Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Face Shop Stamping on My Lips #3 Sweet Kiss Orange

Happy Sunday everyone!
Actually I don't have any plan to make a new post since I have home works to do but I forget that I put the books in the car and dad is using the car so.. here I am typing this post XD

Today I want to review The Face Shop Stamping on my lips, which I got from Valentine Swap with Sherly :) this item is the first one that caught my attention due to it's unique-cute packaging hehe :D Before reading forward, I warn you that this post will contain a lot of photos since I love the packaging so much ;p

It comes in box which I find quite sturdy and the box itself really caught my eyes :D Inside there is also the product (of course, duh.)

I got the #3 shade which is sweet kiss orange~ So happy because lately I tend to use orange color for lips and cheeks as it makes my skin look brighter and also make my face fresher :) Do you think the "kiss" marks is cute? hahah

So it said we should use the lip stamp to create vibrant and lively lips. And I was like.. Omo so cute XD

How to Use : 

Pull the caps. This is where the lip 'stamp' located. (see picture below) :D

Then open the second cap ( the separator between the stamp and the liptint )

And press it gently!

Tried it on the tissue and that's how it looks like~

The lip marks on the liptint XD hahah
Now to down side of this uber cute lip stamp is, it doesn't work good if used directly on lips ._. You can see in even in the tissue the color is so thin and doesn't look good right? Moreover, I find it hard to make gradient or even full lips tidily~ So instead of using the lip stamp, I choose to use lip brush which I got from BPS here.

Here's the swatch on my hand :

PWETTY COLOR, right right? :DD
As you can see, the texture is more like gellish, something like Etude House Fresh cherry tint but more thick (?) and gellish (sorry for the bad explanation ._.) One thing for sure is, it's not a liquid type. :)

It doesn't make my lips dry but it's not moisturizing either. I don't use any lipbalm before taking those photos so you can see my chapped lips but I think it can be better if I use lipbalm before hand :D

Overall, I'm satisfied with this product! Not only it has cute packaging, the color is so pretty and it also doesn't make my lips dry :D I think this product will suit those who love natural orange color~

(+) Cute packaging
(+) Affordable price
(+) Pretty color
(+) Doesn't make my lips dry

(-) So-so staying power
(-) Useless lip stamp

That's it for today! What do you think of this product? Drop some comment below ;3
Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday everyone :D


  1. Ih cakep ceeeeel~ Tapi iya, stamp nya kya cuma buat lucu2an aja ya wkwkwk
    Warnanya juga pas ke km cel~
    Ini ada wangi2 gt ga cel?

    1. iyaa cakep suka warnanya *u*
      Thanks loh sher~ ngga ada wangi gimana sih, rasanya jg tawar ga ada rasa :D

  2. lucuu banget lip stampnya ^^
    mayan praktis sih klo misal ga bawa lip brush dan males colek2
    nice review cel :)

    1. iyaaaa lucu ya *banci packaging* XD
      thanks ci shelvi :)

  3. stampnya kayaknya engga terlalu guna tp lucuuuu hahaha *dasar cewe* *banci packaging*


    1. iyaaa ga guna hahah tp lumayan sih sbnrnya bisa, cm bentuk bibir org kan beda2 jd agak susah apply nya :D

  4. stampnya lucu yaa :3 ada warna lainnya ga yaa selain orange? hihi

    1. iyaaa mei lucu :3 hihi
      ada, ini kan shade #3 brrti pasti ada shade #1 sama #2 nya :D yg warna pink nya jg cakep hihi :D

  5. A very interesting design, very unique and funky!!!
    The colour is very cute too ^^

    恵美より ♥