Friday, 25 April 2014

Introducing : iPrice Indonesia

Hi guys ^^
As the title, today I want to introduce iPrice Indonesia, which you have probably heard before since fellow bloggers have wrote about them too. For you who don’t know yet, iPrice basically is a site that offer many coupon code and you can use it for online shopping! :D Their goal is to help buyer, especially in Asia, to get a cheaper price by offering coupon, discount, or daily deal up to 70%.

Simply go to to see their oh-so-many deal that you can use! They always update the deals so you better check it daily (who knows what they offer tomorrow is exactly what you need, right?)
And as you can see on the photo above, there are 2 different kind of offer, “Ambil penawaran” (Take the offer) or “Dapatkan Kodenya” (Get the code)

What’s the difference?

1. Ambil Penawaran (Take the offer)
If you click this, you will be directed directly to the site that offer the discount. For example, I click the one that offer 50% disc on and a new tab will pop up like this :

So you don’t need to put on code, copy-paste anything, all you need to do is click the button and scroll all the way down to find what you need with discounted price, directly! Easy peasy or what? :D

2. Dapatkan Kodenya (Get the code)
While for this option, when you click the button, a box will show up on the top part of the page with the discount code like this :

Then you need to go to the site (for example, as I click to get the code for the zalora one) and pick what you want to buy.

Then, enter the coupon code from the box earlier to the “KUPON” column and click enter.

TADAA! You only need to pay that amount after discount ^^ it’s not hard right?
*Please take note to read the terms and condition, usually they have a minimum purchase if you want to use the discount code and also keep an eye on when the code will expired.

What makes it better, iPrice already work with so many well-known online shop in Indonesia like Expedia, Groupon, Qoo10, Streetdeals, Lazada, and Zalora :D

Overall, being a person who love to do online shopping, I feel happy that there’s a site like
Although I won’t use every single coupon to shop, I always check their site daily for.. you know, just in case there is a good deal that I cannot missed :p

What do you think of iPrice Indonesia? Are you interested to try it?
Thanks for reading and have a nice day guys <3

Friday, 18 April 2014

Tutorial : First Date Makeup

Hi fellas :D
So today I want to make a short tutorial about first date makeup! I made this to join XiaoVee and Beetalk ID makeup challenge >,< wish me luck~

So what I imagine about first date is every girl wants to looks pretty but still not too much. You don't want to look right this in your first date right?

Maybe your bf will left you once he saw you like that lol XD

As for me, I love Korean's makeup who focus on flawless skin. 'No makeup' makeup is good since
you don't seems like using anything but in fact you do! haha~

So for the face makeup, I use The Face Shop's make up base in violet for a brighter skin~ I didn't use any
foundation or BB cream to make it simple and light. ^^

Then, I use a pink eyeshadow all over my lid. No particular reason though, I just love pink
and it gives a cute impression, I guess? hahah

Then apply a slightly wing eyeliner and dab a little shimmery eyeshadow on the center part of your eyelid.

Finish it by using brown eyeshadow on your waterline and also use shimmery eyeshadow on your inner tear duct :DD

Then use a peach blush on your cheek.

Last but not least, I make a gradient lips with make over's lipgloss and Tony moly tint :D


So simple right? :D
It only takes about 15 minutes including straighten my hair! I guess everyone can easily follow this tutorial ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice long weekend everyone <3

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review : Sherbet Star Gray from KPOP2 + Ulzzang Eyeliner Tutorial

Another circle lens review~!
So happy that finally I can use circle lens again (after months not using one cause I had irritation). This time I tried a new circle lens from "Sherbet", which sent to me about 3 weeks ago ^^ is a circle lens online store based in Korea that sells so many model and design with price as low as $10 / pair ! So cheap rightt? o_o However, they guarantee their products are safe to use as it has been authorized by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) 

I choose Sherbet Star Gray mainly because I never have any gray colored circle lens before and this one has a pretty small diameter so it's more suitable for daily use~ 
Let's move on to the review, shall we?

*Lens Info*
Sold as : Per pair
Diameter : 13.80mm
Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : Max 1 year (recommended duration : 6 months)

The pattern itself is quite unique, it looks like a sun for me (instead star as it's name lol) It has a black outer ring which is my fav since it will make our eyes bigger and more innocent :D 

You can see in photo above that the pattern does show up~ yayy :D
I also love that I can see the gray color but it's not too much and blend with my natural eye color nicely.

The enlargement effect is so-so, as expected of 13.80mm. It does a decent job to make my eyes look bigger without being alien-like~

Talking about the comfort, this lens feels quite comfortable for me.
I used this for about 7 hours to college and it feels a little bit dry since I always on AC-room (either in class or in the car)

Since yesterday I got nothing to do, I made an ulzzang eyeliner tutorial for you guys ;D hehe
Hope it's clear enough! It's so easy to do and suit any occasion so you might try it :)

FOTD using this circle lens :

I love how it still natural even without makeup on! ( I only use The Face Shop face primer and liptint in photos above :D )

(+) 13.80mm diameter, suitable for daily use
(+) Pretty color and pattern
(+) Feels quite comfortable
(+) CHEAP~

(-) Nothing!

I use it almost everyday nowadays and I gotta say I love it! 
If you are looking for affordable korean circle lens, visit now~
As low as $10, you can get a pair of circle lens (can buy different minus too), a lens case, not to forget they offer free shipping worldwide and it only needs 2 weeks to reach me :D

What do you think about the circle lens? :D
I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading~

Friday, 11 April 2014

OOTD : Black Body Con Mini Dress

So about a month ago I receive an email from Danny of Sensation of Night. They offer me to review their products and I thought, why not? I know I haven't post anything about fashion before but it sounds fun so I gave it a try~

A little bit about Sensation of Night, they are an online shop which sells over 10,000 styles of sexy lingerie, costumes, swimwear, and dresses. They focused on the quality of products and the service they provided to bring the perfect dressing experience for our dear customers. Sounds promising, no? 

He asked me to choose one of their products to review and I gotta tell you that it's HARD! I almost shocked when I first open their web because all shown are lingerie or bikini which is suppa sexy and there is no way I would taking photos of myself wearing those even upload it here. I'd rather.. die lol. Luckily I found out that they also sells so many models of dresses and at the end I chose this dress :

Chose that dress because it's not too 'open' and black color work best for people who wants to look slim :D

The delivery took about 2 weeks, quiet fast considered it was sent all the way to Indonesia. I'm a little bit surprised when I open the package since you can see that the material is so sheer (see photo above)

This dress only has one size but I don't have any problem since (fortunately) it fits me just fine. I use white tanktop as inner since I don't want to show you guys my fats ._.

However, I find the dress is comfortable to wear and I don't feel hot when I'm wearing it like any other dress. I think it's (again) because of the thin material~ The black color also makes me look a little bit slimmer, no? ;p

Don't have anyone to take a full body photo for me so I just took the photos myself ._. I hope the design of the dress can be seen clearly.

Overall, I like the model of this dress! It makes me look slimmer, the size fits me perfectly, and it also not to short (being said it's a mini dress). The only problem I had is the material! I would say I love this if it's not that transparent. 

You can go to their website :
or find them on Facebook here
They are having spring promotion - buy 1 get 1 free! Check it out ^^

Lastly, I just wanna show my first attemp of doing nail art it fake nail :p not so good but I like the combination of the pastel colors :DD

Thanks for reading and please don't laughing at me for being so awkward taking those photos T__T
hahaha.. haha. ha.
*off to swimming to burns all the fat*

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Review : Cowstyle Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Green Tea

Hi guys ;3
First of all, I know that you might be bored reading this product's review since everybody had reviewed it before. It's not like I'm lazy or what but something is wrong with the delivery so I got it late (about couple weeks ago). So far, a lot of blogger said they love this soap and it's quite good. How will it works on me? Let's see!

First of all, I gotta say that this product has a strong green tea scent! Even if I haven't opened the package yet, I already can smell the scent and I admit it is good. I'm not a huge fan of green tea (I don't even like green tea or green tea ice cream ._.)

The product comes in small box packaging dominated with green color (of course, duh) and leaves are printed all over it. On the top left, there's a sticker which I think said that this is the best product of 2012 for facial soap? 

It claimed to make our skin feel soft after usage without do any damage to our skin. It also claimed to make our skin brighter with natural ingredients <3 

The soap itself comes in oh-not-so-pretty green color (I prefer pastel green :p) and there's some Japan words written on the front side and something I assume as cow (?) on the backside.

How to use :
1. Wet the soap and put it in the foaming net
2. Then rub the soap until it produces bubbles (I like to use a lot of bubble but this is personal preferences :p)
3. After you get the desired amount of bubbles, "take" it from the foaming net.
4. The foam is ready to use!

I find the process is so much fun <3 And a little tips, your hands shouldn't touch the skin when you're washing your face, just make a circular motion with the bubble and let the bubbles do the work!

The close up of the bubbles o_o
It does makes my skin feel smooth but I still don't experienced about the brightening effect. I also don't know if it's because this product or not, there are 2 acne shows up after I start using this which is rarely happen T__T I don't remember I have more than 10 acne in my entire 19 years old life~ So yap, I've stopped using this product.

Overall, I think this product is worth to try especially if you are a green tea lovers and love to use bubblesss to wash your face. It doesn't suit me well but a lot of bloggers like it and you might too! Please take a note that everyone has different skin type and what suit me might not suit you.

(+) Nice green tea scent
(+) Make my skin feel smooth and clean
(+) Fun way to wash face!

(-) Can't feel the brightening effect
(-) Doesn't suit me well since it caused me acne

You can find this product on Guardian, Lucky Mart, Watson, Metro, Sukamart, or Nihonmart :)
Price : about IDR 77k (Price may vary)

Thankyou Cowstyle ID :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Slice of Life : Meet Pepper

Hello everyone :)
So this time I want to share my first non-beauty related post, mainly because recently I'm bored and not in the mood to write more review :/ More over, this is my personal blog and I personally think it'd be fun to write more about my personal life ( I hope you don't mind ) >,<

So from now on, this kind of post will be tittled "Slice of Life", to help you differentiate the content hehe :D You can skip this post and close the tab if you're not interested and wait for several days for beauty related post (but I hope you don't.. lol!)

In this post I just want to show you my puppy (he's about 3 years old already but he will remain as a puppy forever for me! :p) named Pepper. I'm not the one who give the name, though. Short story, my cousin was going to be married and she couldn't take Pepper (which on that time still 3 month, if I remember correctly.) and offered my dad to raise him.

Me, Acel, and mom was picking up dad from my cousin's home and on the way suddenly dad called and asked if we want a new dog or not.. I do love dog since I was little but I don't think I'm a good mom >,< Mainly because in our family, all of us leaving in the early morning (me and Acel to school + mom and dad work) so we kinda abandoned our puppies :(

This big-body but baby in heart dog is always searching for people's hand as if he doesn't want us to leave him alone~
hahaha cute to the max!

But then dad said (still on the phone) that the puppy is still 3 months old and it's golden and husky mix! Both Golden and Husky is my favorite dog and Pepper is the combination, how could I said no? T__T

Finally we all agreed to take and raise him. I still remember that he was so small (2kg, maybe?) and so HUG-ABLE >,< He also has the scent of a puppy which I love the most! We decided to ate dinner first on the way home and since it's impossible to bring Pepper all along, we left him in the back side of the car. When we came back to the car, he is MISSING and nowhere to be found! Hahah still remember how all of us was in panic mode. Turned out that this little puppy has go all the way to the trunk (our car was the Karimun one) and he's so not noticeable because of his black furs. LOL

I remember that he was a cute, full of energy puppy. He always run here and there, and every night when I want to sleep on my room and closed my door he run as fast as he can to join me (which my mom didn't allow >,<) Then since he grow up so fast and sometimes my mom feel bothered with him biting the sofa, tearing the newspaper, etc, we moved him to the back side of our house (which is a large-square area without much things) Then our house keeper said she was bothered because.. you know that some people isn't allowed to touch dog and if Pepper stay there, his pee and poo will be all scattered there (I've clean it but still she said she's not allowed) T_T

What with that cute-dumb face, Pepper? xD
So from about 2 years ago, Pepper stay inside a cage we made and put it at our garden~ We became busier and busier that we couldn't spend time with him much, and I think he is bored just to stay inside the cage.. So he make a "window" for him to look outside! HAHAHA 

Gatau Inggrisnya apa tapi pager di rumah kami itu ketutupan sama rumput pager (yang tiap bulan biasanya dipotong dan dibentuk sama tukang kebun) jadi Pepper gabisa liat ke arah jalan.. Pertamanya diliat-liat rumput di depan kandang dia kok jadi bolong.. Lama-lama makin gede.. Ternyata sama dia rumput-rumputnya ditarikin supaya dia ga bosen, bisa liat ke jalan T___T

Dunno should feel proud or angry to him xD

And everytime we went home after long vacation, he will be whining and making a weird sound, which I think means that he miss us? *ultraconfident* hahaha

Anyway, it's been a nice 3 years Pepper :D 
I know I'm not a good mom for you, but me love youuuu~
Next time we find you a cute girl ASAP, okay?

Thanks for reading and you all got a kiss from Pepper ;D

Review : Beauty Labo Hair Dye in Milky Beige

Lately I'm so annoyed with my black roots since it really show up >,< I dyed my hair about 3 month ago with Fresh Light in Caramel brown (but I didn't manage to make a review.. idk why.) This is how my hair looks like :

You can clearly see the difference right? T___T
The brown color isn't as vivid as that in real life so it's not that noticeable but still, it looks bad~ Not to mention it become clearer in the direct sunlight.

Then I remember that Acel still has a hair dye that she bought last June at Watson SG and she can't use it yet since she's still a high schooler (boo :p) So I ask (beg, actually) her to lend it to me first and I'll bought her another one later hehe.

She bought the Milky Beige one, mainly because it's on discount. It's less than IDR 100k if I'm not mistaken and we've read some review about this brand which is quite good so in the end she bought it instead of Palty and Liese~

The packaging itself is so cute, unlike other which comes in a box, it comes with something like milk shake or popcorn cup, dominated with pink color <3

The Color Chart
My before hair is dark so I expect the result will be like the 1 and 2 column >,<

In the bottom side of the cup there's the manufactured date and made in Japan sticker~

What you get inside.
Left to right : The instructions leaflet, after treatment, the developer, and the color powder. The mini box on the top is a pair of gloves.

So basically all I have to do is to mix the developer with the color powder, then shake it about 30 times in 30 cm distance. It will turns into bubble form (like any other bubble hair dye) and I just need to spread it all over my hair evenly. 

I ask Acel to help me (as always, lol) to dye my hair since I'm not that confident to do it myself. 
Here's the result :

Indoor :

Outdoor (direct sunlight) :

You can see that it covers my dark roots well, and the color is also pretty! It's a little bit lighter than my previous hair color and it has a reddish hint of color *u*

Too bad some inner part of my hair is still black, maybe because Acel doesn't put it evenly (?) or she tried but the amount of product is not enough for my long hair~ I've read some reviews which agree that the amount of product is not much, so I recommend people with long hair to buy more than 1 box. 

The most positive side of this hair dye compared to others maybe the scent. I've tried Etude House's, Freslight, and Liese and so far this beauty labo has the weakest scent of amonia. However, the after treatment is not that good, it doesn't make my hair soft enough so I use Tresemme hair mask the day after.

(+) Good black roots coverage
(+) Nice color <3
(+) Easy to use
(+) Not so strong amonia scent

(-) Little amount of product
(-) The after treatment doesn't soften my hair enough

What do you think about my new hair? *u*
I'm planning to dye it again next month maybe, still not sure which brand should I try but
I want to dye my hair red! Hahaha
Watching Jihyo's drama and I love her red hair color :D

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday guys~