Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review : Sherbet Star Gray from KPOP2 + Ulzzang Eyeliner Tutorial

Another circle lens review~!
So happy that finally I can use circle lens again (after months not using one cause I had irritation). This time I tried a new circle lens from "Sherbet", which sent to me about 3 weeks ago ^^ is a circle lens online store based in Korea that sells so many model and design with price as low as $10 / pair ! So cheap rightt? o_o However, they guarantee their products are safe to use as it has been authorized by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) 

I choose Sherbet Star Gray mainly because I never have any gray colored circle lens before and this one has a pretty small diameter so it's more suitable for daily use~ 
Let's move on to the review, shall we?

*Lens Info*
Sold as : Per pair
Diameter : 13.80mm
Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : Max 1 year (recommended duration : 6 months)

The pattern itself is quite unique, it looks like a sun for me (instead star as it's name lol) It has a black outer ring which is my fav since it will make our eyes bigger and more innocent :D 

You can see in photo above that the pattern does show up~ yayy :D
I also love that I can see the gray color but it's not too much and blend with my natural eye color nicely.

The enlargement effect is so-so, as expected of 13.80mm. It does a decent job to make my eyes look bigger without being alien-like~

Talking about the comfort, this lens feels quite comfortable for me.
I used this for about 7 hours to college and it feels a little bit dry since I always on AC-room (either in class or in the car)

Since yesterday I got nothing to do, I made an ulzzang eyeliner tutorial for you guys ;D hehe
Hope it's clear enough! It's so easy to do and suit any occasion so you might try it :)

FOTD using this circle lens :

I love how it still natural even without makeup on! ( I only use The Face Shop face primer and liptint in photos above :D )

(+) 13.80mm diameter, suitable for daily use
(+) Pretty color and pattern
(+) Feels quite comfortable
(+) CHEAP~

(-) Nothing!

I use it almost everyday nowadays and I gotta say I love it! 
If you are looking for affordable korean circle lens, visit now~
As low as $10, you can get a pair of circle lens (can buy different minus too), a lens case, not to forget they offer free shipping worldwide and it only needs 2 weeks to reach me :D

What do you think about the circle lens? :D
I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading~


  1. natural ya softlesnya.. suka..

  2. softlensnya kece banget cel.... ^^

  3. Hello, I can't believe that only KOREAN-LENS shop has BUY 2 GET 1 FREE discount ? Any other shop that you know has a good offer like this one ? I don't want temporally promotion, I get bored with their stupid marketing, I DECIDE WHAT I WANT TO BUY WHEN I WANT IT and they are not going to decide for me! I want a reliable shop with corrective lenses but more choice than koreanlens if possible. Thank you for your help.

    1. hi ^^ I don't know much korean circle lens online shop but you might check this :)

  4. Soflensnya natural dan cc suka ma motifnya

  5. Bagus ceeeeeel :D
    Cocok di kamu~ Ga usah make up juga keliatan bagus :D
    Pattern nya lucu banget <3

    1. thanks sher xD hehe iya pattern sm warnanya bagus hoho~