Monday, 26 May 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 3

Moving on to the third day of my last vacation in KL! If you haven't read the first and second day, you can read them here and here.

So since I was so exhausted I woke up late (around 9.00 AM, maybe?) and too lazy to get up so I started the day by lazy-ing around eating taokaenoi while watching mom playing the "2048" game - have you tried it yet? :p

Then after took a bath we went to Suria KLCC~ Mom insist us to visit this area cause she want to take a photo with Petronas Tower background hahaha. Me and Acel just derping around and easily agree cause we know if it's mall there'll be food >,< we haven't eat anything as breakfast and it was noon already so off to food court!

Ate this chicken rice for brunch~ Sold at only Rm 7 and it's delish :9

Then I saw that The Body Shop is having a HUGE sale - up to 70% off! And it's not like sale in Indonesia where there are a LOT of terms and conditions. It's literally discount! hahahah no wonder a lot of people shop la~ Have you saw TBS counter as crowded as this? :3 Told ya, their body polish sold at only RM 6.xx which is around IDR 20k! Crazy or not?

Then I got tired of walking again (as always, duh) and beg mom and Acel to have a sit first hahah like an old lady already when I'm not even 20 yet XD Bought Tutty Frutty (the one that you take and decorate by yourself) and here comes the dumb and dumber conversations :

Acel : Look look that boy made it so ugly :/ looks like poop hahaha
Me : We should make it pretty la like a pro, something like mba-mba Sour Sally would make~
*our turns to take it*
Acel : Lemme try..
Me : Why you also make it ugly cel hahaha
Acel : It's hard. Just put everything we want la no matter how it looks the taste will be just same *went to cashier*

The Master Chef Decoration of Yoghurt Level LOL
Just after we finish eating and bought some choco for souvenirs, we went back to took a picture with the Petronas but it's raining so we decided to get back to our hotel by walking in this something like tunnel (?) that connect this Suria KLCC and Pavillion (which is close to our hotel) Why don't Bandung also make something like this  that connects PVJ - IP - BTC ? hahah XD

Posing with the jeans cause we thought dad might wanna see it XD

Then went to Alor street at night after sleeping again for 3 hours HAHAHA. This street is something like food court with lampions decorations and there are literally so many people here! It's also have some live music (like street singer) and the selection of the food is quite nice~

Didn't go out for a long time because it's already night and we afraid to be kidnapped LOL jkjk~ I have to study for my final exam cause it's exactly the day after we go home! No time for study again at home ~_~

And so that's our third day ;3 Sorry if it's boring hahaha but I do hope you enjoy reading this post :)
Thanks everyone~

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Review : Neo Dali Extra Size in Brown

Finally another circle lens review :D So about last month Klenspop contacted me and offer me to review their lens and I chose this Neo dali extra size - brown simply because you can't never go wrong with brown :p I also have thrown all my contact lens since I had an eye irritation about 5 months ago? And the only contact lens I have before this is in grey color and I miss brown so much :3

The package took about 2 weeks to arrive and they also put a circle lens case and the eye drops as the bonus *u* 

The circle lens itself came in bottle packaging which I found so hard to open -_- Have read ci Shelvi's tips to open them one but still I couldn't open it correctly gaaaah~

The eye drops

The case itself is soo cute with baby blue transparent color :D Oh, and the things to put the circle lens in (the 2 circle ones, so bad at explaining eh) is attached to the case~ I find it unique somehow lol

Brand : NEO Vision
Diameter : 14.00 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.60 mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.60 mm
Life Span : 1 year max
Country of Origin : Korea
Price : $19

Nowadays I prefer small diameter circle lens because I think it's more comfortable and I don't want to look like alien-ish (expect if that makes the super handsome Do Min Joon attracted to me LOL). This lens only has 14.00 diameter but I notice it also has a black ring so it will still give enlargement effect.

Eyes looks bigger no? Hahah please excuse those red lines on my eyes, took this photos after 7 hours full in AC rooms without any eye drops >,<

The enlargement, color, and pattern this circle lens give is sooo natural :D I love it so much! Hahah I think I'll use this more often than the Sherbet Star for daily basis~ 

Now a lot of people who had review this lens said it's so comfortable and I have to agree :) It's much more comfortable than GEO for sure, but it still feels dry if you use it for a long time, and feels even dryer if you spent those time in AC rooms ahahah. Just make sure to bring your eye drops and I think it'll be just fine :p

(+) Affordable (You pay $19 to get a pair of circle lens, case, and the eye drops)
(+) Natural effect of enlargement, pattern, and color
(+) Comfortable

(-) Hard to find in local online shop

Where to buy?
415-13 Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel +827075361209

You can get 20% off by using my coupon code --> "XW8G8AHO"

Do you prefer big diameter circle lens or just the small one?
What do you think about this one? ^^ 
Thanks for reading everyone~

Friday, 23 May 2014

Review : Cathy Make Me Snow - Instant Whitening Lotion

Yep, you read it correctly. The product that I'll review today will really gives a white skin (1 or 2 shades brighter) in the first usage! >_<

But no, it's not those fake or unknown cream like Syahrini, Wallet, etc but it's a product from Karmart, Thailand! You already know that Thailand makes a lot of whitening product right? This is supposed to work just in 1 usage and will go away after you take a shower :3

So this product name is "Cathy - make me snow". I also haven't heard it before but it seems like a great product so I brace myself to try it out~

I'm not sure about the ingredients though, but so far this product doesn't give me a bad effect whatsoever so I guess it's fine? I never use it on my face though~

This product contains 230g! The tube itself is sooo big and I think it will last for quite sometime. It also not tested on animal, which is a good thing, and is Korean Formulated~ You can keep this product 3 years after opening it.

The lotion comes is a white, milky color and has more like a creamy texture. I mean, it won't run off even if you put your hand backward after applying it~ Totally different with Belo Whitening Lotion which more into liquid type. Not to mention Belo doesn't work for me at all hahah XD

You can see that my skin become much much brighter right? (compare it with the first photo of the swatch above) It also does it jobs to moisturize the skin but I don't think it last for 24 hours like it claims. It only last about 3-4 hours? The whitening effect also will become more natural as time goes by~

Photo above is the comparison~ 
Left leg using this product and right one doesn't. See the difference? *u*

And last, here's what will happen when you took a shower (no, I didn't take a shower to capture this photo, just in case random people appear and asking whether I'm naked while taking a shower while I took this picture wtf) You need to rub it though, if it only splash with water it will still stay~

(+) Instant brightening
(+) Moisturize skin quite well, but not as long as it claims.
(+) Long shelf life
(+) Contains a lot of product - 230g

(-) Not quite sure about the ingredients
(-) It will be awkward if you're using this and suddenly it's raining and you forget so you rub your hands or leg LOL

Recently I saw that Etude House also release this kind of product, have you heard about that? Do you interested to try these kind of product too? Let me know ^^

Thanks for reading and happy weekend everyone~

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Moving on to the second day of my latest trip to KL! :3 hehe I hope I don't make you bored by reading these posts >_< it's gonna be a long post you might want to grab some popcorn first? :p

Start the day by doing some exercise in the fitness room right outside our room. NO LA JK I didn't XD too lazy to use it, I also will walk a lot this day so.. just took a picture to make me look cool or something wtf.

Oh do you still remember the clip lipnicure that I tried on the first day? It's still there! See see? Even after I rub it so hard, took a shower and all it's still there >,< At that point I was contemplating whether to buy it or not since the price is quite expensive for just a lip product~

After we ate our breakfast (that I bought myself in the nearest supermarket, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, we went to nearest monorail to go to Batu Caves!

Can you guess which hand is mine? lol XD
We interested to go there since it's pretty famous place in KL plus me and Acel watch Asian Next Top Model and they had a photoshoot here~

Took a photo in front of Hanoman or something?

The famous Buddha Statue!

It feels SO HOT there and there were literally so much monkey derping around -_-
I have sort of monkeyphobia (if that even exist) cause when I went to Bali a monkey BITE my foot and it hurts as hell. That accident also make mom afraid of monkey too lol.

Btw, do you notice how big the statue is? On the left side of the statue there are stairs if you want to go inside the caves (that's why it's called Batu Caves) but we didn't because we are afraid of the monkeyS and we may passed out even before we reach there lol XD

Last photo with mom~

There are also so many stands who sells souvenir like keychain, t-shirt or something like that but the price is expensive~ It's a tourist place, after all. So we didn't buy anything there >,< Not to mention Batu Caves also smells quite weird for me, smells like Indian curry? So we only stayed for about 30 minutes there to took photos hahaha

Then mom want to go to China Town to buy souvenirs (because she said it's cheap there, kiasu to the max isn't she?) and China town is located at PETALING STREETS. We were looking at the monorail routes and found PETALING STATION so without thinking twice we bought the ticket and go.

Know what happened? It's the wrong stations! >,< WE LOST~ lol

The Petaling Stations area is so quiet and kinda creepy with eagle singing. We got confused since China Town should be full of people and shop and turned out that we should get off at the next 2 stations -_-

It was around 1 PM if I'm not mistaken and I'm STARVING already cause we only had cakes for breakfast and there wasn't even a food seller on this station. Bener2 antah berantah :/ There was only 10 people waiting for the train I guess. Talk about unknown side of KL, huh?

Went to the nearest mall after we get off and had lunch at Dubu Dubu, a Korean Restaurant like Mujigae here~

Acel's Ddeokbokki 

My Cheese Bibimbap

Mom's Korean Chicken wing set
The taste is quite good, but the most delish is probably the Ddeokbokki. Tried it on Mujigae before with Acel and we didn't even eat 1/3 of it bleh~ The price is twice Mujigae's though >,<

Then found Sephoraaaaa~ yay *u* Went inside and literally trying and swatching everything lolol. Feels like in a dreamland I don't wanna leaveeee~

Then went to Berjaya Times Square, one of the biggest mall in KL, mom said. There are literally SO MUCH clothes there with cheap price >,< Shoes for RM15, Shirts from RM 20, you can get it all here *u* didn't buy much though, already so tired of walking at this point so we (Acel, to be exact) just bought a drink and sit.

So tired I'm gonna die.
I rarely walk daily, the farthest distance is maybe from kitchen to bedroom or from my car to lift then from lift to classroom fml lol. So walking that far is so tiring for me >,< I even said I would just crawl on the way back to our hotel (but I didn't, fortunately)

Then I slept for more than 3 hours hahahah XD Went to Alor for dinner but didn't take any picture, too exhausted. Will end this post by unglam Acel hugging 6 fluffy pillow keke.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review : Puredem Collagen Eye Zone Mask

Around last month, I was looking for eye masks since I have an oh-so-dark-circles that even a bb cream can't conceal it properly and I'm too lazy to put concealer. Since there's so many brands and types of eye mask, I was confused which to choose and what's the real difference cause I haven't tried any eye mask before~ Then I found this cheap eye mask from Puredem with free shipping from Korea at eBay and I thought, why not? 

Comes with a blue plastic-y packaging, this product contains 30 sheets inside which means I can use it for 15 times! and have I told you that it only cost me $3.45? SO CHEAP o_o

What it claims

The size itself is not big tho, only as big as my palm (but I do have quite a large one) lol :p
Doesn't really know (and care) about the ingredients but here's one if you're interested~

How to use?
1. Wash your face and apply the mask around eyes, ensuring good contact with skin.
2. Wear the mask for 15-20 minutes and remove
3. Make sure reseal zipper bag after use

Now that it mentions zipper bag, this packaging does has a zipper bag and I didn't realize it at first XD luckily I didn't cut and throw the zipper nyahaha.

All the 30 sheets are packed together without separator so make sure to wash your hands first for hygiene issue~

It does feels refreshing when I use it, just like any other face mask I've tried. The size is a little too big for me but it's still tolerable. I use it at night before sleep and sometimes I even fell asleep using this mask lol

The mask itself is so rich of essence! Photo above is the leftover after usage and I squeeze it into my hand~



As you can see, there's a slight difference between 2 photo above. My under eye area become less wrinkly and it also helps a bit to reduce my dark circles. It's not permanent tho, now as I writing this my dark circles is just as bad as zombie XD (I had lack of sleep these days, went to KL last week and sleep late at night hahah. You can read it here)

(+) Mad cheap
(+) Does what it claims to reduce dark circles and wrinkles
(+) Zipper bag packaging

(-) Not permanent effect (I think I should use it all to see a noticeable effect? Since there's no way this dark circles buddy will go in an easy way ._. )
(-) No separator between the mask - hygiene issue

That's it for now >,< Need to study since I'm having my final exam or mom gonna scold me~~ Jiao ;3