Monday, 19 May 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 1

Hi fellas! :3
Pardon me for the lack of updates but I'll write my first travel post today yay~ So I went to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact last Thursday and just got back yesterday night :D hehe

A little story behind, we (me, Acel, and Mom) had planned this trip from last year to get the cheap promo tickets from AirAsia~ Choose 15-19 April since those 4 days are days off except the Saturday one since I have a class every Saturday morning but.. to skip one class is not too much right, right? And 16 May is also mom's birthday so we think it's a good idea to celebrate her birthday there~ hahah XD Dad doesn't want to come since he doesn't like mall and basically all KL has are mostly malls and shopping center. So it will be the ladies trip and we've prepared everything to make it a perfect trip but... Turns out that I'll have to face my final exam on the Monday, 19 May -_-

But long story short, at the end mom still let me to join in one condition.. I bring along the oh-so-thick-1000-pages macro economic book and study there every night LOL

So here our trip starts~
Went to airport at 6 AM and had a breakfast there then off to KL :3 We arrived around 10 AM and took a bus to KLCC. Then took a cab and go to our hotel, sky hotel.

Don't have a picture of me standing in front of the hotel so let mom do the task lol XD
Our messy room @_@
After took a nap and took a shower we went to Pavillion, one of the biggest mall in bukit bintang area, I guess.

Sorry for putting your photo again, mom! XD
Mom bought this weird looking dark noodles for RM 8 if I'm not mistaken and she didn't even eat half of it -_- Dunno why though mom really like to try something but she NEVER finish her meal. In the end either me and Acel gotta finish it and since Acel is on her "controlled-eating" I'm the one who finish mom's meal lolol. But not this noodles. Yuck.

Went to Sasa and Watson and shop a little (which I'll show you later in a haul post ;3) and found Clio lipnicure at Watson! They provide the testers in all shade so me being kepo tried to swatch a color that look nice on the tub~

The texture is matte and it's staying power is SO GOOD, it even stays after I rub it so hard and after I take a bath. The next morning I woke up it's still there ._. (will put the photos on next post)

Weird expression x_x
Pardon my weird face :p lol didn't use any makeup at all and those dark circles is getting crazier every day =3=
Go upstairs and the atmosphere is so Japanese everywhere~ Dunno if there's some event but the mall itself is quite empty ahahaha.

Meet the uberly cute and tall brown! 
Doraemon's booth lol

After strolling the mall we decided to get back to our hotel since it's around 6 PM already and we're pretty tired that time ( I don't have enough sleep the day before ._. ) but it was raining so hard we couldn't go anywhere ._.

So we thought we just buy an umbrella at daiso but Acel noticed that most people use the exact same umbrella (the plastic-transparent one) and turns out that there was a person who sell it right outsite the mall. Mom ask how much one umbrella is and she said RM10, down to RM8. Bought 2 and give here RM20 but suddenly the securities came and ask her to leave while she is running away ._. 

Then the security gave us 2 more umbrella (so mom was holding 4 at that moment, like she's the one who sell the umbrellas LOL) turns out 1 umbrella should only cost RM5 and it's prohibited to sell it on the mall area. Mom returned the 2 umbrella but the seller only give RM5 back (while she should gave RM5 more zz. RM5 could get a nasi lemak with chicken la lol)

Finally went back to our hotel and took a hot shower then cuddling with the economics book lol what a trip ._. It was still raining until night and after reading 2 chapter I feel so sleepy (reading economics book is definitely the best sleeping drugs ever) and finally got to sleep.

Stay tuned for the next 3 days as I'll update it more here ;3


  1. Maminya masih mudaaaaaa *gagalfokus*

    The Journey

    1. hahaha senyum2 tuh si mama d blg masi muda :p

    2. umur brp sih chel? aku ama mami kamu bisa dianggap kakak adek ini mah :(

    3. 18 di atas cc ya kayanya? sekitar itulah hihi :3

  2. Sky hotel aaa.. Enak banget tu hotel. Dlu pernah disana juga sih :) kamarnya gede trus tempatnya strategis. Cuman si breakfastnya menu plihan bukan buffet :(