Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review : Puredem Collagen Eye Zone Mask

Around last month, I was looking for eye masks since I have an oh-so-dark-circles that even a bb cream can't conceal it properly and I'm too lazy to put concealer. Since there's so many brands and types of eye mask, I was confused which to choose and what's the real difference cause I haven't tried any eye mask before~ Then I found this cheap eye mask from Puredem with free shipping from Korea at eBay and I thought, why not? 

Comes with a blue plastic-y packaging, this product contains 30 sheets inside which means I can use it for 15 times! and have I told you that it only cost me $3.45? SO CHEAP o_o

What it claims

The size itself is not big tho, only as big as my palm (but I do have quite a large one) lol :p
Doesn't really know (and care) about the ingredients but here's one if you're interested~

How to use?
1. Wash your face and apply the mask around eyes, ensuring good contact with skin.
2. Wear the mask for 15-20 minutes and remove
3. Make sure reseal zipper bag after use

Now that it mentions zipper bag, this packaging does has a zipper bag and I didn't realize it at first XD luckily I didn't cut and throw the zipper nyahaha.

All the 30 sheets are packed together without separator so make sure to wash your hands first for hygiene issue~

It does feels refreshing when I use it, just like any other face mask I've tried. The size is a little too big for me but it's still tolerable. I use it at night before sleep and sometimes I even fell asleep using this mask lol

The mask itself is so rich of essence! Photo above is the leftover after usage and I squeeze it into my hand~



As you can see, there's a slight difference between 2 photo above. My under eye area become less wrinkly and it also helps a bit to reduce my dark circles. It's not permanent tho, now as I writing this my dark circles is just as bad as zombie XD (I had lack of sleep these days, went to KL last week and sleep late at night hahah. You can read it here)

(+) Mad cheap
(+) Does what it claims to reduce dark circles and wrinkles
(+) Zipper bag packaging

(-) Not permanent effect (I think I should use it all to see a noticeable effect? Since there's no way this dark circles buddy will go in an easy way ._. )
(-) No separator between the mask - hygiene issue

That's it for now >,< Need to study since I'm having my final exam or mom gonna scold me~~ Jiao ;3


  1. wahhhh baru tw aku ada eye mask ini, mw coba ah... makasih ya udah nulis review ini :)

  2. Replies
    1. samaaa ci >,<
      susah banget ilangin mata zombie lol~

  3. wah patut dicoba ini, dark circleku mengerikan >.<

    1. ahahah samaa >,< ak sampe udah kaya zombie malah~

  4. wah it's so cheap! Where did you get this?


    1. bought it on eBay and I've put the link to the seller in the post hehe :D

  5. wooww keliatan ngefek bgt cel >.<
    kyknya enak klo dipake hehe
    thanks reviewnya ^^

    1. ngefek nya ga permanen tp ci, tar jg item lg hahaha harus rajin kayanya :D
      you're welcome~