Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beauty talk : Whiteheads ft. Blackhead

Hi everyone~~
Recently I find my blog is full of review to the point I get bored reading my own blog hahah XD sorry if I make you feel bored too :p

But today, I want to have a small talk about Mr.Blackhead and Mrs. Whitehead, which I'm sure is the most hated couple by girls lol.

Got the idea to talk about this couple since I found some oh-so-gross video on youtube about them that I'll put on this post later too so if you're eating or don't like to watch something like that you can close this tab now LOL 

So let's start with the simple questions first, what is whiteheads and blackheads? What's the difference between them?

Blackheads are the "open" whiteheads. They builld in hair follicles and have a wide opening. Sebum, defined as dead cells and bacteria, forms at the surface of the skin. Once these contaminants drain, the surrounding skin's pigment will change color. This is what gives blackhead it's signature darkness.

How to treat blackheads?
Use cleansing products that can remove dead skin. Adding an acne toner will help to exfoliate skin and prevent pores from clogging. Drink plenty of water. Lack of hydration can contribute to blackheads. Using products with too much oil, either cleansing products or makeup, will contribute to clogged pores.

On the other side, Whiteheads contain sebum, oil, and other cellular fragments. However, they form beneath the hair follicle and stay completely under the skin. This means they do not oxidize and turn brown or black like blackheads. Whiteheads tend to be stiffer than blackheads and can be more difficult to treat because they stay under the skin.

How to treat Whiteheads?
Since whiteheads occur in closed pores, it's important to try and open them up. There's and old, but effective method; place a towel over your head and hold your head over the steam from boiling water - this will help open your pores. Diet contributes heavily to whiteheads; make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. As with blackheads, avoid greasy or oily products, especially greasy sunscreens.

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Now, let's move to the highlight of this post, the videos of removing the blacheads and whiteheads!
Warning : gross video - close this tab if you're eating XD

1. Gold mine of blackheads

2. Whiteheads on Nose

So.. what do you think after watching those video? o_o

Now the point of showing you the videos and making this post is just to remind us to treat our skin.
You don't want to end up like that, right?
I also have whiteheads problem and watching those videos make me want to take care of skin more >,<

Do you also have problems with blackheads and whiteheads?
Let's share!

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend everyone~


  1. Icel, aku langsung geli liatnya, merinding ama videonya hihihihihi

  2. Ughhh. I don't even dare to watch the video :/:/
    I have whiteheads and get them extracted by my beautician every month at the facial place.


  3. My skin no. 1 enemy ewwwh. Thank you for sharing


  4. Iyeww liatnya. itu blackhead ato jamur wkk gede beud
    geli liatnyaa
    Im piccha

  5. aq gemes banget loch ma komedo gtu, kalo liat org yang banyak komedonya rasanya pgen banget aku tangkep truz aku pencet2in komedonya..

  6. yaampun kok bisa kayak gitu black head sama white head nya ,geli banget liatnya
    salam kenal ce
    follback my gfc ya ^^

  7. WTF baru lihat videonya ... alhamdulillah aku bukan type orang yg pnya white/black komedo *elus2 hidung* yampun jijik banget liat videonya asliii :"((((((

  8. aduh chel geleuh banget chel videonya ya geli :( hahaha

  9. OMG so gross cellll >___< aku cuma ntn 2 detik, lgs kututup..
    thans infonya yaa celll <3
    Syukurlah blackhead & whiteheadku sedikit >.< gara2 rajin peeling sih ini.
    Aku gemes bgt kalo liat org yg pny idung strawberry XDD hahaha