Friday, 23 May 2014

Review : Cathy Make Me Snow - Instant Whitening Lotion

Yep, you read it correctly. The product that I'll review today will really gives a white skin (1 or 2 shades brighter) in the first usage! >_<

But no, it's not those fake or unknown cream like Syahrini, Wallet, etc but it's a product from Karmart, Thailand! You already know that Thailand makes a lot of whitening product right? This is supposed to work just in 1 usage and will go away after you take a shower :3

So this product name is "Cathy - make me snow". I also haven't heard it before but it seems like a great product so I brace myself to try it out~

I'm not sure about the ingredients though, but so far this product doesn't give me a bad effect whatsoever so I guess it's fine? I never use it on my face though~

This product contains 230g! The tube itself is sooo big and I think it will last for quite sometime. It also not tested on animal, which is a good thing, and is Korean Formulated~ You can keep this product 3 years after opening it.

The lotion comes is a white, milky color and has more like a creamy texture. I mean, it won't run off even if you put your hand backward after applying it~ Totally different with Belo Whitening Lotion which more into liquid type. Not to mention Belo doesn't work for me at all hahah XD

You can see that my skin become much much brighter right? (compare it with the first photo of the swatch above) It also does it jobs to moisturize the skin but I don't think it last for 24 hours like it claims. It only last about 3-4 hours? The whitening effect also will become more natural as time goes by~

Photo above is the comparison~ 
Left leg using this product and right one doesn't. See the difference? *u*

And last, here's what will happen when you took a shower (no, I didn't take a shower to capture this photo, just in case random people appear and asking whether I'm naked while taking a shower while I took this picture wtf) You need to rub it though, if it only splash with water it will still stay~

(+) Instant brightening
(+) Moisturize skin quite well, but not as long as it claims.
(+) Long shelf life
(+) Contains a lot of product - 230g

(-) Not quite sure about the ingredients
(-) It will be awkward if you're using this and suddenly it's raining and you forget so you rub your hands or leg LOL

Recently I saw that Etude House also release this kind of product, have you heard about that? Do you interested to try these kind of product too? Let me know ^^

Thanks for reading and happy weekend everyone~


  1. Natural bgt cel ini whitening nya *O*
    Ini finish nya powdery ga cel? apa kya pake lotion aja?
    Jadi pengen coba soalnya tangan sama kaki belang nya keterlaluan T_T

    1. iyaa ga kaya mayat sher LOL kaya pake body lotion aja sih, ngelembabin tapi mutihin sementara jg :D
      ayo cobaaa banyak bgt yg ngeluarin model gini, baby kiss, cathy doll, etude jg udah ada :D

  2. Bgus ya… produk cathy doll lg booming ni… ga sabar nunggu pnyku

    1. cc juga belii? yg manaa? hehe ditunggu reviewnya :D

  3. harga berapooo seh icel?? beli di manaaaaa??
    mirip sm secret key ya, aku pake secret key snow white tp susah di baurinnya dan kudu di siram air anget dulu, haha

    1. ak ini dikasi bonus pas beli baby kiss din ahaha XD
      cari aja sellernya di IG @kawaiishopaholic ~
      oia? ak blm coba sih, kenapa harus di siram air anget dulu :O

  4. Hey there dear, where did you buy this? I've seen some Cathy Doll products on eBay, should I check there?


  6. Hey there! I dont think so tht your cathy doll cream probably the original one. you should be aware with fake one. Google it about the fake one product

    By the way i heard about the karmart sticker if the yellow one is fake but the pink one is original