Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review : Cool Sugar Wax

It's 7th of May already and I only posted once before? Orz
Time sure does fly so fast ah. Lately busy with college thingy :/
I'm pretty sure this month won't be my productive month since I will face my final exam and go for a trip overseas :3

But today, I want to share about waxing thingy, which currently used by a lot of bloggers! 

So as far as I know there are many brands of home made wax and most people use the Sugar Pot Wax one. I asked Acel to order wax and turns out that she choose this one, dunno why though. Maybe because this is slightly cheaper cause Acel is a cheapo LOL.

It's called Cool Sugar Wax, comes in a sturdy glass packaging with 250ml of product. They also gives 10 strips and 1 wooden spatula to apply the wax :D

How to use

That's how the wax looks like. It does smells like honey and VERY thick to the point it will be hard to spread it evenly if you don't put it on hot water first :/

You can re-use the strips and the spatula simply by soak it on hot / warm water :D Me and Acel had washed it for about 5 times and it's still fine so far.

Like I've said before, because the texture is so thick, I put the jar on hot water so it "melt" a little bit. The purpose is to make it easier to spread on :D

Sorry for the gross picture of my hairy leg :p HAHA it's not that long in real life la, I zoom it so you can see it clearer ;D

1. Spread the wax thinly on the hairy area that you want to remove. Some people put powder first but I skip that step and it's still fine.

2. Cover that area using the strips, gently "press" it with rubbing motion~

3. PULL! I gotta admit this steps is a little bit hurt (for legs) and you need to pull it FAST~ Because once I pull it slowly because I'm afraid and the result is the hairs are still there lol.

4. Donee :D 

Before I tried waxing I've some questions on my head and just in case you also have the same questions spinning on your head now, I'll answer it based on my experience :p

1. Is waxing hurt?
For me, yes. I have a low tolerance of pain (like if I cut my finger a liiiiiittle, not until it's bleeding, I cry immediately. lol) On the first usage, I tested it on my legs and it hurts D: Like 7 out of 10. Then I try it on my armpit and IT HURTS SO BAD T___T ! Like 12 out of 10 hahaha I scream like crazy until mom comes out and yell at me not to use waxing anymore. I didn't have the courage to do the other armpit so I just shave it lol.

But on the 2nd try, the pain is slowly reduce maybe because I already know how it will feel~ I no longer scream or something like that lol. The process is also become faster ;D 

2. Will the hair grown thicker and faster?
No. It will have just the same thickness. For legs, it will take about 2 weeks for the hair to grow again and I don't see any difference with the previous hair. As for the armpits, I notice that the hair become thinner, dunno why though. It also takes much more time to grow than shaving :D

(+) Affordable - about IDR 65k if I'm not mistaken
(+) A little goes a long way
(+) The strips and spatula can be re-used
(+) Hair don't become thicker and need a long time to grow again

(-) Hurts T_T

Have you tried waxing before?
Is it hurt for you? Do your hair become thicker?

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend everyone :DD


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  2. Hahha lucu yaa kaya selai wax nya xD nice review btw ;)

    1. iyaaa XD malah skrg merk sebelah ada yg kluarin choco, strawberry, matcha~
      thanks for stopping by ^^

  3. duhh aku jg serem waxing krn klo liat di film kyny sakit hahahaha T.T pdhl pengen krn katanya klo pake waxing, bulunya jd tumbuh lebih lama dan tipis..

    1. iyaa prtamanya jg ak serem tp nekat ci XD
      smpe teriak2 pertama kali coba lol tapi emg bener tumbuhnya jd lama dan lebi tipis :D

  4. Wah cel kyanya hasil waxing lbh bgs drpd shaving ya~
    Cuma baca km blg sakit, takutnya aku jg ga bs tahan sakit hahaha
    Great review cel! Aku jd makin penasaran walau ms galau2 takut wkwkwkwk

    1. ahaha iya emg prtamanya sakit sih sher smpe nangis T_T cm skrg2 ud biasa kayanya jd ud ga krasa sakit lg hehe :D
      ayo dicobaaa~~

  5. Very wonderful! that looks like a very functional and lovely product! seems very effective too!
    thank you so much for the share dear!~and for droppin' by at my blog <3 sure, we can follow each other :)
    I'm following you now hope you follow me as well <3

    love lots,

    1. Thanks for dropping by :)
      I don't think I've said "let's follow each other" or anything like that before but sure, I'll follow you back :)

  6. nice review dear <3
    ada rekomendasi waxing apa aja chel? pengen bgt cobaaa haha

    1. Thankyou stel ;D
      Ak kayanya abis ini pengen coba yg sugar pot wax matchaa, lucu abisnya greentea :3 hehe

  7. I'm not a cheapo ! i buy this one because the spatula is good, the big onee

    1. she is not a cheapo, she said.. choose this because the spatula, she said..
      You've admit that you choose this because it's IDR 20k cheaper lol !

  8. ah aku pingin coba~ ngebayanginnya kayaknya sakit tapi penasaran hehehe

    1. cobain aja ci shaa~ ga trlalu sakit sih lama2 :D
      ak pertamanya aja shock jd lebay ahahah

  9. what a coincident since I'm looking forward to wax my arms and legs! :)
    I just cannot stand the view of my hairy body for a longer time lol
    oh btw where did you buy this wax? since many online shops sell it with various prices :/

    1. try it try it! hahah :D
      My sister bought it at online store but I also don't know :/ Just choose the cheapest one eh, since it's home made and I don't think there are much difference between one brand and another :D
      Thanks for dropping by AJ!

  10. Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  11. Itu ga pake dipanasin dulu ya cel? o.o makanya disebut cool sugar wax?
    wihh kayaknya kok sakitt >.< mungkin lain kali coba agak di-uap-in gt ya? biar pori2nya agak membuka

  12. Thanks dear utk review produknya :)
    Saya tangan pertama produsen cool sugar wax, saya jual 60rb.
    Utk info lebi lanjut bs hub. Saya 087718828855 (sms only )ya dear..
    Utk grosir harga dijamin termurah ^_^

  13. Aku juga pakai aku juga pakai aku juga pakai~ XDD~

    Aku lebih suka ini sih daripada saingannya, karena pengaruh stripnya sih, lebih tebal, kalau sugarnya sih sama aja menurutku ahahaha...

    BTW salam kenal~ Kapan2 main ke tempat aku ya~

  14. I've tried both the strip and strip free versions of sugar waxing. The ball or paste method works but it takes a lot of hand work. My hands would get sore, just grabbing the paste out of the container takes work bc it's so thick. I have a little carpal tunnel in my right hand so this method is not for me.