Friday, 11 April 2014

OOTD : Black Body Con Mini Dress

So about a month ago I receive an email from Danny of Sensation of Night. They offer me to review their products and I thought, why not? I know I haven't post anything about fashion before but it sounds fun so I gave it a try~

A little bit about Sensation of Night, they are an online shop which sells over 10,000 styles of sexy lingerie, costumes, swimwear, and dresses. They focused on the quality of products and the service they provided to bring the perfect dressing experience for our dear customers. Sounds promising, no? 

He asked me to choose one of their products to review and I gotta tell you that it's HARD! I almost shocked when I first open their web because all shown are lingerie or bikini which is suppa sexy and there is no way I would taking photos of myself wearing those even upload it here. I'd rather.. die lol. Luckily I found out that they also sells so many models of dresses and at the end I chose this dress :

Chose that dress because it's not too 'open' and black color work best for people who wants to look slim :D

The delivery took about 2 weeks, quiet fast considered it was sent all the way to Indonesia. I'm a little bit surprised when I open the package since you can see that the material is so sheer (see photo above)

This dress only has one size but I don't have any problem since (fortunately) it fits me just fine. I use white tanktop as inner since I don't want to show you guys my fats ._.

However, I find the dress is comfortable to wear and I don't feel hot when I'm wearing it like any other dress. I think it's (again) because of the thin material~ The black color also makes me look a little bit slimmer, no? ;p

Don't have anyone to take a full body photo for me so I just took the photos myself ._. I hope the design of the dress can be seen clearly.

Overall, I like the model of this dress! It makes me look slimmer, the size fits me perfectly, and it also not to short (being said it's a mini dress). The only problem I had is the material! I would say I love this if it's not that transparent. 

You can go to their website :
or find them on Facebook here
They are having spring promotion - buy 1 get 1 free! Check it out ^^

Lastly, I just wanna show my first attemp of doing nail art it fake nail :p not so good but I like the combination of the pastel colors :DD

Thanks for reading and please don't laughing at me for being so awkward taking those photos T__T
hahaha.. haha. ha.
*off to swimming to burns all the fat*


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  2. Bagus dress nyaaaaaa <3
    Pasangin sama blazer + heels putih jadi chic banget cel hahaha
    Cocok loh di kamu dress nya :D

    Nail art nya lucu! <3

    1. huahua tp transparan gitu sher, ga PD pakenya klo keluar >,<
      plg pake blazer yaa bener xD

  3. Pretty dress girl . You looks stunning ♥

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