liiiiitle bit brighter than before. It also can't really cover my dark roots so I ended up with uneven color again. SIGH.

You can see my latest OOTD post to see more photos :)

(+) Affordable
(+) Easy to use
(+) Generous amount of product ( I have thick and long hair and it's more than enough )

(-) Can't really cover my dark roots
(-) Not so good ammonia scent
(-) So little amount of the after treatment ._.

After trying about 5 times in dyeing my hair with DIY products like this, I think I'll just go to salon next time. I'm tired already of the uneven result =3= Or maybe it's just me that can't apply it in a proper way? :V
Do you have any tips or hair color product recommendation? 

Thanks for reading :)