Friday, 2 May 2014

Review : The Body Shop Body Butter in Japanese Cherry Blossom

Hi guys~
It's May already and I just realized I haven't posted anything for about 10 days! Longest hiatus ever hahaah pardon me ;p 

Btw, have you guys heard about a korean drama "You who Came from the Stars?" I watched it since the first episode till the end mainly because Kim Soo Hyun is the main actor *u* Turns out the story is so interesting and good! The bad news is.. RCTI (a station TV in Indonesia) made the EXACT same drama! I just don't get it why they bother to do such a thing since it's just sooo embarrassing. The latest news said SBS is going to sue them and I hope that's true~ Local station TV should make a better program than something like Yuk Keep Smi** (which is so.. useless) and also stop doing plagiarism.

Back to the topic, today I'm going to share about my current body butter from The Body Shop ~ It's my first body butter ever and tbh it's been on my drawer since last year XD 

So it comes with a tub packaging, dominated with pink color as I choose the Japanese Cherry Blossom variant. I bought it online last year so I didn't have any clue about the scent whatsoever, I picked it because I always love the image of sakura without any reason hehe.

Comes in 200ml of product, I'm pretty sure it will last for a while even if you apply a generous amount regularly. I'm not a skincare person so maybe I only use it once a week (or just when I remember to) and it still remains a LOT. It claimed to soften our skin with cherry blossom extract and suit normal skin type.

One thing I love from TBS is they against animal testing! They also use natural ingredients and if I'm not mistaken they also pick the ingredients from developing country so they could help them :D This body butter cost IDR 189.900 or about $18 but I bought it when they're having 50% sales so it only cost me around IDR 100k $10 including shipping fee.

The 'butter' itself has a thick texture with a slight pink color. You don't have to worry that the content will spill out thanks to the thick texture :D However, it will absorb to your skin in no time and won't leave any greasy feeling. It will gives a natural glow on the applied area ;D

The scent isn't like what I imagine Japanese cherry blossom would be. I hate the scent at first but now my nose has used to it, I guess. The moisturizing effect stays about 5-7 hours but the scents will disappear after 2 or 3 hours.

Overall, I think this body butter is worth to have ( moreover if it's on 50% sale :p ) but I don't think it's the best body lotion / body butter ever. I do think the price is affordable and a little will go a long way for this product :) 

(+) Large amount of product, a little goes a long way
(+) Sturdy packaging
(+) Affordable

(-) Not my cup-of-tea scents
(-) Only give about 5-7 hours moisturizing effect 

Have you tried any TBS' body butter?
Or what's your fav body butter / lotion?
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend guys :)


  1. Hey Icel! Wah~ ♥♥ I have the same body butter and am loving it! Well, me too just love anything sakura. Hikhik
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product!
    Love, Mira |

  2. Ahh, I've never tried The Body Shop's body butter before! I've actually never tried a lot of body butters, but I dislike anything heavily moisturizing on my body since it feels weird so I typically stay away from these. >_<
    Thanks for taking your time to review this!
    You've also got yourself a new follow! : )


  3. I heard about that plagiarism incident too haha^^ I honestly like the kdrama a lot too eventhough I haven't finished yet (but I will hopefully soon! >_<). I tried The Body Shop Body Butters too and I don't like them for the whole body but they're nice as hand cream or for really dry patches lol. You should try out their new spring collection lotion with raspberry scent, it smells sooo good! QwQ


  4. Thank you for this grat review!
    It s the first time I hear abourt this product!

  5. Demen ini ya cel? :D
    Aku dulu juga ada beli ini, penasaran sama body butter soalnya LOL
    Pas colek di counter oke2 aja, tapi pas pake di rumah kok rasanya lama nyerepnya :(
    Mungkin ini lebih buat drier skin ya?
    Cobain Jergens deh cel, itu enak banget <3 Aku lg pake yg Age Defying ^_^
    Kl mau beli sm aku juga bs, jamin lbh murah dr guardian :p *promosi*