Saturday, 24 May 2014

Review : Neo Dali Extra Size in Brown

Finally another circle lens review :D So about last month Klenspop contacted me and offer me to review their lens and I chose this Neo dali extra size - brown simply because you can't never go wrong with brown :p I also have thrown all my contact lens since I had an eye irritation about 5 months ago? And the only contact lens I have before this is in grey color and I miss brown so much :3

The package took about 2 weeks to arrive and they also put a circle lens case and the eye drops as the bonus *u* 

The circle lens itself came in bottle packaging which I found so hard to open -_- Have read ci Shelvi's tips to open them one but still I couldn't open it correctly gaaaah~

The eye drops

The case itself is soo cute with baby blue transparent color :D Oh, and the things to put the circle lens in (the 2 circle ones, so bad at explaining eh) is attached to the case~ I find it unique somehow lol

Brand : NEO Vision
Diameter : 14.00 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.60 mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.60 mm
Life Span : 1 year max
Country of Origin : Korea
Price : $19

Nowadays I prefer small diameter circle lens because I think it's more comfortable and I don't want to look like alien-ish (expect if that makes the super handsome Do Min Joon attracted to me LOL). This lens only has 14.00 diameter but I notice it also has a black ring so it will still give enlargement effect.

Eyes looks bigger no? Hahah please excuse those red lines on my eyes, took this photos after 7 hours full in AC rooms without any eye drops >,<

The enlargement, color, and pattern this circle lens give is sooo natural :D I love it so much! Hahah I think I'll use this more often than the Sherbet Star for daily basis~ 

Now a lot of people who had review this lens said it's so comfortable and I have to agree :) It's much more comfortable than GEO for sure, but it still feels dry if you use it for a long time, and feels even dryer if you spent those time in AC rooms ahahah. Just make sure to bring your eye drops and I think it'll be just fine :p

(+) Affordable (You pay $19 to get a pair of circle lens, case, and the eye drops)
(+) Natural effect of enlargement, pattern, and color
(+) Comfortable

(-) Hard to find in local online shop

Where to buy?
415-13 Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel +827075361209

You can get 20% off by using my coupon code --> "XW8G8AHO"

Do you prefer big diameter circle lens or just the small one?
What do you think about this one? ^^ 
Thanks for reading everyone~


  1. great product review... many will find this helpful when deciding what brand of contacts to buy..

    I had worn contact lenses for 2 years now. I really find it helpful especially in my profession- nursing. children tend to play and snatch my glasses when i come close to them.. much more when i mingle with Psychiatric patients... You're right air conditioned rooms tends to suck out the moisture from your eyes so having eye drops at hand is essential.

    1. I do agree that using contact lens is easier (and for me more attractive) than glasses :D
      Thanks for passing by :)

  2. Bagus warna coklatnya. ^_^
    Next on my contacts wish list~ Thanks for the review.

    1. iya natural banget :D
      you're welcome ci phanie~

  3. It's nice. Suit you much. It is not difficult to find in Malaysia, next time I should try on it.

  4. I hate contacts.. I am so affraid to put them in to the eyes.. :-(

  5. i'm currently using one 14.5mm dia one from GEO and it's pretty good. Neo's better? Then i better go check them out soon!

  6. Aww! I love the case ^^
    Eyes really look bigger....u look adorable on the last picture :)

  7. Your eyes are very doll-like after wearing them on! Awesome!

    I can't bring myself to be hooked on the contacts trend, and for good reason... because I love reading and am too scared to ruin my vision. Nonetheless, I love seeing the trend on other dollies. :D

  8. Your eyes look great. I don't wear glasses so have never tried contacts before. I'm not sure I'm brave enough!

  9. These contact lens look great! As I only wear eyeglasses, I am tempted to try contact lenses

  10. You look great in these contacts! I don't wear glasses, so I'm not gonna wear any contacts either =) gig

  11. I agree, you can never go wrong with brown! It looks lovely, so natural!

  12. look pretty on so beautiful and natural.
    gig love

  13. lovely contact lenses.. it suits you well :)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  14. Great review! Love this colour and looks so natural :D

  15. Bagus warna coklatnya ,naturaalll
    Nice review n salam kenal ya

  16. heheh u look so adorable babe!!love the contact color on u!

  17. i havent tried these ones before! they are so natural on you

  18. I'm dying to try these!! They look so great, I just love the color you picked! <3 GIGLove

  19. eh ini warna coklatnya bagus ya..
    lagi cari softlens yang coklatnya begini.. natural kayak warna kornea mataku..
    thank you ya udah sharing.. XD

  20. Cantik ya warnanya. Lucu jadi bikin matanya dolly gitu.

  21. These lenses look super pretty and cute on you !^^
    I found you through the klenspop website and you're so lovely :D
    Thanks for this review~!! ♥

    Mindy ♥