Thursday, 10 April 2014

Review : Cowstyle Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Green Tea

Hi guys ;3
First of all, I know that you might be bored reading this product's review since everybody had reviewed it before. It's not like I'm lazy or what but something is wrong with the delivery so I got it late (about couple weeks ago). So far, a lot of blogger said they love this soap and it's quite good. How will it works on me? Let's see!

First of all, I gotta say that this product has a strong green tea scent! Even if I haven't opened the package yet, I already can smell the scent and I admit it is good. I'm not a huge fan of green tea (I don't even like green tea or green tea ice cream ._.)

The product comes in small box packaging dominated with green color (of course, duh) and leaves are printed all over it. On the top left, there's a sticker which I think said that this is the best product of 2012 for facial soap? 

It claimed to make our skin feel soft after usage without do any damage to our skin. It also claimed to make our skin brighter with natural ingredients <3 

The soap itself comes in oh-not-so-pretty green color (I prefer pastel green :p) and there's some Japan words written on the front side and something I assume as cow (?) on the backside.

How to use :
1. Wet the soap and put it in the foaming net
2. Then rub the soap until it produces bubbles (I like to use a lot of bubble but this is personal preferences :p)
3. After you get the desired amount of bubbles, "take" it from the foaming net.
4. The foam is ready to use!

I find the process is so much fun <3 And a little tips, your hands shouldn't touch the skin when you're washing your face, just make a circular motion with the bubble and let the bubbles do the work!

The close up of the bubbles o_o
It does makes my skin feel smooth but I still don't experienced about the brightening effect. I also don't know if it's because this product or not, there are 2 acne shows up after I start using this which is rarely happen T__T I don't remember I have more than 10 acne in my entire 19 years old life~ So yap, I've stopped using this product.

Overall, I think this product is worth to try especially if you are a green tea lovers and love to use bubblesss to wash your face. It doesn't suit me well but a lot of bloggers like it and you might too! Please take a note that everyone has different skin type and what suit me might not suit you.

(+) Nice green tea scent
(+) Make my skin feel smooth and clean
(+) Fun way to wash face!

(-) Can't feel the brightening effect
(-) Doesn't suit me well since it caused me acne

You can find this product on Guardian, Lucky Mart, Watson, Metro, Sukamart, or Nihonmart :)
Price : about IDR 77k (Price may vary)

Thankyou Cowstyle ID :)


  1. lucu cc ada gambar cownya di sabunnya wkwkkw >_<

  2. Wah jadi pengen punya juga nih sabun. Sayangnya di Palembang susah cari sabun merk cow style. kecuali sabun cair mandinya.