Thursday, 3 April 2014

Review : YSL Golden Gloss #52

Ohello April~ 
Hehe lately so busy with college thingy and this is my first review on April ! This time, I'll share my though about the super famous high-class brand YSL's product, the Golden Gloss in shade 52. I got this from YSL event about a month ago.

To be honest, I don't like the color (it's literally almost purple!) since I was expecting to get the peachy pink color as a gloss. I even thought that I'll just give this gloss away to people who want this lol. BUT, every time I look at how nice the packaging is, my mind changes :p

The box comes with gold color, give a luxurious feeling start from the start *u* It contains 6ml, but I'm pretty sure a little goes a long way (especially for me, since I won't use this much hehe)

See the purple color? @_@ I have no confidence to use this kind of color since I usually use red, pink, and orange liptint. It's like crossing my safe zone! haha :p

As you can see, the tube design is also so pretty and well-designed, giving such a classy and lux feeling just by seeing it *u* I always adore YSL packaging like the touche eclat, their liberator serum, and also their lipstick and lipgloss collection. Heck, even their nail polish collection have such a nice packaging <3

The cap is the twist-model one, and I must say you won't be worry that the content will spill away since it's so secure :)

And unlike the korean liptint, the aplicator is brush! I really love the brush since the size is small so it really help to spread the gloss evenly until the corner of my lips~


Sorry for my moustache LOL XD

The formula itself is good compared to other lip gloss I've ever tried. It does feel a lil bit sticky and my hair will stick onto it in a windy day, but I think every lipgloss will be that way (which is the main reason why I rarely use lip gloss.) But, it does a good job in moisturizing my lips~ It doesn't accentuate my dry lips and instead of makes my lips dry like liptints, this gloss help to moisten my lips >,<

Do I look older using this type of color? ._.

(+) Oh-so-classy and secure packaging
(+) Moisturize my lips well
(+) Huge range of color ( I want the #50 shade! >,< )
(+) Tastes quite good :p

(?) Sticky and your hair will end up stick to your lips on the windy day

(-) Pricey >:(
(-) So so staying power - about 4 hours without eating or drinking

What do you think about this Golden Gloss? ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone~


  1. Replies
    1. hmm cc lupa brpaan lin, sekitar 200-300rb an gitu klo ga salah :)

  2. Sayang warna nya trll tua buat abege ya, mana mahal nya minta ampun lagi >.<

    1. iyaa huhu dptnya yg ini >,< tp warna2 lainnya banyak yg peach2 pink gitu lucuuuu :D

  3. Sayang bgt ya cel dapetnya warna ungu :(
    Tapi cocok tuh sm skintone km :D cuma emg keliatan lebih dewasa banget gt yah
    Packaging nya cakeeeeeeppp T_T
    Btw, rambut baru kah ini cel? :p

    1. iyaaa dptnya ungu T_T huhu tp gpp sih udah untung dikasi goodie bag lol XD
      packaging YSL emg cakep2, harganya jg cakep~ hahaha
      iyaaa keliatan terang sher? hahah ga rata lg setelah diliat2 >,<

  4. warnanya ga cocok buat km ceelll :( tp coba dibuat makeup yg vampy2 gt kayaknya bisa masuk ^^

    1. iyaa T_T coba nanti dehh dicobain~
      sayang klo mau dikasiin abis packagingnya lucuu >,<

  5. Warnanya ini mungkin lebih cocok buat emak2 kali ya chel ><
    Btw suka warna rambutmu hihi dicat pake apa itu? ^^

  6. Km terlihat lbih dewasa dgn warna ini… tp warnanya bgus ya