Monday, 12 May 2014

Makeup Collaboration : 4 minutes Watcha Doin Today

Hi everyone~~
I'm so excited today to post another makeup collaboration with fellow bloggers ;D This time we re-create 4 minutes Watcha Doin Today MV. Thank you Erna for asking me to join :3

Out of 5 members I chose Ji Hyun mainly because her background color is pink wtf ._. And I also notice that she use rhinestones under her eyes and I remember I still have some of it so I thought, why not?

Turns out that the result is NOT even close T___T At least I try ah. Let's move to the mini tutorial :)

1. Use face primer first to make your skin look smooth and make your makeup last longer~ I use one from The Face Shop here and it also has brightening effect :)

2. Cover your skin imperfections and even out your skin tone using BB cream. Mine is Tony Moly Goddess Aura BB cream which I've reviewed here.

3. I apply concealer to cover my zombie eye lol. It's getting worse and worse everyday -_- 

Eye makeup :
1. Start with applying eye primer to make the color more vibrant and last longer.
2. Fill your eyebrow and make a somehow-straight shape like mostly korean do.
3. Use circle lens for more 'dolly' looks.
4. Apply pink eye shadow all over your lid.
5. And also on your lower lid (about 0,5cm)
6. I use brown eye shadow as eye liner and apply it downward - something like puppy eye.
7. Apply shimmery eye shadow on inner tear duct.
8. Put some rhinestones under your eye

and you're done :DD

Sorry if the result isn't similar tho, I've tried it twice but both isn't good enough T__T
But, you can check my friend's result here :

Thanks for reading everyone :)


  1. Jangan pak poni ce harusnya d: wkwkw cantik dehhh

  2. cantik chel <3 mungkin kalo ga pake poni pasti hasilnya lebih mirip hehe :p

  3. kakak mirip jessica snsd di poto terakhir wkwk....-.
    membantu nih, buat dipake dc, makasihh!