Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Moving on to the second day of my latest trip to KL! :3 hehe I hope I don't make you bored by reading these posts >_< it's gonna be a long post you might want to grab some popcorn first? :p

Start the day by doing some exercise in the fitness room right outside our room. NO LA JK I didn't XD too lazy to use it, I also will walk a lot this day so.. just took a picture to make me look cool or something wtf.

Oh do you still remember the clip lipnicure that I tried on the first day? It's still there! See see? Even after I rub it so hard, took a shower and all it's still there >,< At that point I was contemplating whether to buy it or not since the price is quite expensive for just a lip product~

After we ate our breakfast (that I bought myself in the nearest supermarket, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, we went to nearest monorail to go to Batu Caves!

Can you guess which hand is mine? lol XD
We interested to go there since it's pretty famous place in KL plus me and Acel watch Asian Next Top Model and they had a photoshoot here~

Took a photo in front of Hanoman or something?

The famous Buddha Statue!

It feels SO HOT there and there were literally so much monkey derping around -_-
I have sort of monkeyphobia (if that even exist) cause when I went to Bali a monkey BITE my foot and it hurts as hell. That accident also make mom afraid of monkey too lol.

Btw, do you notice how big the statue is? On the left side of the statue there are stairs if you want to go inside the caves (that's why it's called Batu Caves) but we didn't because we are afraid of the monkeyS and we may passed out even before we reach there lol XD

Last photo with mom~

There are also so many stands who sells souvenir like keychain, t-shirt or something like that but the price is expensive~ It's a tourist place, after all. So we didn't buy anything there >,< Not to mention Batu Caves also smells quite weird for me, smells like Indian curry? So we only stayed for about 30 minutes there to took photos hahaha

Then mom want to go to China Town to buy souvenirs (because she said it's cheap there, kiasu to the max isn't she?) and China town is located at PETALING STREETS. We were looking at the monorail routes and found PETALING STATION so without thinking twice we bought the ticket and go.

Know what happened? It's the wrong stations! >,< WE LOST~ lol

The Petaling Stations area is so quiet and kinda creepy with eagle singing. We got confused since China Town should be full of people and shop and turned out that we should get off at the next 2 stations -_-

It was around 1 PM if I'm not mistaken and I'm STARVING already cause we only had cakes for breakfast and there wasn't even a food seller on this station. Bener2 antah berantah :/ There was only 10 people waiting for the train I guess. Talk about unknown side of KL, huh?

Went to the nearest mall after we get off and had lunch at Dubu Dubu, a Korean Restaurant like Mujigae here~

Acel's Ddeokbokki 

My Cheese Bibimbap

Mom's Korean Chicken wing set
The taste is quite good, but the most delish is probably the Ddeokbokki. Tried it on Mujigae before with Acel and we didn't even eat 1/3 of it bleh~ The price is twice Mujigae's though >,<

Then found Sephoraaaaa~ yay *u* Went inside and literally trying and swatching everything lolol. Feels like in a dreamland I don't wanna leaveeee~

Then went to Berjaya Times Square, one of the biggest mall in KL, mom said. There are literally SO MUCH clothes there with cheap price >,< Shoes for RM15, Shirts from RM 20, you can get it all here *u* didn't buy much though, already so tired of walking at this point so we (Acel, to be exact) just bought a drink and sit.

So tired I'm gonna die.
I rarely walk daily, the farthest distance is maybe from kitchen to bedroom or from my car to lift then from lift to classroom fml lol. So walking that far is so tiring for me >,< I even said I would just crawl on the way back to our hotel (but I didn't, fortunately)

Then I slept for more than 3 hours hahahah XD Went to Alor for dinner but didn't take any picture, too exhausted. Will end this post by unglam Acel hugging 6 fluffy pillow keke.


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