Monday, 26 May 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 3

Moving on to the third day of my last vacation in KL! If you haven't read the first and second day, you can read them here and here.

So since I was so exhausted I woke up late (around 9.00 AM, maybe?) and too lazy to get up so I started the day by lazy-ing around eating taokaenoi while watching mom playing the "2048" game - have you tried it yet? :p

Then after took a bath we went to Suria KLCC~ Mom insist us to visit this area cause she want to take a photo with Petronas Tower background hahaha. Me and Acel just derping around and easily agree cause we know if it's mall there'll be food >,< we haven't eat anything as breakfast and it was noon already so off to food court!

Ate this chicken rice for brunch~ Sold at only Rm 7 and it's delish :9

Then I saw that The Body Shop is having a HUGE sale - up to 70% off! And it's not like sale in Indonesia where there are a LOT of terms and conditions. It's literally discount! hahahah no wonder a lot of people shop la~ Have you saw TBS counter as crowded as this? :3 Told ya, their body polish sold at only RM 6.xx which is around IDR 20k! Crazy or not?

Then I got tired of walking again (as always, duh) and beg mom and Acel to have a sit first hahah like an old lady already when I'm not even 20 yet XD Bought Tutty Frutty (the one that you take and decorate by yourself) and here comes the dumb and dumber conversations :

Acel : Look look that boy made it so ugly :/ looks like poop hahaha
Me : We should make it pretty la like a pro, something like mba-mba Sour Sally would make~
*our turns to take it*
Acel : Lemme try..
Me : Why you also make it ugly cel hahaha
Acel : It's hard. Just put everything we want la no matter how it looks the taste will be just same *went to cashier*

The Master Chef Decoration of Yoghurt Level LOL
Just after we finish eating and bought some choco for souvenirs, we went back to took a picture with the Petronas but it's raining so we decided to get back to our hotel by walking in this something like tunnel (?) that connect this Suria KLCC and Pavillion (which is close to our hotel) Why don't Bandung also make something like this  that connects PVJ - IP - BTC ? hahah XD

Posing with the jeans cause we thought dad might wanna see it XD

Then went to Alor street at night after sleeping again for 3 hours HAHAHA. This street is something like food court with lampions decorations and there are literally so many people here! It's also have some live music (like street singer) and the selection of the food is quite nice~

Didn't go out for a long time because it's already night and we afraid to be kidnapped LOL jkjk~ I have to study for my final exam cause it's exactly the day after we go home! No time for study again at home ~_~

And so that's our third day ;3 Sorry if it's boring hahaha but I do hope you enjoy reading this post :)
Thanks everyone~


  1. Asik bgt cel bisa jalan2~
    Tapi males ya pas balik lgsg ujian :( Sampe bawa2 buku kesana .__.
    Good luck with your tests cel! Aku pengen cepet2 ujian juga nih biar libur hahaha

    1. iyaa abis beli tiketnya ud dr taun kmren sher XD haha
      thankyouu :3