Monday, 7 April 2014

Review : Beauty Labo Hair Dye in Milky Beige

Lately I'm so annoyed with my black roots since it really show up >,< I dyed my hair about 3 month ago with Fresh Light in Caramel brown (but I didn't manage to make a review.. idk why.) This is how my hair looks like :

You can clearly see the difference right? T___T
The brown color isn't as vivid as that in real life so it's not that noticeable but still, it looks bad~ Not to mention it become clearer in the direct sunlight.

Then I remember that Acel still has a hair dye that she bought last June at Watson SG and she can't use it yet since she's still a high schooler (boo :p) So I ask (beg, actually) her to lend it to me first and I'll bought her another one later hehe.

She bought the Milky Beige one, mainly because it's on discount. It's less than IDR 100k if I'm not mistaken and we've read some review about this brand which is quite good so in the end she bought it instead of Palty and Liese~

The packaging itself is so cute, unlike other which comes in a box, it comes with something like milk shake or popcorn cup, dominated with pink color <3

The Color Chart
My before hair is dark so I expect the result will be like the 1 and 2 column >,<

In the bottom side of the cup there's the manufactured date and made in Japan sticker~

What you get inside.
Left to right : The instructions leaflet, after treatment, the developer, and the color powder. The mini box on the top is a pair of gloves.

So basically all I have to do is to mix the developer with the color powder, then shake it about 30 times in 30 cm distance. It will turns into bubble form (like any other bubble hair dye) and I just need to spread it all over my hair evenly. 

I ask Acel to help me (as always, lol) to dye my hair since I'm not that confident to do it myself. 
Here's the result :

Indoor :

Outdoor (direct sunlight) :

You can see that it covers my dark roots well, and the color is also pretty! It's a little bit lighter than my previous hair color and it has a reddish hint of color *u*

Too bad some inner part of my hair is still black, maybe because Acel doesn't put it evenly (?) or she tried but the amount of product is not enough for my long hair~ I've read some reviews which agree that the amount of product is not much, so I recommend people with long hair to buy more than 1 box. 

The most positive side of this hair dye compared to others maybe the scent. I've tried Etude House's, Freslight, and Liese and so far this beauty labo has the weakest scent of amonia. However, the after treatment is not that good, it doesn't make my hair soft enough so I use Tresemme hair mask the day after.

(+) Good black roots coverage
(+) Nice color <3
(+) Easy to use
(+) Not so strong amonia scent

(-) Little amount of product
(-) The after treatment doesn't soften my hair enough

What do you think about my new hair? *u*
I'm planning to dye it again next month maybe, still not sure which brand should I try but
I want to dye my hair red! Hahaha
Watching Jihyo's drama and I love her red hair color :D

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday guys~


  1. wah bagus jadinya di kamu <3
    kayak pake wig x3

    1. lumayan jess cm ada yg ga rata ~
      kaya wig apanyaa? hahah xD

  2. Icel, i nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award : :)

    1. I've checked it!
      Thanks for nominating me ci :DD

  3. Eh bagus kok cel warnanya *O*
    Kok ga foto pake mukaaaaaaa~ hahaha
    Asik banget beli pas sale jd murah bgt ya. Itu ada reddish tint nya aku demen <3

    1. diliat2 sih skrg lumayann tp klo di cat perasaan makin lama makin terang jd takut lol xD
      blom biasa sheer~ lagian poni nya rada ga rata lol jd ga PD >_<