Monday, 7 April 2014

Slice of Life : Meet Pepper

Hello everyone :)
So this time I want to share my first non-beauty related post, mainly because recently I'm bored and not in the mood to write more review :/ More over, this is my personal blog and I personally think it'd be fun to write more about my personal life ( I hope you don't mind ) >,<

So from now on, this kind of post will be tittled "Slice of Life", to help you differentiate the content hehe :D You can skip this post and close the tab if you're not interested and wait for several days for beauty related post (but I hope you don't.. lol!)

In this post I just want to show you my puppy (he's about 3 years old already but he will remain as a puppy forever for me! :p) named Pepper. I'm not the one who give the name, though. Short story, my cousin was going to be married and she couldn't take Pepper (which on that time still 3 month, if I remember correctly.) and offered my dad to raise him.

Me, Acel, and mom was picking up dad from my cousin's home and on the way suddenly dad called and asked if we want a new dog or not.. I do love dog since I was little but I don't think I'm a good mom >,< Mainly because in our family, all of us leaving in the early morning (me and Acel to school + mom and dad work) so we kinda abandoned our puppies :(

This big-body but baby in heart dog is always searching for people's hand as if he doesn't want us to leave him alone~
hahaha cute to the max!

But then dad said (still on the phone) that the puppy is still 3 months old and it's golden and husky mix! Both Golden and Husky is my favorite dog and Pepper is the combination, how could I said no? T__T

Finally we all agreed to take and raise him. I still remember that he was so small (2kg, maybe?) and so HUG-ABLE >,< He also has the scent of a puppy which I love the most! We decided to ate dinner first on the way home and since it's impossible to bring Pepper all along, we left him in the back side of the car. When we came back to the car, he is MISSING and nowhere to be found! Hahah still remember how all of us was in panic mode. Turned out that this little puppy has go all the way to the trunk (our car was the Karimun one) and he's so not noticeable because of his black furs. LOL

I remember that he was a cute, full of energy puppy. He always run here and there, and every night when I want to sleep on my room and closed my door he run as fast as he can to join me (which my mom didn't allow >,<) Then since he grow up so fast and sometimes my mom feel bothered with him biting the sofa, tearing the newspaper, etc, we moved him to the back side of our house (which is a large-square area without much things) Then our house keeper said she was bothered because.. you know that some people isn't allowed to touch dog and if Pepper stay there, his pee and poo will be all scattered there (I've clean it but still she said she's not allowed) T_T

What with that cute-dumb face, Pepper? xD
So from about 2 years ago, Pepper stay inside a cage we made and put it at our garden~ We became busier and busier that we couldn't spend time with him much, and I think he is bored just to stay inside the cage.. So he make a "window" for him to look outside! HAHAHA 

Gatau Inggrisnya apa tapi pager di rumah kami itu ketutupan sama rumput pager (yang tiap bulan biasanya dipotong dan dibentuk sama tukang kebun) jadi Pepper gabisa liat ke arah jalan.. Pertamanya diliat-liat rumput di depan kandang dia kok jadi bolong.. Lama-lama makin gede.. Ternyata sama dia rumput-rumputnya ditarikin supaya dia ga bosen, bisa liat ke jalan T___T

Dunno should feel proud or angry to him xD

And everytime we went home after long vacation, he will be whining and making a weird sound, which I think means that he miss us? *ultraconfident* hahaha

Anyway, it's been a nice 3 years Pepper :D 
I know I'm not a good mom for you, but me love youuuu~
Next time we find you a cute girl ASAP, okay?

Thanks for reading and you all got a kiss from Pepper ;D


    So he stays in cage all day atau kadang dikeluarin?
    Sepupuku ada pelihara corgi (UBER CUTE!), pertamanya emg disiapin kandang buat dy tidur gt.
    Pas lagi bandel2nya, hukuman buat dy ya masuk kandang.
    Tapi skrg udah ga pernah di kandang, keliaran di dalem rumah terus LOL
    Tidurnya juga udah di kamar sepupuku, tapi di lantai sih.
    Mgkin bentar lagi dikasi tidur d atas kasur wkwkwkwk

    I've been wanting a dog since I was a kid, and I prefer big dogs.
    But our house is so small so.... hahahaha
    Kapan2 aku maen ke rumah kamu yaaaaaa~~ :D

    1. Indeed sheer~ hahaha
      skrg sih dikandangin trus, lg pada sibuk :( plg dikeluarin cm klo dimandiin huhuh T_T
      corgi itu anjing kecil apa gede sher?
      si pepper ini gedee jd ga mungkin bs di dalem rumah.. not to mention the ruckus he will made hahaha bisa2 diusir dia sama mama ak :p
      klo ke bandung main yaaaa~

    2. Bandel kah cel?
      Corgi anjing medium sih, paling klo lg bediri 4 kaki cuma selutut aja :)
      Dulu corginya bandel bgt sih, semua barang digigit2 gitu trus suka lari2.
      Kalo ketemu air bs lgsg korek2 gt wkwkwkw
      Tapi skrg udah anteng bgt cel, mgkin krna udah biasa

      Oh iya aku lupa Pepper golden x husky yaaa .__.
      Lumayan gede tuh, susah juga kl ddlm rumah.
      Pattern nya dy dapet pattern husky dikit ya :D
      Cakeeeeep <3

  2. Kok guguknya mirip husky ya.. Ini husky ya cel?